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    1. this month sucked.

      by , 01-09-2019 at 03:45 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      last month didn't have very much dreams.

      Jamie Dreams:

      In one dream she is saying to me: I can't believe you know what I dream about.

      in another, we are in a bedroom just talking.

      In one dream, we are at my house playing fortnite and my controller randomly logs out. I try to sign in and load the game but there are too many options in the menu which I endlessly scroll through. When I find the right option I wake up.

      In another flash, we are at a supermarket and we find christmas books of chocolates and start eating them without paying.

      In a dream some weeks later We are in the dark tower universe. More like we are in a setting from The Stand. It's new York and everyone is dead and rotting. The smell is horrible and we are walking among them. We wind up on a balconey way up and start smoking. Jamie is telling me, "I've been thinking of contacting you, but when I take it seriously, I get stressed out and smoke too much.

      In one dream I feind Jamie in her house at night but tied up in a dark closet. I untie her and she thanks me. Then says something like, "I'll treat anyone who rescues me, I might kiss them, or more." she looks at me and I just get nervous.

      Some weeks go by with no recall. I have some random dreams of flying but not lucid.

      In one night I had one dream of being at Jamie's house but she wasn't into talkingto me and it didn't seem like I was there. Then later we are in a dream of being in fortnite, weare hiding in a build but she is smiling at me. she also tells me she hates this game.

      Last week just remember being in my inner world. Apperently Jamie had just left abruptly for no reason. Asuka and data seem concerned about her.

      The dreams of her are tapering off, maybe due to boredom on her part or cinflicting feelings. I also had lots of uninteresting non lucids I can't recall much details of.
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    2. finally a dream.

      by , 04-22-2018 at 06:07 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Earlier these weeks only had a couple Jamie dreams. In one i was wandering around toronto looking for her. In another i was playing a chopin waltz on piano and she was nearby. Others were kind of too personal to post.

      Not without my dog.

      A dream of going on a giant boat ship. I realized i didn't have my dog with me. The dream rewound and I was in a house with my dog. I ran around looking for his leash. I go on the ship before it left but somehow my dog got left behind again. I went to the captain's deck and told them to go back for my dog. The guy said ,"yeah yeah."

      It rewound again and i got my dog on the ship and we took off.

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    3. Dreams

      by , 09-16-2017 at 03:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Was lucid wandering around a neighbourhood. Went up a hill by the bottom of an apartment building. I turned back and the hill was more like a cliff with some tall trees sticking out. Decided to jump down knowing I was not going to be harmed.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC.

      I'm in a living room with a tv against the wall. Want to find Asuka but decide to try time dilation first. I check my wrists to see if there's a watch but find none. I use the other method and count until I see distortions around 60 and jump. While in the air I try to spin teleport to where Asuka is.

      I wind up outside instantly. Almost feels like a FA but can't remember waking up so I'm lucid instantly. I'm in a gravel parking lot by my house. There is a man and a woman getting into a van with no walls I seem to be with them so I jump onto the bed of the vehicle. Nothing happens so I tell them to hurry up.

      Fa, instantly lucid in the vehicle after we've been driving for a while. The vehicle is not like a large limo you can walk around in. For some reason I count to 20 suspecting it may be a mistake. I jump through a door on the roof and see we are downtown in a traffic jam. I want to jump on tops of the vehicles when my vision fades.

      Try to DEILD but all I see is a red dot light, like from HAL on 2001. then fully wake up.


      In this dream I am walking around at night and there's some street festival going on. There's lots of drinking.

      FA, I'm in some wierd girly glothes but don't like it. I walk through a house where a house party is going on. Find a bathroom and lock it because I noticed in a mirror I was wearing a bra or something so I had to get that off. I see I'm a girl in the mirror reflection but I don't like it. I take a large pink sweater off and try to find the bra strap but there is none. Just cups that are sort of taped to me. Some woman with brown hair wanders in and I tell her to get out. She leaves and I make sure the door is locked again. i take the cups off and I wake up whil putting the shirt back on.[B]
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    4. Yawn

      by , 05-29-2017 at 12:53 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I REALLY wish I could dream about something else at this point... Dreams 2 nights ago.

      The Fury of Asuka

      Asuka was showing me a video of something that she did to Bjork. Asuka was explaining that Bjork needs to respect our space and stop trolling me with drama in the dream state. Couldn't remember any lately... but. Asuka is doing some sort of parody of Isobel, and Bjork is inside the dream music video. The backing track is all metal, Asuka changes the lyrics to troll and scare her. One version of Asuka is singing while another is just staring and they zoom in and out of focus of eachother. Bjork looks pissed that someone is doing a parody of her music. She eventually starts trying to escape the dream but fails when multiple Asukas surround her. I was only shown a snippet of what really went on, which was apparently a long series of nightmares according to what she was telling me. If anyone has read my early dreams of Asuka, you know she can be quite a dream troll.


      I was exploring some caverns with waterfalls in them with a group of people

      Me and some kids are exploring them. I find a hidden path which leads to a waterfall similar to the one in the entrance. I go back to the kids and they can't find the secret passage I found and are not convinced when I tell them that there's another way through. They end up convincing me to leave.


      The girl from my previous dream brings me to a house that belongs to my childhood friend Gary. We go into his kitchen and he sits down. He seems not to be acknowledging my presence there at all. I remember my brother telling me that he was being snooty towards him lately because he thought we would be a bad influence on his life. He then surprises me by offering me pizza. I'm not hungry so I decline, and I notices stacks and stacks of empty pizza boxes all over the kitchen.

