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    Mechanics Realms

    by , 08-10-2023 at 05:44 PM (265 Views)
    Mechanics Realms (NLD) 08.10.2023

    I don't know if I was lucid because I would have gone with the plot either way. I was the creator of a video game that is very similar to minecraft creative mode except the voxels are 1 decimeter and there is mechanics that allows for non grid snapped creations that work with physics simulations. The map is an infinite fractal where each voxel just has a color. Players move out from the center and claim voxels that they can then color and manipulate. Most voxels are smooth but you can instead choose to have a little stud which is like a lego stud and the voxels can rotate around them. I think it was called "mechanics realms" or something like that because the physics simulations let you make advanced physical mechanisms like zeplins and such.

    When the game started out, the player base was claiming the area immediately around 0,0,0. I could see a map of the players progress sort of like r/pixel. People seemed to like the game but it wasn't catching on right away. This is where I started alternating with another plot line. Outside the game I was one of the friends of the teenage aged kids from Stranger Things. I tried to get them to play the game but they lost interest quickly. Lucas had a big basketball game coming up and I really didn't like some of the players on the other team. They were bullies. Luckily the other team sucked so Lucas won the game.

    Back in the game, I added a mechanic similar to the nether in minecraft where there is a plane you can teleport to to travel faster relative to the overworld. When I came back to the overworld I was in a complex and colorful fractal like cave!

    Back in the "real" world I tried to tell them about the game while hanging out. I think there was some dialogue but I suck at remembering dialogue. Then I woke up to my alarm.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Sounds like the sort of game I would want to play. Cool dream.
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