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    1. Competition Lucid and TOTM

      by , 01-23-2017 at 06:52 PM
      I was talking to A.W on the phone after a very bizarre sleepover. I was outside with a bunch of people on a balcony overlooking a lake at sunset. I was telling her about dream signs and she said, ďSo all youíre really looking for is Josh, right?Ē and I said, ďNot necessarily.Ē I named off a couple of dream signs like seeing blackness when a dream ends. Then I saw a black truck drive by on top of the water and added, ďÖor a truck driving on the water..Ē Then I started to question if I was actually dreaming. It was hard for me to believe and the dream didnít feel very stable but somehow I concluded that I was dreaming. I jumped around and celebrated for a moment then I turned to the girl behind me and said ďPlease go get my dream guide. Weíre supposed to meet here.Ē She left and while she was gone I did the stabilization trick of getting on all fours. I could feel the heaviness of of my body on my hands and knees and I could see the grains of wood with some detail, but what really stood out to me was my hands. They were small and the fingers were different sizes. Like deformed, mutated baby hands. Itís the first time the hand RC worked for me. By now, it was dark outside. The girl came back with something long wrapped in her dress. Wtf? I unraveled it and she scolded me for being rough so I apologized. It was a just a long frayed electrical wire with a handle. I was like, ďOh well, I might as well try to change this and use it to summon my dream guide.Ē I focused my attention on it and suddenly the wire mended itself, grew really long, twisted around, whipped around, and pulsed with electricity. I pointed it at the sky and willed a button to emerge on the handle. I clicked the button and made a gun shooting noise with my mouth and imagined fireworks. Instantly the device made a loud gun sound and moments later a dull firework went off. That was my signal to my dream guide, who I never did find. I was trying to think of what to do next and I remember the TOTM was to get a massage. As I was walking around, the dream ebbed and flowed between vividness and vagueness. I kept looking at my hands to confirm that I was dreaming. Mostly my hands looked mutated, sometimes they looked normal except my fingers would get stuck in weird positions. I told myself, ďI really am grateful for real life. Lucid dreams can be weird.Ē I was generally unhappy with my environment, it was dark. I was in an empty parking lot for a moment and then at a hospital. I asked one of the male receptionists for a quick massage and he looked at me like I was crazy. I went around the right corner and found a small office with two local men and said, ďExcuse me, physical therapy. I have a knot in my right shoulder, could you please rub it for me? I donít want a back adjustment or anything.Ē They told me I didnít have anything wrong. They explained why it was obvious and started talking about a medical book. I was like, ďYeah, okay, but I really am sore right here so if you could just massage it for a minute that would be great.Ē One reluctantly agreed and gave me the crappiest massage ever. Massages in real life are way better. I could hardly feel it. Not to mention, it was awkward because of my DCís apprehension. Afterwards, I went outside thinking of what to do next. I remembered one of my goals is lucid sex. But this dream felt a little dark and itís not the place I wanted to have sex, nor could I find anybody worth having sex with, and clearly my summoning was not successful. I decided this dream had been long enough and I better write it down before I forget it even happened. I started walking inside and the dream began fading into an NLD. The dream was going to turn scary as I walked down a hallway but I tried to stop it and it turned more into a movie with Dax Shepherdís wife running an election. Someone brought out newborn wild cats like a tiger and jaguar. I pet them happily and said ďToo bad I didnít put this on my competition goals list, I could have gotten points!Ē (Itís true that petting a tiger is on my personal LD bucket list).

      MILD seems to be my most reliable method at this point (but Iím still hoping I can get DEILD to work for me at some point). I didnít even think my intentions were very strong tonight because I didnít seriously start thinking about LDís until right before falling asleep. I said my mantra, ďTonight Iím lucid dreamingĒ over and over until I fell asleep. As I was starting to fall asleep I would notice myself in subtle dreamscapes, mostly of being at a royal masquerade ball. During this I practiced remembering to be lucid. I did have mugwort tea about a half hour before bed, but I have taken that once or twice before with no success. I had a few vivid dreams (2 NLD) and did a brief wbtb. I set my intention to remember to lucid dream, but again I feel that it wasnít particularly strong. I donít even remember falling back asleep. Then all of a sudden I had a DILD because I was talking about lucid dreaming in my dream!

