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    1. Jamie dreams

      by , 06-08-2024 at 05:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Schedule changed again. Doing delivery in red deer.. gas is expensive... Will be working long days. Already hindering dream recall.

      Jamie 1

      Just a flash of Jamie asking me, "Do you want an *** only relationship?" Won't mention specific things on here. And no it's nothing to do with an open relationship.. ( just google success rates of open marriages...)

      Jamie 2

      Just a flash of Jamie looking out of a motel room. Better be me that she's meeting...

      Jamie 3

      Jamie is asking Lou, the British manager from our work days ( the only solid manager that worked there), " Do you think Robert would like my hair how it is?" Dream fades before I hear an answer.

      Next night

      Jamie 4

      A long but blurry dream. I'm driving around like crazy. Jamie is asleep in the backseat. Later she's walking around with some girl and they have crazy hairstyles..

      ( Maybe a metaphor for my delivery driving. I'm speaking to the voice less and less during the day because of it. )
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    2. okay

      by , 06-05-2024 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Handful of Jamie dreams. Oh yeah, Jamie's birthday is coming up. Too bad we don't talk in person yet. I apologize in advance if I am unable to do anything on her birthday.


      I was in a house with some people. I was sitting on a couch. I saw someone coming from the kitchen into the living room. I decided to make a funny face. It was Gina walking in. She made a funny face at me back. I told Jamie sitting next to me that it was Gina. Jamie looked happy and got up and followed Gina into another area. I began to follow them but they vanished. I went back to where the kitchen was but found a strange bed and some steps leading upstairs. I went back to the living room. There was a guy there and his face was all black. His face was covered in Nano bots or something. They started jumping onto me...

      Last night:


      Long dream where I was searching for Jamie but couldn't find her. I stole her vehicle from the farm. In this dream it was a van but the color scheme of her old car, the one we used to talk in a lot. I drove it out to the desert. I was really depressed that I couldn't find her. I parked by a pond or something. I noticed something on her dashboard. It was a piece of paper... From some other guy who was in love with her. Why was she keeping this?!?!?!?

      I woke up and was slightly paranoid. you know how they joke that people with borderline symptoms - if they get a cheating dream, they act liek the person really cheating. Well if you share dreams especially it sometimes feels like that...


      I walk into a kitchen, And Jamie is there. She's doing dishes and says to me, "I'm doing the dishes for you this time, so you don't always have to do them."
      And like that she's back to normal. I will refrain from making obvious Anti-feminist jokes here...

      At least I had one good dream with her in it.
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    3. um wow...

      by , 06-02-2024 at 03:13 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well we seem to be past that hurdle. Whatever it was.

      Short lucid

      For some reason I was going to school with my brother. I was really annoyed that I had to go to school. I got pissed off and went to wait in my brother's car.
      Became lucid randomly. I then remembered I often dream of Jamie in a school so I went in to look for her. I said out loud, "Now to find Jamie." As soon as I said that. It's like I was hit with a sleep dart. I opened a random door, and heard strange sounds like people talking but with a lot of reverb. I just fell on the floor and woke up.


      Very nonsensical dream with Jamie. I was lying down and prparing a giant gold thing?!?!?!?! Jamie was waiting by a door and she started looking impatient. like "Hurry up already."

      Definitely one of those dreams that only makes sense when you dream.

      Kissing who?

      I was in a room made of blankets and pillows?!?!?!? Some girl came in who seemed familiar. She smiled and we started kissing. Her face kept changing in front of me. I said, "I keep seeing your face change! I think I'm cheating." The girl looked flustered and left.

      I think it was Jamie... Oops!


      Long dream.

      I went to a farmhouse. looked like desert. I went into the basement. A bunch of people covered in a white suit started attacking me. Somehow I made it outside and spied on the people behind the fence. The people in white suits took them off. Now they were preteens in army gear... And Donald Trump was leading them.. confusing dream.


