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    boring dreams.

    by , 09-13-2017 at 03:46 AM (143 Views)
    Trying to get recall up so here goes.

    Work dreams and house

    Could have been all one dream but broken up. First I am opening a mail box with a bunch of packages inside. I am bringing them into my house. Second I am trying to watch a movie but my dad keeps shutting it off. People from work are there A(male) and E(female) we are talking about the movie but they don't seem interested.

    Next I am walking my dog on a street in chilliwack near sunset. I go down a familiar street but there is a park nearby that wasn't there. Instead f continuing on like a suburban street it turns into a downtown section with a large McDonald's. Somehow I am back at my house telling my dad that I should have worked at the mcdonald's I just found because it seems to be under a different franchise owner.
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    Tags: asuka, movie