      This makes for 3 LDís in one month, not bad!
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    2. Mini Inception Lucid

      by , 01-20-2017 at 06:38 PM
      I was having inception style dreams within dreams. In my dream I was laying in bed, the room felt a little bit like a mixture between our current house and our last house. I was setting my intention to lucid dream. D came in and started talking to me. I told him that he's waking me up and that I'm falling asleep and trying to focus. He had a lover with him and she was scoffing at me. I was trying to enter a dream where I was a dolphin flying through the air. I was even waving my hands back and forth as I was trying to focus on it. Then I enter a dream and am in a room talking to a man. I realize I've entered a lucid dream. I say my mantra aloud: Tonight I'm lucid dreaming! Then I repeat it with more power and authority. The dream ends.
    3. Shameful Walmart and Personal Resistance (Lucid)

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:58 PM
      ...We go to a spot in the airport overlooking a ballroom and I see myself on stage (there's 2 of me - me on a balcony watching me on stage). I am very curvy and I am surprised how beautiful I look. My dress looks nice even though itís inside out. It's a peachy orange color, long, with a satin texture. My hair has been curled and is thick, smooth, and shiny. Iím trying to dance but my face keeps cringing. Why? Thereís not much of an audience. As I look out on the ballroom I realize Iím dreaming, for no specific reason. Itís just a tiny thought that crept on me that I could have ignored, but it grew bigger and bigger until I remembered my intention to lucid dream. I suddenly have a microphone and make an announcement. ďExcuse me everyone, Iíd like to announce that I am dreaming!Ē Everyone clapped. I remembered to stablize so I spin, it does feel like Iím spinning but I donít like that it requires me to close my eyes and see blackness. I get concerned the dream will end, but it doesnít. Then I got the idea to announce, ďIíd like to take this opportunity to ask my subconscious if there are any issues it would like to bring up or address.Ē But I couldnít finish and get all the words out, partly because the microphone kept switching backwards in my hand, cutting off my announcement. Also because a large white and black house cat tried to attack me. I attempted to make the announcement multiple times but the same things kept happenening. Finally I give up. Now I'm in the audience and more people are flooding in and dancing. I decide to get on stage and dance. I try to jump up using lucid super skills and barely make it, but I still have to crawl a bit. However, I get distracted because to my left is the inside of a walmart. A woman is pulling her children out of a sale bin. They ate chocolate and pooped in there. Iím disgusted. Another woman is telling on her, sheís like the secret walmart police society. I decide that after I dance Iím going to burn walmart down as the December TOTM, I donít like walmart. Then it ends.

      My goal for 2017 is to have 12 lucid dreams (at least once per month). I'm counting this as #1 because I made my resolutions on winter solstice, which I also celebrate as a symbolic new year. I have no idea why I became lucid, but Merry Christmas to me!
      In the future, I will try other grounding and stabilizing techniques because I didn't love the spinning. I will also be sure to have more clear goals before I go to sleep.
    4. Basic TOTM

      by , 05-25-2016 at 06:14 PM
      I made lunch for D and I. Meat, guacamole, sour cream, and strawberries. We packed it up and left. D filled up my car with gas and he was unhappy with the price. I went into the store and someone thought it was weird there was numbing gel in the infant section and I explained itís probably for teething. They didnít believe me and I told them that babies can teethe around year and I know because I went to school and learned that. Then I saw a bunch of celebrities hanging out in the store and the next thing I know Iím lucid. I see Donald Trump and want to talk to him for some reason but everyone thinks itís a bad idea. I get his attention and heís trying to get away from me and slip into another room. I donít know what to say to him. I ask him what he thinks about Hilary dropping out of the final debate with Sanders. I tell him not to give me side-stepping political answers. He basically says that one of them offended his sisters. I go outside and wonder what I should do next. I have a small group of dream characters encouraging me and reminding me of goals. I remember the totm and try to stretch my arms out but it doesnít work. I start walking up a hill and think of the taste thatís in my mouth. It tastes like a familiar herb. Itís the taste of the flower that Iím looking at on the ground and I know Iíve eaten it in fancy restaurants, but I canít quite name it. I see my mom and sister which confirms further that this is a dream. I kinda feel bad for not saying anything to them, though. I think of what to do next and exit the dream. I donít DEILD because I think Iím awake and begin a dream where I write down the LD and am really angry because itís the end of May and once again, I finished the totm when itís basically too late.
    5. In love with the fishmonger