      I'm working at Walmart covering the Door greeter shift. Jamie walks by towards the Mcdonald's on her break and says something snarky to me. (Seems to be a replay of a real life thing from 2011. If I recall she wasn't saying anything snarky. But I do recall it's one of the first times she was going out of her way to talk to me.)

      Hopefully the dreams get better.
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    4. bad recall.

      by , 05-30-2024 at 01:41 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I remember barely anything over the past couple of days.

      2 dreams from the night before.

      both were of Jamie talking to a fake version of me. Can't remember what the fake me was saying but I remember Jamie saying, "No Robert! Doing that would break us up I'm not going to do that!" Is she referring to using my temptations via the voice, to explore her temptations? I won't say much but that's what's been happening.. not only do we have fake voices in our heads telling lies. now there's fake me and Jamie... in our dreams doing the same thing. The struggle is real. Well hopefully by now, we've learned our lesson, NOT to entertain the very thing she was warned about from my dreams...

      Last night

      Where is it?

      I was walking in a different town with a group of people. I kept seeing a sign for a piano store or something. It existed in a large shopping building. I had trouble navigating the place trying to find the store but got thrown out by security from accidentally entering a VIP area. I went in through another section and found the store. My memory fades after.

      Where is she?

      I was in the mall again. with a bunch of people. There was this place with a high tile ceiling. something happened to the roof and one section of the tiles fell. The rest of the ceiling was going to give way. I climbed up some corner to escape by the ceiling. I sat there looking at the people below wondering why they weren't leaving the room from the imminent danger. And where was Jamie, and how come I hadn't seen her in a dream in so long? This got me upset. "Come back Jamie." I said to myself and started crying. (My sad emotions are like 100x in dreams) I was almost expecting her to enter the room then, but I didn't want her to see me like this so I went further into the tunnel and woke up.
    5. RIP

      by , 05-24-2024 at 03:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I don't know if any old-school dreamviews members are still around. But, I regret to inform you all that former DV member: Cacophony (Chloe Rose) has passed away from stage 4 cancer. I used to interact with her a lot on DV maybe 2009'ish? She leaves behind a young daughter. Kind of hit me hard today for an hour or so... anyone younger than me or in my age group when they pass... I count myself lucky. We attempted to share dreams for a short stint. She did tell me I actually dreamed of something she did in waking life, she said hoped my strange skill takes me places.

      Also, Possible Jamie sighting again. I was in olds, had to take a detour and while turning caught a girl in a maroon car beaming at me. Hair tied back or in braids. Face: familiar. It was hard to tell because it was only a split second. Hard to tell because when it comes to Jamie, The universe likes to fuck me in the ass... literally.

      Anyway dreams.

      New girlfriend

      I'm with Jamie at a highschool. She somehow convinces me to get a new girlfriend or something. It's some slightly chubby girl. later we are "going out." I kiss her goodbye at the end of the school day. The kiss doesn't feel right at all... but I say as I'm walking away. "Goodbye my girlfriend!". She just stares at me dumbfounded or something. I walk away with Jamie and say, "She didn't even respond." Jamie said, "She's not the right one then."


      I'm going from a top floor of a large building to downstairs through a series of rooms set up like an obstacle course. I breeze through most of it pretty easy. On one floor the memorable part was running into two cheetahs. They were really friendly though.


      some dream about a new job or something. can't remember.

      Almost lucid

      I was with Jamie somewhere... had a False Awakening. I was in a bedroom that felt like it was mine. There was some obscure music playing. it sounded like Classic rock, but with grunge. I remember thinking the song was annoying. Then it stopped and I heard a radio guy talking. It sounded like Gibbrish and then it ended. Saw a weird panting on the wall. It kept changing shape. I was about to be lucid but woke up.


      Me and Jamie are walking in a white area, By a wall there's a 3 foot high troll... it's female with blond hair but a wierd face. Jamie says, "Hey, I think that might be your girlfriend." I stop and ask the troll, "Who is your boyfriend?" The troll I think is going to point at me but it points to the floor between my feet. I took it as a Yes and picked up the troll to give her a hug.

