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    limitless' limits


    by , 08-24-2010 at 08:54 PM (534 Views)
    So i got my recall back, but i could only recall one dream this morning..

    I was at some sort of camp, and we were trying to raise money for whatever reason, so we choreographed a stunt routine and put on a little show for children.. I know that in the end we raised $3,000!
    Everyone that was there were old friends, but i knew i was closer to the ones that i didnt know once i woke up. The floor that we were preforming on had a bit of a give, kinda like a boxing ring. So it was easier to jump and do flips with a bit of height. But for some reason, i was jumping higher then everyone else, i was doing crazy flips as if i was on a trampoline. I knew it was really fun, but the guys in the group got mad at me, they though i was showing off.
    So i followed one of the girls into a hallway, she told me there were snacks left. I cant quite remember what happened in that room, but that was where we were before and after the performance. Kinda like the back stage..
    My dream ended when the girl had disappeared in front of me, and i looked down the hallway and she was running back to the group. I must have realized that this was a dream because i woke up due to the confusion Asking myself, "how did she get over there?"

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