      by , 04-25-2016 at 05:48 PM
      +In a large house for part of what feels like a movie trailer. A girl says, ďIf I didnít know any better, I would think this was a dream!Ē So I did the nose pinch RC and I could breathe 3 times. I was surprised because I really thought I was awake, but I realized I must be dreaming. I set out to find some people to play spin the bottle with for the TOTM. Somehow I ended up in a small storage closet area with my husband and some random guy. I invited them to play the spin the bottle and we just magically had a bottle. There wasnít enough room for us to place the bottle so it was on an uneven surface and hitting our feet. I spun it but my husbandís phone rang, which he answered, and the other guy lost interest. I tried! I should have stabilized better.
      +I got a job in a fish market/butcher/factory place. I end up falling in love with the man training me. Sometimes he looks like Ragnar Lothbrok and sometimes he looks and acts like my husband, very affectionate and loving. Supposedly I look like his ex-wife, Siggy. At different points I do his laundry, climb trees, text, and search the first aid room for alcohol to clean up the fish smell. One day I go into the room where heís sorting fish and try to help him. He doesnít want help. Heís depressed because he really wants to be a chef. He wants to show people his broth soup. I tell him I love soup and he should bring some for me to try. It makes him happy. In a meeting thereís a proud coworker who likes to be the best at everything and likes to do it all himself. I volunteer for all the odd jobs during the meeting to peeve him and my lover and I get a good laugh out of it. Thereís lots of controversy surrounding our relationship, which is becoming more and more apparent to everyone. Iím the only woman working in that place and everyone, including my beau, are concerned it will just turn into a fling and I will be hurt in the end. I think about getting a different job since this job is far from where I live (they recently moved the factory to Kilauea). But the only other option is selling blow-up mattresses. I used divination to examine it closer and the results were: Screw, nail, nail (x3). Somehow it means that it would be wise to be in a place away from children and that in the end Iíve found my match and it will help me develop the personality traits I need to be successful in this life. In the back of my mind I was worried that meant my husband and I had to divorce, that we werenít meant to be. My older sister was jealous.
      +My mom was hanging out with Sadie, who was larger and had a huge bump on her head. My mom showed me this chocolate fountain thing she made. At one point she said, ďdonít even think about it.Ē and I said, ďIíll think about whatever I want.Ē
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    6. Mini Lucid #28

      by , 02-10-2016 at 07:53 PM
      At college. Take a new sexy dance class but it ends up being a spelling class. I want to leave but donít want to seem like Iím better than everyone else. The teacher calls on me and asks if Ďthrillí is spelled correctly on the paper. Itís spelled ďthrilkĒ. I tell her there shouldnít be a k and before I can finish she says there also needs to be another L and I agree. The class takes a break and she cleans the tables. I ask if she would mind if I left. I canít hear what sheís saying so I just leave. One girl is talking about a certain type of meditative yoga and I indulge her by mimicking what she says as though sheís teaching. She likes it and I think that class would be fun.

      In the shower and the drain isnít working. Iím in there with D and another girl. The water is to my calves and it looks like somebody peed in it. I canít believe someone would do that. I start shaving my legs and have to finish in the living room. For the first time ever Iím really scared to shave my legs. They feel fragile and I have huge, bulging veins. I notice the area Iím standing is really dirty and I yell out, ďSomeone needs to clean this floor, itís a fucking mess!Ē but I canít use my voice.

      At gmas looking for something to eat. Thereís milk leaning next to a box in the fridge. They keep their cereal in the fridge and one is called ďSea Organized OatmealĒ. They have name brand cereal all over the kitchen. I poke my head outside and thereís someone barbecuing. There are fresh fruits on veggies on the side railing of the stairs but Iíve never seen that kind before. I go inside and try to get water from a sink at the base of the stairs. I assume itís an automatic faucet but the knobs are to the left hand side. Gpa tries to sneak up on me and scare me but it doesnít work. I go and hang out with Rachel on the couch. Theyíre missing a couch, though.

      I start feeling vibrations and hearing people on the radio from the 40ís. I see myself lying in a bed from that time period with kids, reading a book and listening to this broadcast. I am thinking about past lives and wondering if I will reincarnate in the future (after the 40ís) and wondering if I will remember my last life if I do. The vibrations keep bringing me back and they feel really intense and uncomfortable. I try the method of rolling to my side and they subside and it feels like my whole body is on the ground by my current bed, except for my feet. I try opening my eyes and now Iím flying in a city. I think, Ďthis is what I want to be doing.í then I hit my head on a pole and wake up.