      FA, The troll is on top of my in my bed. I jump up in shock and it makes me wake up for real.

      Why is Jamie trying to get me a new, "Girlfriend." in dreams. I already have Asuka, and Jamie... Is she testing telepathy again trying to make me say a key phrase? Well STOP it. I'm not an experimaent... Kinda miss the affecionate dreams.
    6. Bad recall

      by , 05-20-2024 at 04:16 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Had some issues sleeping the past few nights. But I had one fragment.

      Had a rough day with Jamie's ( voice) today...

      Forgot to mention last entry. I had two fragments of Jamie practicing hairstyles on a dummy or something.


      I was in a classroom or library with Jamie. There was a large white computer tower or something. It was really sleek, like a ps5 . Jamie went over to touch it.

      Last fragment was something about asuka and Jamie in my house.
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    7. Bleh

      by , 05-14-2024 at 03:23 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Still confusing stuff going on with the voice... Really hope it gets resolved soon. I've had it..

      Jamie dreams

      Only one night out of the 3 nights had Jamie.

      In one she is by a white pickup truck and jokingly giving me shit about something.

      In another fragment. She is next to me on a street in Didsbury and she seems happy with me.

      Last fragment is I'm seeing her sit by a window with a child sitting on her lap.

      Almost lucid.

      I'm walking with someone in a highschool. ( Might be Jamie) . I start floating but it seems normal. I cross my legs in mid air but still go walking level and speed. I float up to a landing above some office doors and walk along it. Some Filipina woman is sitting on top of a ladder leading to the landing. Forget what happened after.

      Last night. I sensed fragments. Don't recall Jamie.
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    8. Jamie dryspell

      by , 04-24-2024 at 01:58 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well, we got attacked again. I tried to get Raven to help but of course, her dream friends also got attacked, so she spent some nights trying to resolve that.

      Suspected Jamie drive by again. This time outside my place as it was getting dark. The car turned down the alley where my backyard is facing. Although it was hard to see due to some branches, it was the quick head turn that was the give away, and the hair. This on the same day of my distressing post. Maybe she was checking on me? Different vehicle again... Maybe I'm just paranoid and seeing what I wanna see. Maybe she borrows a family or friends vehicle. This reminds me of a Tik Tok post Emily King made a while ago on this sort of thing: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMMqVB6sw/


      I was forced to work in a strange warehouse. There were these tiny rooms against a large wall but they were all connected. Everyone was supposed to go into the tiny rooms and do something I forget. I was put into a room and there was a tiny window next to me. I looked inside and saw two men being gay. Won't go into detail.

      Then I had false memories of Jamie being with me earlier, but people had separated us.

      This made me angry so I smashed through all the walls and knocked some people over. Some short black guy teleported to me trying to fight. He was jumping up and down really fast trying to be hard to hit. I put my hand on the top of his head to keep him there. He couldn't escape but then my memory fades.

      The rest of the night I had 2 short dreams. I was trying to find Jamie but kept running into two women with cloth gags in their mouths. They kept saying Jamie was busy but to play with them. I wasn't having it

      Next night.

      Left on read

      I was in a construction place with my dad and brother. I kept pulling out my phone and looking for messages from Jamie. There was an old message saying she needed space or something. Work was boring but when we had to leave, my dad was in a wheelchair and had an oddly shaped head.

      Last night:

      Maybe a dream about my Dog and some dogs.


      Dreamed I was leaving work with some people. We all had separate vehicles. I followed them to some cul de sac area. We waited and chatted. Can't remember about what. I drove off but there was some confusion about who should leave first.

