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    Sudden Performance

    by , 04-25-2017 at 06:29 PM (646 Views)
    Itís the day of our show and we donít know any of the dances or choreography weíre doing. We try to quickly come up with things and remember them during the short rehearsal. Iím not feeling confident enough to do my solo because I havenít been practicing enough. I wish I would have practiced more. I consider doing my dance without the sword. Weíre told that the solo winner will perform in NY. My instructor is really worried that our dances will be too similar, she really doesnít want them to similar. She tastes each of our cakes like the Great British Baking Show and seems to like mine a little better, although neither are perfect. I wonder why Cleo decided to use savory focaccia to make her cake? I try to find space to practice and use the windows outside, then I see a large mirror. But the mirror is magnified and the sword Iím using is the wrong type and will not balance. D tries to give me advice. I look for Cleo and see her in the distance sitting on the face of a random but attractive, tan guy. I continue to go on a walk. She approaches me eventually when Iím in some type of curved outdoor corrido. I tell her Iíve been looking for her. I donít remember what she says. Later I tell D about what I saw and that the guy didnít look like her boyfriend. D then does it to me.

    I remember something about being at my house and the neighbors are walking outside. They say hi to me. They seem to be preparing for a camping or fishing trip with friends who brought large coolers. Theyíre walking around right outside our windows. I feel as though Iím naked or exposed somehow. I feel like D and I had sex at some point. I also see their kitten and hold it.

    MONDAY 2/4
    +The next time write anything down - Success at first, forgot in the later part of the day
    The next time feel pain - Not technically a success, but I did get a few times
    The next time I hear someone say my name
    +The next time I drink something - Success for the first part of the day

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