      Supplements: NA. Ate toast, sunbutter, choc chips
      Bedtime: 10:00
      Mantras: NA
      ADA rating: 1
      Moon Cycle: 5% waxing
      Menstrual Cycle: 26
      Nightly Awakenings: 0600-0630
      WBTB: NA
      HH: Vibrations in morning
      Dream Type: RD, LD/OBE
      Wake Time: 7:50
      Total hours of sleep: 8-8.5
    7. The Void

      by , 12-26-2015 at 06:39 PM
      I had a lot of dreams last night. But most interestingly, I awoke within a black void that felt like a dream. Suddenly, with no memory of a prior dream, I became aware and could see nothing but black. I could hear the wind outside and my husband breathing but it sounded very loud as though it was inside my own head. I was confused about how that was happening. I was aware of my physical surroundings but the sensations were distinctly dream like. I tried to create my own dream and conjure up images but nothing was happening, I think because I was too fixated on trying to understand what was going on. Then I fell out of awareness.
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      lucid , false awakening , dream fragment
    8. My Longest LD #26

      by , 12-01-2015 at 07:34 PM
      Iím in the ICU helping out. D is there with a patient and I put an IV in her. I get it the first time and Iím impressed. I talk to D about her care. Sheís pretty stable. As I start the IV I make sure I have control of the flow. I tell her it might hurt at first when the fluid goes in. She cringes in pain but it passes. I explain to her that sheís getting regular fluid because sheís dehydrated, not any medication. She had no idea and sheís very thankful Iím being open with her. She tells me she is so impressed with me and the way I handled the doctor (She doesnít know D is my husband and not a doctor). Thereís a fire alarm and we have to evacuate. I notice I never locked her bed and it moves as she does. I lock it and then promptly unlock it to leave. Iím the only one in the elevator and have to ask a Filipino maintenance worker which floor IĒm supposed to go to. I had pressed level 1 but he told me level 2. I forget to change it on the elevator and we end up going all the way to 1. I press 2 and we have to wait. It made for a very long elevator ride. I guess itís just like a big city hospitals, I thought. The patient started slumping over in her bed and looking pale. I asked if she was ok and she responded sluggishly. I raised the head of her bed. This happened a couple of times. I took her to the cafeteria to get her something to eat. The patient is sitting in the middle of a booth. I ask the patient if she wants saltine cracker or graham cracker. She tells me graham cracker so I go to find some. I realize Iím suddenly pushing her in a wheel chair and realize Iím dreaming. I leave her in the hallway and go into a hotel room where a hot and horny porn guy is laying in bed. I jump in the bed and say, ďGuess what? This is a dream!Ē He kinda chuckles. ďIíll prove it to you!Ē I pick up a pack of peppermint candies from the bed and tell him to guess whatís in the package. He doesnít but I imagine theyíre miniature spearmint gums. I open it and they are! I laugh. He starts making out with me and after a few seconds I get up because I donít want to lose lucidity to a sex dream. I go over to the window and think about things Iíve wanted to do while lucid. Flying! I could just jump out of this window! He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. I look down and realize weíre very, very high up. I start getting nervous. What if IĒm not dreaming and I just jump out of the window and fall to my death? ďThis is a dream, right?Ē I look back at him and ask. He just chuckles...he's proving very unhelpful and dull. I try pinching my nose (which never works for me) and am confused by the ambiguous results. That must mean I'm dreaming. He finally suggests to start out small. Great idea! Suddenly Iím on the road and think of getting onto some awnings on the city street to jump off of. He doesnít think thatís a great idea. Then I had another idea! I took a few steps to my right and found myself in the center of major high speed traffic. I started jumping and flying over cars as they passed. I saw a lot of Idaho license plates, but it makes sense because this is Vegas. After doing that a few times I start flying without stopping by using a swimming motion. My calve starts burning and I figure it is cramping in real life, so I try to relax and keep going. I look behind me and my lover has gotten on some kind of silver flying machine and flies away. I go into a more secluded area that is really green with lots of trees. Suddenly Iím walking down a stone path thinking about my step-dadís family road tripping around the U.S. I think itís because I assumed I was now in the midwest. I come across these large stone baths aligned in a courtyard. I get into one. Iím trying to think of what I want to do. I thought about practicing summoning someone from nothing. I stood up and faced a wall. ďWhen I turn around there will beÖĒ I canít think of anything I want to summon. I decide to try and bring that guy back but I have no idea who he was. I thought I recognized him but I canít think of why. So I decided to keep it vague and summoned a similar hot guy. I turned around and nobody was there. I decided to start making out with the imaginary guy to see if he would appear. He didnít and I was just making out with the stone. I leave and find something else to do. I go out into the courtyard and see a calf with bright patterns. It looked like he was wearing a sweater but he wasnít. How cute. Then I decide to find a door so that I could open the door and find myself somewhere new. In my search for a door I wander onto someoneís New Zealand property and start getting followed by an older lady. She is highly annoyed with my shenanigans. I find a beautiful clear stream that has bright purple and green patches of moss in the middle and on the sides. I jump from patch to patch and they are so soft and bouncy. ďHow beautiful!Ē I exclaim with a big smile on my face. I think about making small talk but donít want to push her. Somehow I find myself watching a screen of different movie choices. They were old Disney ones with Hillary Duff. One started playing and was comprised of two women having sex with a man. One of them was an actress I recognized. They were contorted and the point of view kept changing so it was a bit confusing. But I could almost feel one of the womanís impending orgasms. Then she climaxed and everything stopped. They started congratulating her and telling her she did a good job and I accidentally entered the movie. She had given birth and the baby shot into another room. I found the body of what was supposed to be a baby except it only had a torso and one arm. It also had a tattoo. It was six months overdue. It was odd so I continued to my mission. The room I was in looked like my grandmaís living room and I was holding a type of flexible, pink/orange conch shell that kinda looked like a vagina. I put something in the center and rubbed to try and change itís shape but it didnít work. I closed the sliding wood door and held the shell in my hands like it was magical. That gave me the idea to imagine myself on the set of Once Upon a Time. I didnít visualize anything particular, just the idea. So when I opened the doors it was just my living room with a few women on the couch. ďOh well.Ē I said. They looked at me with wide eyes, confused. I stared back, threw my arms in the air and jumped up while shouting, ďwoohoo!Ē at my lucid victories. I smiled big and ran into my room, where I woke up.