      Drove into a downtown street like a cross between the two downtown's of Didsbury and Carstairs. There was all these people on the street blocking the way. Suddenly instead of driving, I was walking. It was night. I ran into my cousin, and said the one restaurant that I use for pickup was closed for the holiday. He mentioned a couple that were open. I asked about the one where Jamie worked (apparently she works at a bar in the dream). He said that I'm still not allowed in there, or something because of Her. Then he said it was BS because he heard Jamie say that she was okay with me, but the owner still wouldn't allow me in. Then my memory fades.
      Tags: cousin, dog, jamie
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    9. oh noes!

      by , 04-19-2024 at 01:10 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie and me are getting attacked in dreams again. Can't we just catch a break?


      I walk into a large basement room. Jamie is there but looks like an older woman I've seen from Tik Tok with a big fat guy. He looks like the guy who was the husband of the Jamie look alike I saw in wal mart a while ago. Jamie teleports him away. I go to the bed, but it's not a couch, I sit beside her and say, "Hello." Jamie just ignores me. The dream ends.

      Jamie's double

      I'm in a basement but it looks different from the last one. I'm exploring different rooms but I come to a big living room. I see two Katelynn's sleeping next to each other on a mat. I instinctively feel one Is Jamie however. I pick one up and begin going to another room. I decide against it for some reason and put her back. I notice one of them seems to be a darker shade.


      All I remember is being in a classroom with children. The teacher starts complaining to me that I keep falling asleep and snoring. I decide I'm dropping out. I go by the door to collect my shoes. One of my shoes is really worn and is torn in half. I begin walking across the field to leave and I forget the rest.

      I wake up and ask the Jamie voice if she had any dreams about me? She said something like she saw two of herself. I drifted off then.

      Jamie's Double 2

      I am briefly dreaming from Jamie's perspective. I'm in a dark room like the one with the two Katelynns I look down on a sleeping mat and I see myself, and also myself (Me, Robert the author.) I see them both between long strands of brown hair that are dangling down.

      I consult Raven the next day that I am having two problems: 1. There's a Fake Jamie in my dreams. 2. I'm not seeing Jamie as herself, but other people (Jen, Katelynn, older lady) Raven agrees to help.

      Last night:


      Brief dream where Jamie is next to another woman and being a little too friendly with her, and I'm jealous and angry.

      Other dreams were random non lucids. They seemed really long but I can't remember much. none of them had Jamie in them.


      I'm in the hotel again but I can't remember what happened. Just lots of rooms with lots of people.


      I'm with lots of people but we are going around town and doing things, can't remember what.


      I'm with my brother but he has a truck. We are by a beach, kind of like Sylvan lake. I take these bags of bottles and load them into the truck. some guy comes up to me and says he wants to buy the truck. Then I notice the bags are gone. I accuse him of stealing the bags. He says he just wants to buy the truck. I just get mad or something and talk to other people about him and eventually he leaves. I then talk to my brother about the guy.
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    10. better dreams

      by , 04-15-2024 at 01:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Some really good dreams this past couple of days. Someone must have really liked my last entry!

      Jamie 1

      I'm outside a bar with Jamie. The same one from a while ago. It's a real place in Didsbury, the two bars facing one another practically across the street. Jamie is just being goofy. She has these napkins and keeps putting chipotle sauce on napkins and trying to make me eat it. WTF. No Chick-Fil-A sauce?

      Jamie 2

      Same place again. It's night time. We are alone and it's really late. Jamie goes up to an old grey car and starts trying to remove the headlight.

      A bunch of other jamie flashes but they are too short to comprehend.

      Next night:

      Family outing

      I'm with family in calgary, apparently visiting my Mom. We are in a park near the bow river but everything looks different than normal. I'm up on a hill and below is a grizzly bear, but it seems friendly. I find a bounce thing that propels you in the air. I jump on it and fly high over bridges. When I land I'm in a truck with my dad. We are in an uncomfortable silence. Suddenly I'm in a mall and Jamie is on my right and my dad is on my left. He make a really rude comment when we pass by some ice cream and smoothie stand. There's two small vats with flavored milk with a beater in each. He says since me and Jamie are lovers we should get an idea from those mixers... It makes no sense but it sounds sexual and rude. I just ignore it. I try to lean against Jamie while I walk and she almost stumbles or trips. I apologize and she puts her arm around me. I notice I'm eating a bunch of mini plain doughnuts from a small paper bag. I go to eat one and Jamie tries to grab it out of my hand. I give it to her. I say, "I don't like the taste of these anyway." As they are pretty bland. That's all I remember.

