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    cousins and neil patrick harris

    by , 08-19-2010 at 11:17 PM (598 Views)
    I had 4 dreams that im aware of, but only 3 recalls. I couldnt sleep until 4:30am:

    1. Woke up around 7:50am
    Im with my cousin Kristen and we're outside, talking and walking down a strangely familiar sidewalk, its around midnight. We stop our conversation because we see some chick rollerskating down the adjacent sidewalk holding a conversation with a short man in a trench coat. Shes skating a few sidewalk slabs ahead of him, so we can hear them. Her voice sounds familiar. All of a sudden i hear myself yell, "Jessica?!" She doesnt seem to hear me, she turns and skates onto the grass and around a house that was on the corner. She shows up behind us and it turns out to be my cousin Jessica, who lives in Toronto. We talk and she explains that her and her business partner just bought a store front in Oshawa, to sell shoes that she designs. She also informs me that she changed her name, but i couldnt remember what it was when i woke up. Weird dream, because shes a vet.

    2. Woke up at 8am
    I know i had a dream, but when i woke up i couldnt remember what it was about. All i know is that near the end, a deep ominous tone took over my hearing and everything turned this very deep blue and it swallowed me as i woke up, gasping. I know that if i were more experienced with lucidity, i could have taken control at that point instead of waking up.

    3. Couldnt get back to sleep til 9:45am, cat was meowing and mom had company.
    Woke up at 1pm
    Had a longer dream, and realized an important, "common staple" in a lot of my dreams.
    My dream started like a regular dream, i often involve friends or familiar faces. This time it happened to be my boyfriend and i, and 3 other couples in a big white house that i dont recognize. I used my "staple ability" once in the beginning because it was useful at the time. After a while my dream changed. I switched rolls and i became one of the guys who was sneaking out of the house to get away from another guy. He thought he heard me and followed me out of the house and i climbed the tree out front to escape from sight. At this point i realized i was being chased by Neil Patrick Harris as Barny Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.. and he followed me up the tree. We had a pretty epic battle on the tree tops of a near by park, i could sense that they were fighting over a girl, but wasnt too clear. During the battle he turned into the Shadow Guardian from Tomb Raider, but in my dream he was hairy. We found ourselves back at the house and trashed it with our fight. Next thing i know im waking up [false awakening, i guess] as myself but im completely aware of what happened, and i go down the stairs to clean the house up so no one finds out what happened. I went into the main bedroom where a few people were hanging out and asked if i could use their ensuite shower. But the guy that i had become had just come out of there, he looked like he was in rough shape. So i asked him if he would want to go for a ride, and take me home so i can shower and change. He agreed, and i told him i would meet him in the front foyer. This is the common staple that happens often in my dreams; I go under a bed, and relax myself and i fall through the floor, so that im on the main level of the house without having to use the stairs. Its a controlled, walking-through-walls type thing. But this time its different, and i guess i have become aware that its a dream, but i have a hard time telling myself i can do it. I had to relax and sink my torso through first and push with my arms on the ceiling to get the lower half of my body to go through, and as i struggle, i wake up.

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    1. limitless's Avatar
      not sure what happened the first time i tried to post this, i named it 'first day of Recalling'
      anyways, this was from the morning of the 18th..