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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Summoning DreamCafe11

    by , 08-09-2016 at 10:07 PM (498 Views)
    09:45 AM
    Summoning DreamCafe11 (MILD)

    I am at a party with my girlfriend Chiara and I step outside for a bit. There is stuff from the party laying around but it seems everyone has gone inside and I am alone. I do a routine reality check and when it works I feeze. Wait, this means I am dreaming. Okay. I fly up into the air and then realize starting my goals don't require me to go anywhere and I am just being distracted. I fly back down next to the pool and realize how non vivid this dream is. I walk over to the table and feel a napkin to stabilize as much as I can but there is not much I can do. My goal is to summon DreamCafe11 and FireFlyMan and then go on a DHL mission with them. I go to the middle of the yard for some space and stick my hand back and then pull it forward and I am surprised when no one is there. Duh, I have to actually imagine their hand first. I stick my hand back and feel a hand take hold of mine. I say,"Hi Song." (Song is DreamCafe11's DHL super hero name.) and I pull the person forward to where I can see them. It is a girl with pink hair and a pink outfit. She is smiling but doesn't say anything. It looks like the drawing DreamCafe11 made! Unfortunately, I start to wake up.

    I wake up in a unfamiliar bedroom. Chiara is there and I think we are spending the night at a friends house after a party. I tell her about the dream and journal it on a computer. I wonder why I journaled it digitally instead of in my paper journal. I haven't kept a digital journal in a long time. I only type a few sentences and we get back to sleep.

    I am in Star Trek and some bad guys have stolen the flash drive that contains the dream journal I just made. The bad guy runs a freighter company and I see that his ship is more like a train with each part not touching but being pulled by magnets. He is about to use a nuclear bomb to give him a boost to get away so I use the teleporter pad to beam onto his ship. I find the room where the flash drive is transferring and take it back.

    I am in a game of DayZ getting taken hostage. They are uncertain about what they are doing so they give us our guns back. When their backs are turned I unload on them because I don't want people that indecisive knowing where we are even if they are mostly friendly.

    I am at the same party with Chiara but this if before we are getting in bed to spend the night. There are a ton of kittens and we have to shoosh them out of the room. When I lay down in the dream I wake up in real life.

    By the time I woke up I had mostly forgotten all of this. I turned over and was about to go to sleep but had a strange feeling that I had gotten lucid so I tried harder and was able to piece this back together. I am pretty disappointed I woke up right after summoning DreamCafe11 but at least I got some points for the competition!

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    Tags: dreamcafe11
    lucid , false awakening


    1. Tataglia's Avatar
      Well done Madmonkey :p
      MadMonkey likes this.
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      ^w^ Its a good thing you didn't forget your lucid dream and congrats on summoning me. Hopefully ill be able to summon you in my next lucid dream.
      MadMonkey likes this.
    3. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Well done Madmonkey :p

      ^w^ Its a good thing you didn't forget your lucid dream and congrats on summoning me. Hopefully ill be able to summon you in my next lucid dream.
      The hand behind the back technique seems to work pretty well! Give it a try. Once you summon me I'll show you exactly where the snake is so you can do your DHL mission.
      DreamCafe11 likes this.
    4. Kuyarei's Avatar
      That sounds pretty cool. Shame that the dream faded right after you did the summon though.
      MadMonkey likes this.
    5. RelicWraith's Avatar
      So close!
      MadMonkey likes this.
    6. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Very cool & vivid. You almost made it so that's a good sign. You are almost there! Good technique.
      MadMonkey likes this.
    7. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      summoning people behind ones back is pretty nice. at the beginning one may feel a little unsecure and it wont work but starting with people one know good it is pretty easy^^ if it wont work change your position and it is easier when some DCs are somewhere behind your back
      MadMonkey likes this.