      What a great way to start a new month! I learned that I have to be very specific with my requests and intentions to make things happen in my lucid dreams.
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    9. Stability #24

      by , 09-13-2015 at 05:30 PM
      I had one of my most stable LD's yet. I was called into work and once I got there I realized it was a weekday. That somehow made me realize I’m dreaming. I did my reality checks to see (they all failed!) but I knew I was dreaming. Everything felt so real. I felt a wall and it felt so real. I even bit it! All that grounding really worked to keep me present in my dream. I tried doing handstands because I thought I could practice and I should be able to do it in my dream but I couldn’t! Kept falling over. There was a little girl playing with toys and some people. I walked over there and tried to remember things I wanted to do in LD’s. I remembered something but I couldn’t re-enter the dream. Despite sounding so short it felt quite long.

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    10. Creepy dinner party #17

      by , 05-03-2015 at 01:25 AM
      Bed @ 10pm. WBTB @ 3am.

      I realize I'm dreaming as soon as it starts. I'm face to face with an older, overweight woman with short black hair. I am excited I'm lucid but then I hear my phone ring. It's the ringtone of my work. Since I'm on call IRL I can't tell if it's my real phone ringing or if it's part of the dream. It reminds me of the hypnagogic noises I hear while having an OBE. The mental connection to my waking life wakes me up. I have strong vibrations.

      At a dinner party A.F. is making balls out of mashed potatoes and serving them with gravy. "This will take patience. I like that." She says. She doesn't really like them and says they need something else. D says he knows just the thing. He adds lemon juice to the mix. I think she's pretending to not like them in order to stick with her diet easier. I have to drive out but can't really leave the area because there are puddles everywhere and really steep pitches of sand. I am worried I will get stuck in the puddles or tip over on the steep sand. Some vague things happen I can't really recall. I sense a mexican lady, shopping bags, and a bathroom. Back at the party the teen moms from the show are there. There's also a hot but immature UFC fighter staring at me. I'm in my hipster crop top and jeans, lying on my side and I want to impress him. Also most of my coworkers are there.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      As we leave the party we pass a wall with pictures of the party attendees organized by age. There's a picture of a man tinted in Gold. B.F. keeps talking about "Tom" who's 39 years old and a fantastic fighter who recently started fighting again. We drive out in Q's suburban. There's old, stale popcorn in the backseat. D and q try to clean it out. @ FF's A.F walks around in belly shirt and brags about her fitness level. She does look slightly slimmer than usual. She's getting rid of food scraps. I tell her to give it to the dog and she does.

