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    by , 04-24-2017 at 09:11 PM (531 Views)
    It’s 10:00 am and I am just writing my dreams from last night. Let’s see how much I can remember.

    The most vivid memory is that of godzilla. He is grotesque and large. I can hardly believe a creature like that exists in our world. He is in a swampy area and steps on an alligator or crocodile which crushes instantly like it was some vulnerable, weak little animal. He’s kinda like something from a scary movie and oddly humanoid with shark like teeth full of blood and filth. He growls as he forages the swamp, causing destruction. He seems a little dumb and unnecessarily violent.

    I remember A.W.D.R saying something and I responded to her, then she told me that she wasn’t talking to me. I said something like “Alrighty then, excuuse me.” I wasn’t offended and actually thought it was a little funny. But still, what a bitch.

    I am on a different island looking down at an outdoor stadium that has bleachers coordinated in rows of pastels. Pink, purple, and yellow. The bleachers are kind of flat so the stadium looks more like some kind of concrete valley. It's located right next to a strip mall. I notice Ke.H. there bragging about her ancestry with her cousins. She went to Maui last time, I wonder when she’ll come to my town. I hope she doesn’t want to stay with me. I can offer to show her around but I don’t really want to. I’m sure she’ll find family there, too. I am staring at her and overhear her saying “Do you want to know what makes my car so Hawaiian?” I laugh to myself thinking that if she asked me that I would say, “No. I really don’t.” but then I start to wonder if I would have the courage to say that to her face. I might just say “sure” to humor her and give a little smile at whatever she said next. Although I’d really want to say the former. I’m driving away at this point down a slow going highway lined with trees.

    **In other news, I am going to try a 30 day DJ challenge. I have been slacking on my journaling and have been feeling too lazy to do it upon awakening, even though I really want to do it deep down. So my plan is to post them on here to give me some form of accountability and extra structure. I'll also be posting my results for Stephen Laberge's prospective memory challenge.

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