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    050116: In the Middle of Nowhere, Playing Cards

    by , 01-05-2016 at 04:59 PM (322 Views)
    Middle of Nowhere Waiting for a Bus
    I'm in a small town at night, by a small road that winds past a residential area with little houses. I wait for a bus to get me back to the city, I see a bus come up. A person runs to it, a red-haired friend of mine. He doesn't recognize me though, and as I look at him his features become unfamiliar and strange.

    In the bus, there are other people. The scene has changed, it is now daytime, morning, and a grey sky stretches over the field we pass to my right, a deep forest to the left. I look suspiciously at the people around me. I see a young guy with a buzzcut a little ahead of me. He's a troublemaker, been in a juvenile facility for a while I hear. There is some confusion, was he put in there as an innocent kid and the place has now turned him into a thug?

    Playing Cards
    I'm in an old apartment of a female friend of mine, she lived in a place similar to the one I was waiting for the bus in. The sky is grey, I can see the ambient grey light coming from the windows on my left. She has a bunch of Magic:The Gathering cards that she takes pictures of and puts on Imgur. She gets a lot of likes and makes it to the front page. I find it weird that she now collects these cards, but I rationalize it by thinking she likes the artwork. She shows a card she really likes, a black card called "Tombic Totem" (a nod to Hearthstone I believe) and says she actually understands the English name of it. I look at the card and it has a little picture of a pedestal with a skull and a candle where the text should be. It has a game mechanic called "candle" where if the candle goes out it silences (another Hearthstone mechanic) all other cards and relights. Whenever the candle is "blown out" it silences a card.

    I'm out back in the backyard of a house at night. There is a fence around the grass,there is a small tent by the house. A bunch of rowdy working class people smoke cigarettes and drink tall cans of beer. I sit by a table under the roof of the tent. A friend of mine is playing Magic. I join and play. We get into a tie and have to draw instant cards and the one with the highest cost wins. We draw twice before the third breaks the tie in his favor. To my left I see an old friend who has come back from Germany. He as a lot of shiny foil special lands on the table. They look really nice, I point out one that looks like it has a hologram picture on it. I ask about it, I think I see C'thulhu on it? The cards are so precious I don't even want to touch them, my friend turns it around for me to look at it upright. The sunken city of R'lyeh?

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