      I was responding to a DV post by my new dream partner. She tells me she will be a little slow with responses because she has so many obligations, like weekly workout classes. Her pic changed to a mirror selfie with a white shirt on, standing behind a little brother. I told her I have a lot of obligations too, like finishing up the school semester and workout classes. Then I remember I'm almost done with school and that I'm only going to one workout class one time, so I'm not really that busy.

      A lady talks about how she brings her small, long haired, black/white dog with her to truck stops at night to murder people. I saw her murder a woman eating a sandwich outside of the truck stop. Then she gave her dog a bath and feeds it. Then I see a PSA where a young man at a party headlocks a young girl and shoots her in the head twice.

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    11. Potagee pizza in the psych ward #16

      by , 05-01-2015 at 08:49 PM
      Went to sleep around 10pm. WBTB at 0300.

      Driving a van at night with J.G. He is sleeping and I am very tired. I pull over into a ditch and make him switch with me. He is pissed. The music auxiliary cord gets disconnected and I have to redo it.

      3rd person: teenage girl is with her older boyfriend feeling in love and vulnerable. They are in a dimly lit, empty warehouse. To distract herself from her fears she begs him to have sex with her. "I've been practicing! The last guy I was with T-boned me and I've been doing yoga!" I assume T-boning refers to a perpendicular type of angle. They have sex and their genital anatomy is a little strange. She starts bleeding because of the hard angle.

      I am at a baby shower of an overweight woman who has already given birth. It takes place in a small garden room. She is laying on a couch with her baby. A young man by a plastic picnic table is rubbing his girlfriend's chest in between her small breasts as some kind of PDA. She is really pretty and her body type reminds me of E.J.T.

      At my gma's with E.J.T and my sister. Sister and gma are arguing about religion. I have a mini notebook of E's that has a commandment written on the back. I say, "Yeah but the bible says a lot of stuff that's..." she nods in agreement. Gma is very curt with sister and they continue to argue. I yell, "Just get a long already. Jesus Christ!" I start cracking up and everyone but gma starts laughing about the irony of using god's name in vain while promoting religious tolerance. I feel a little bad for offending my gma.

      I am admitted to SMMH psych ward along with another older man. A male worker is giving us a simple orientation. I laugh at something he says about the room numbers being common sense. Then he comes up to me and says, "I mean, look at her. She hasn't even been here for a couple of hours and she's already flirting with everyone. She's just like the rest of them." An expression of astonishment and disbelief comes across my face. Did he assume my giggling was flirting? I realize that he's just taunting me, trying to get a rise out of me and thus non-responsiveness is the best response. I put on my poker face and contemplate about how I'm going to put all of this in my dream journal when I wake up. I go to the common area where we will do a group activity. There's a young man there doing art in his notebook. He wants to show me. It looks like a talented drawing of the earth but he's doing it by drawing random "Potagee Pizzas" (AKA - random, colored-in blobs). I say, "Portuguese pizza?" "Why do you say it like that?" He asks. "Because I'm haole." I respond. He points to himself, letting me know that he's white as well. "I wasn't raised speaking pidgin so it's weird of me to try and speak it now. It's just weird." I say. A local girl in front of me looks at me and nods her head in agreement. I ask for a pen because I want to get started on my dream journal right away so I don't forget anything. I accidentally grab a red one. I get up to the bathroom and the male worker says, "Did I hear a bathroom door?" He comes up to me and leads me to a more isolated bathroom. He enters with me, clearly with the intention of having sex with me. I continue to stare at him emotionless. He gets flustered and says, "Maybe she isn't like all the others. You know what, I forgot my badge in here somewhere." He then stands in the corner and talks to himself about what to do next. I sneak out and make hand gestures to the older, new admission to come with me. I see my husband in the nurses station and gesture to him, too, but he's confused. I yell for him but it's difficult to yell and I feel short of breath. Eventually he comes. My plan is to go back into the bathroom alone and play along with the worker until my posse comes in and catches him in the act.
      Later I get transferred to a facility where the sexes are separated. I pass the male side and there are two big, scary looking local guys making sexual gestures at me. One of them is doing so with a shake-weight. I enter the woman's area and there is only one young woman there. She's sitting in the dark at a table smoking a cigarette. "Who the fuck are you?" She asks. "I'm a worker, student, intern or something. Actually, I think I'm a resident but I get special priveliges because my husband works here." I respond. "That's why you get the new room. Isn't it smaller, though?" She asks. "I'm not actually sure." I answer. Her room was large and the bed was so big that the foot of it actually wrapped around a wall corner. I went into my room and it was smaller. I only had a twin sized bed and an unmade sleeper sofa.

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