      Audio only dream

      I hear both me and Jamie reciting The Lord's Prayer together.

      The real Jesus.

      In my vision I see something like a nice painting. It resembles Jesus Baptizing Jamie in a stream.

      I really hope it's true.
    11. low recall.

      by , 04-13-2024 at 01:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First off. I wanna backtrack on what I said about soul ties. I did some research and the term is not biblical. That crazy stuff about sex may not be true.

      second: I was doing my prayers yesterday. Jesus kept pressing on me to give Jamie things to pray about... and I'm like: I get that, but could you be more specific? I was not expecting an answer but Galatians 4:3 screamed into my head. I actually never read all of the bible yet... So I wasn't particularly familiar with that book. I was skeptical but looked it up on bible gateway website. and the NIV translation really shocked me: So also, when we were underage, we were in slavery under the elemental spiritual forces of the world of course you always have to go with context. the next verses describe going into Jesus as a son or daughter, and onward it says 9 But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces ? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? So what I gather is: pray against your vices and keep them in check. And spiritual forces. I pray all that over her.

      third: To Jamie, try not to feel worried or pressured that you must do anything towards me soon or right away. Take your time. If you know Jesus now, get to know him and rest in him - Lay your worries at his feet. I was on tikTok yesterday and occasionally i get BPD related videos and one said something that seemed to reflect what she said in a dream, when she said, "Please be very patient with me." It said: be patient and let them open up to you. I know it can be dangerous to you to jump into something if you're not ready or careful. I still have some issues to work on myself - Trauma over memories and stuff, which the head voice helps with (I ask: what did it mean when you did/said this or that sort of thing. Her voice does answer even sometimes reluctantly. I get answers that seem to make sense - not going to rely on this completely, the only answers i can really trust is yours.) I wanna work on making myself a safe place for you.

      Dreams: only 2 from last night.


      I was in a grassy hill area. I was flying around in the air or something. Jamie was walking on a hill all zoned out doing her glass eye thing. A bunch of people were fighting on another hill. A big witch was wielding a sceptor shooting electricity. Raven was there. I can't remember much.


      Another sex dream.. This time in a bunch of sheets.

      honestly I kind of miss the dreams where we seem to be talking - negotiating, asking questions.
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    12. Voices

      by , 04-09-2024 at 04:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I had a strange coincidence I forgot to add concerning the Jamie voice. Well I Don't know if Jamie has come to know Jesus as saviour yet, or if she understands the gospel. (I have a strong suspicion she does read my DJ on here since I stopped seeing her drive by me after I called her out on it on this Dj) So... I was out having a smoke late one night and her voice popped in my head, " We're born again Christians!" Her voice said boastfully Right after I heard that I looked into the sky and saw a shooting star. Always nice to get a wink from the old man upstairs!

      No title

      I was in a large parking lot during the day and sitting on a large bench or divider with Jamie. She had red hair like a ginger. I must have looked different as well because she didn't recognize me. I also didn't know who she was. But she seemed familiar. She was telling me about a guy she knows, hasn't talked to him for years, but she keeps hearing his voice in her head, and also other strange things happen concerning him. I mentioned to Jamie that it sounds like a soul tie. Jamie seemed mad at that statement and stormed off.

      I got up and went my way Some guy went past me on a hover board and was also drinking a blue juice. I realized I was in a Fortnite dream. Well that explains us not looking like ourselves... I was gonna shoot at him but he didn't notice me. I decided to just go on my way.

