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    Zoe's weird things

    Tigerform, Mass Telekinesis

    by , 07-23-2012 at 11:15 AM (2428 Views)
    [Dream happened at around 9:30AM]
    [So yay, new week equals new lucid I was a bit stressed about lucid dreaming for the past days, but now it seems to be on track again]
    [I forgot some small parts from the dream and my lucidity wasn't always on the top, but it's better than nothing]

    My old love was staying at our house. We both got a new phone from my mom as some kind of gift, so we were taking photos and just trying the new phones in the garden. While we were in the outbuilding she broke her phone somehow, so she told me to ask my mom for a new one.
    I walked out of the building and was just about to climb into the neighbouring garden for some weird reason, when i had a sudden thought... "How could my mom give us another phone? We couldn't even afford the first two..." "Oh and what is E. doing here in our garden?"
    These questions were enough to make me lucid.

    The dream was blurry and dark-ish, while it wasn't exactly night time, but it almost looked that way. Well, i flew up into the air to think. [Flying goes so easily most of the time that sometimes i don't even think about why i do it... ].
    I was hovering near the roof and was a little upset because of the dream being this blurry... i didn't really think about a goal to do, because i wanted to get rid of this blurry state first.

    I flew towards the right side of the garden and passed to the neighbouring garden. I decided to try and "teleport" to the sports center using the eye closing method and maybe it would be more clear over there.
    I closed my eyes and immediately thought of the sports center, but instead of seeing full darkness, there was a weird black girl in front of me in the dark. She disappeared fast and i felt my real body, so i knew i must've woke up. I focused back on the dream and got back in.

    When i was back i was standing near the 6th road [which is one of the biggest roads in the country]. I recognized the place by the different kinds of wheat and plant fields close to the road, the bus goes this way everytime.
    I looked around a bit, but didn't see any cars anywhere, which was weird.

    I had a sudden thought that i should turn into a lion. I didn't know how i got that idea, but i found it to be a good one, so i jumped from the road onto the field close by and when i hit the ground i knew that i transformed already. I didn't want to be a lion that much, so i changed it into a tiger form. Since the dream was blurry, i couldn't really see my hands too clearly, but i've seen that they were much bigger, cat-like and had stripes on them, so i took it as a success.

    This was the moment when i realized how i don't feel ANYTHING. It made me upset, i basically didn't feel my body at all or anything near me. I was in control, but it just felt weird, like i wasn't really there. [This is a rare occurence].
    While thinking about this, i started running through the field. I didn't really have an idea how to run on four legs, so i was kind of just running and jumping at the same time, i couldn't keep running correctly

    During this time i noticed another weird thing: There was music playing in my head... i just knew it that it's coming from my head as it was really loud and no matter where i looked, i couldn't see a source. I didn't know this music or at least i didn't recognize it. It was some kind of old jazz and rock mixed music.
    Soon i reached a side road and at this time i started hearing talking, mixed with the music from before. I didn't understand anything from it, like it was in a language unknown to me.

    Finally i noticed some cars that were about to pass onto the side road. I jumped next to a car and stood in front of it. I checked inside to see who is the driver.
    It was a guy around his 50s, he looked emotionless, but i could still feel that he was annoyed because of me. There was also a blonde girl sitting next to him, who i recognized. She was an old classmate of mine [who i always found attractive ].

    I decided that i'll take the opportunity and kiss her... just because. I didn't hear anything other than the weird mix of music and voices in my head, but i felt like something told me that i should grab her by the neck and pull her out of the car like that. I didn't want to do that, so i just grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her out through the window. I let her go when she was on top of the car's hood.
    At this moment i realized that i'm still a tiger, as my hands were still huge and striped. When i looked back at her after observing my hands, she has turned into a housecat... [My first thought was that the dream is trying to troll me... ].

    Well, i'm not into that sort of thing, so i moved on. Now i was flying instead of running through the fields. I was just enjoying the flight, even while i couldn't feel anything other than some heavy feeling on my hands as i pushed the air time-by-time around me.
    I passed by lots of fields and roads and even our garden yet again, even while i had no idea how i got back there, but i went on [and while flying, i turned back to my normal human form].

    Soon i reached some kind of city. I descended to the ground here and looked around. It made me think of a part of Liberty City from GTAIV, but i wasn't sure that it was taken from there.
    There was a long building in front of me, which had lots of small windows all over it. There were many roads going in all directions from my standing point.
    There was a parked car in front of me and i just randomly grabbed it and thrown it to the wall, it heavily crashed into it.
    [I became semi-lucid here].

    I had a feeling that i must fly to one of those windows and do something inside, so i did. I flew up to a window and looked in there. There was a mechanic looking guy just walking out of a door. I passed through the window and got inside. It was a really small room with barely any space. There was a machine of some sort on the wall with lots of cables.
    I opened some tiny door on the machine and wanted to check it from closer, but the mechanic guy returned. I hid behind the door and waited.

    The guy just leaned close to that machine and started working on it, but at the same time he started mumbling something about his co-worker and he welcomed me. I thought that he must think that i'm his co-worker. I became fully lucid here again.
    I jumped through the wall and flew back to the road where i was before. When i reached it, i started walking to the right side of the building, trying to find something to do, even while the dream was blurry and i barely felt anything.

    I turned left into a smaller street where a huge crowd was standing around. I wanted to see what they were watching with such interest.
    While going that direction, i thought that i should try some telekinesis... i didn't do it since a long time anyway.

    At first i used one hand to bring a car up into the air with telekinesis. It went really easily and i just thrown the car away. There were some other parked cars on the right side of this small road and some people were walking next to them as well. Now i held both my hands in front of me and i made two cars and two people hover up into the air. The DCs i grabbed with telekinesis didn't seem to be too scared, they took it well.
    I made them spin around in the air for a bit then thrown both the cars and the DCs far away with my powers. I heard some quiet crashing sound from far away.

    Now i walked towards the crowd and checked what they were watching. There was a stage to the left side and there was a choir made of around 30 people on it. I could only see their mouths moving, but i heard nothing they sang... [probably related to this not-so-clear state of the dream].
    Well, that choir seemed like a good challenge... without much of a second thought i held both my hands up again and tried to move the whole choir up into the air with telekinesis.
    It was somewhat hard to do, i even felt some pain and tiredness in both my arms finally as i did this. I succeeded in bringing them up into the air, but i couldn't really make them float too high like with the others.

    Some of them seemed a bit scared, but others were still singing without me hearing anything. I held them for a while and tried to move them away from the stage, but it was too hard and my arms were really tired now, so instead of throwing the choir away, i let them go.
    Some of them ran away, but some were still on stage, singing... o.o
    Soon after this i lost lucidity fully.

    [Ah well, this blurriness, lack of feelings and some sounds were disappointing... but what can i do... :/]
    [I didn't even think about my Lucy goal during this lucid, but i would've skipped it anyway, because in a blurry state like this i would rather not try to fight Lucy...]
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