      Regarding soul ties. Popular Christian theories state soul ties are created from sex, . The Bible says sex creates a bond. Everyone you sleep with you give them a piece of your soul and you get a piece of theirs, including generational curses and demon possession. Well... Me and Jamie never did the deed. However I believe us having a strong emotional bond created it. Or possibly a sex dream, which I do remember one from that era. One giveaway that it could have been shared was how she went silent on me for an entire week. I noticed after we would hang out she would freeze me out for days as if in reaction to the emotional intensity of spending time with me. After that dream ( wether she dreamed it as well or somehow read it on my dj) and the way she went quiet for so long, I'm positive she was aware of that dream.

      Regarding voices again. Her voice seemed to reflect her feelings from the dream. In my head she said it seemed like I'm too good to be true. To that I say the only way to know for sure is to talk with me in person, or messenger ( god forbid), or through DV, and we can compare notes on all this crazy stuff. The worst that could happen is I might give her a big hug if she asks me.
    13. More demons.

      by , 04-05-2024 at 12:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      well, After that great stretch of Jamie dreams she seemingly turned on me again. But, I know better, just the usual obvious dream demon attacks. This time the culprit may have been in the gift box in the dream (Seemingly from Asuks.) I had to ask for Raven's help again, really she's doing The Lord's work. bless her.


      I was in some apartment building with some guy and Jamie. Jamie was being distant. Came to this construction area in a stairwell or something. She started talking to some older than me guy, but wasn't talking to me. Gave her the benefit of the doubt and walked of with the other guy. We went to his apartment and I forget what happened. Then we looked for Jamie because it was time to leave. Found her in the stairwell talking to that guy again. She made herself look like an older woman - more to the guys age. Me and the guy just stood there watching her and we had a short conversation about it. He said something like, "It looks like she's being real tender with him."

      Woke up and said to the Jamie voice, "Jamie, Your cheating on me in the dreams again, better pray about it or something." and I heard (in my head), her praying about it. Too funny. Do I qualify for anti psychotics yet?


      Jamie was talking to me in that arrogant and superior voice again. She said something really odd like, "before we can talk, you have to have sex with me." and I was shown an image of us doing it, but the visual was like in those anatomy books. That made it look kind of gross. The logic of that statement though... how do you have sex with someone without talking about it first? As a guy who won't even hug or hold hands with a girl without verbal consent, gl with that.

      Next night. Asked for raven's help but seemingly no effect. Had a rough time trying to sleep. Had one dream, still not good.


      Jamie is something like an ancient goddess. Has the old fancy dress. She's by an Egyptian pyramid with a writing clay tablet. And she's inscribing stuff in cuneiform. She's seated at a booth. Apparently it's a kissing booth, with thousands of men lined up for a kiss from Jamie. They give her old style coins and she marks it down on the tablet.

      Last night.


      I'm by Jamie's house, which in dreams seems to be consistenly a farmhouse area. I'm walking with some guy with glowing eyes, he has hair down to his chin and his face is similar to that actor who played "Jacob," The island protector in LOST (Also he played the drug addict ex boyfriend to Rita in Dexter, and also "Lucifer," in Supernatural). I know it's Raven's dream boyfriend or something. We are looking around at the scenery and he says, "It's nice isn't it."

      Flash two

      I'm walking with Raven through a rip in the fabric of a dream. On the other side is a nice grassy area Raven is lying a woman down on the grass who seems to be asleep or delirious. It's Jamie. That's all I remember.
    14. recall down

      by , 04-01-2024 at 10:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Last night and two nights ago I didn't remember anything... Did have one night full of dreams though.

      Trying to sleep

      Kept having False awakenings in what appeared to be a living room right by a kitchen like the one house I lived in in Lethbridge. I walked by a girl sleeping on a couch. I went to the other couch to go to sleep. I started having sleep paralysis, I remembered something like trying to spin vibrations really fast so I could enter a lucid dream (Not realizing I was already dreaming.) . FA, I'm on the couch but the girl in the room is playing loud music. FA, again and the girl is asleep I forget what happened after.


      I was in a living room during the daytime and a small little box floated right past me. I was curious, so I grabbed it in mid ar. I opened it and two small toys wrapped in some paper fell out. Someone (Maybe Asuka) instructed me to put everything back inside. They kept handing me papers and chocolates.

      Next part of the dream I knock on Jamie's door. She comes out and I give her the box. She smiles and seems happy. I'm just watching her pull everything out from the box.


      Flash of me and Jamie on a bed. She is holding me tightly and she's on top of me. We are both clothed though, We are looking into eachother's eyes and getting lost in them and smiling. I really feel like she loves me in that moment.


      I'm on a farm and trying to leave. A couple dogs keep following me around, and barking loudly. A young girl comes out of one of the barns and takes the dog away.


      Just a flash last night of a girl crawling in a strange way down a hallway...
    15. Some good dreams.

      by , 03-29-2024 at 07:03 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Steady Jamie dreams. Holy.

      Tuesday night: Asuka spoke up as a voice in my head (she's been quiet for years, except for occasionally grumbling at Jamie.) , asking if she should double check on Jamie. I'm like, "Ya! Do something funny so we both remember something."


      A flash of being in a living room. Asuka walks Jamie in and Jamie has this crazy 80's hair with the messy waves and big hairspray. They are both smiling like it's funny.


      I'm in the black space, Jamie is holding me tightly and talking all serious with me but loving. It sounds like she is saying she wants something really serious with me, but I can't remember the exact words. Is that so? Well, I'm all for it. I just hope she's clear with me next time on, Goals, Labels, and intentions.

      Wed night:

      Various flashes of Jamie but the are so quick, not even a fraction of a second long.


      Somewhat vivid non lucid. It's night time and outside, I'm by my dream house. There's a funny slide I fly up to and go down. One time I came off the slide and there's these Giant black frogs with black spots. They are HUGE, like medium sized dogs. I go on the slide a bunch of times and the dream fades.


      A love-making dream with Jamie. It was really tender is all I'll say. I both felt it and had a 3rd person perspective on it.


      I walk into a garage where Jamie is she is sorting recycling and looks grossed out. Dream fades right away. Is Asuka making her do chores again?

      Last night:


      I'm going to a group meetup of people that worked at Wal-Mart when Jamie was there. There's an open field. Jessica and Tanner are there. They kind of ignore me. Jamie walks up and says, "Hey everybody." While sort of looking around at us, but she never makes eye contact with me. They freeze her out too and then she storms off. I spend the rest of the dream wandering around and wondering why Jamie never said , "Hello," to me directly and why did she storm off? I took it too personally and I started getting intense feelings and almost started crying.

      I woke up and realized, it was her intense feelings of getting fozen out that transferred to me, causing myself to not properly asses the situation, making it all about her. In the dream, since I wasn't really saying anything (I always get nervous around her unless she says something to me) so she was seeing me as part of the group that was freezing her out. I guess I have to be prepared for situations like these. My goal would be to listen to her and validate her feelings about the situation, but since being seen as part of the group I wasn't even given a chance to. I know all too well how feelings of worthlessness can EDIT what you are seeing in reality. I have posts on this forum from years ago, where I'm intensely arguing with someone over what I think they said. and I go back and read and they didn't say it at all. That's why I liked working Mcdonald's is because it forced me to really work with people. I used to get upset at someone if they looked at me the wrong way, or said something mean. And I would either rage at them or rage in my mind. But then I started stepping out of that mentally and really looking at things and thinking, "Maybe they are just being sarcastic," or, "Maybe they are just having a bad day. Then after a while, I become the sarcastic, funny guy that doesn't take things too seriously.

      Still upset

      I go back to Jamie's house and find she's locked herself in a bathroom with a giant fancy door. I can't get in to talk to her, then the dream ends. I hope she's okay.
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