      Then I realize I have no pants on and I'm in my underwear.


      A limo pulls up outside Gary's house and offers me a ride. I get in and Bjork is inside (I also am vaguely aware that I have no pants on for this entire dream which makes it funny). She looks like 70 years old, Emaciated, and shrivelled like a prune. She can barely speak when I ask her what happened to her. She mouths: Asuka. and gives me a look like she expects me to do something about it. I try to explain that Asuka was just defending me, she is my wife after all, and if she thinks something has to be done about something that she's probably right. I remind Bjork that she had promised to keep her distance which she never did. and go on like that a while.

      At some point I go to look out the window to RC. But I get distracted when my arm brushes up against bjork when I go to put my hand on the window. We pull up to my house and I tell her she better leave before Asuka spots her.

      I go inside and go to my room and put on some pants. I think of something else to tell Bjork so I run outside and her limo is gone.

      Last night: no recall... I went and got drunk at karaoke.

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    5. Dreams last couple nights.

      by , 05-17-2017 at 02:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Bjork in HH Again

      Kept seeing Bjork's face in the state between waking and sleep.


      I was in a church with some people. Think it was the one Raven put on the moon. Me and Bjork are fighting that Nightstalker guy. He turns and goes after the kid that is with us. I get really angry that and go after him. That's all I remember.


      I'm in a townhouse at night time because I think my ex, Mel is around there. I want t find her for some reason.


      Long dream of me walking in a school that appears to be part under construction. I go up a few floors and wander until I find these wooden steps that are rickety. I start going down them and some girl yells at me for going down them. I look down and the steps are made of breaking plywood held by rusty nails. I make it to the bottom ledge but they start breaking apart and I almost don't make it onto the ledge.
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    6. Low recall Again

      by , 03-30-2017 at 03:34 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      This is what happens when I forget my melatonin.

      Birthday cake

      In a dark living room. Some boy who is like 5 years old is having a birthday cake. It is floating in mid air and he is eating it. It's sort of like a nut brownie cake with peanut shredded sprinkles. I had one piece that was really good. I get up to have more but the old woman who has a dk energy aura stops me and says I can't have any. I get a little frustrated as I watch the kid eat the whole cake.

      House and music

      I'm walking my dog (no RC here I walk him a lot and RC...) down a street similar to one in chilliwack. It is night time. I stop at someone's house and ring the door bell. Some guy who seems familiar comes out. I guess my dog is gone by now and I don't notice. He invites me in to play music and we go into a living room with two other guys. They have a weird computer setup that I'm not sure how to make music with. They start to play something when the dream ends.


      I'm in a similar house with my mom. At some point the owner leave and we are told to use the place as we please. We get bored on the main level but eventually decide to check out upstairs. We do and upstairs is a similar looking main room. The aura seems nice so we decide to stay there.
    7. Last Night.

      by , 03-23-2017 at 03:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Terrible News

      I dreamed I was watching news on TV. It seemed to be a couple decades in the future. Obama was on screen and looked fairly old. forget what he was talking about. Next was more threats of WW3, and a gigantic earthquake in Europe.

      City Girl

      I was in a very Advanced city. Much of it was in the sky on platforms with walkways connecting the city. I flew over to one block and landed. I spotted an Asian girl with long hair who was smiling at me. Ignored that and walked around a building, I saw her again in the same place. She was wearing a dress with nothing underneath because she kept "accidentally" flashing me her goods. This was so weird she seemed like she was a stranger. My initial impression was that she was very young like 18, but also seemed to know what she was doing. She was on steps and would walk up and down them slowly looking at me, there was a wind effect on her dress and she seemed to be doing that deliberately.

      I broke down and quietly said, "Let's go find a room." She nodded and I followed her upstairs through a door. We were in a sort of motel hallway. We entered a room and the rest I will leave out.

      Fa, And I'm in a room with my brother. He is showing me pictures of the same girl, He is telling me to maybe stay away from that girl, he thinks she has a past and maybe likes it a little too freaky. He shows me a picture of the girl with scars in her legs. I say "That's Jamie, she showed me them herself from when she had an abusive boyfriend! but the girl at the motel was somebody else." We have an argument about who the girl in the photos really are.

      FA, I'm in a hammock outside my house and notice a black kitten on the railing. The sun is shining out. I reach out and pet the kitty and it purrs for a moment and then takes a huge bite into my hand. I feel it go right through my hand. I yell and fling my arm and the cat flies off and scurries into a corner. I'm yelling, "What the fuck! why did you, why did you..." I seem to have many memories of this very cat biting me before. It's cowering and slowly moves away and actually gives me a very guilty, human and apologetic look and walks slowly away.

      Harry Potter Dream Magic

      I was walking in a city on a busy on a street or square. A big thunderous cloud appears out of nowhere right on the street I am shocked and a lot of people seem frightened. In the cloud a red archway appears with a black door in the middle. A grey haired man emerges from the door wearing a nice suit with a black and red cape. He is holding a wand with a long pink glowing ribbon or string at the end and is waving it around in neat shapes. In one final swoop with his wand ribbon and the archway, door and cloud disappears. He puts his wand away and bows, everyone starts clapping.

      Something else is off... I see all sorts of wizards walking down the street practicing magic with their Wand ribbons. The man seems to know me and I seem to know him, I recognize him as a professor at Hogwarts. He bids me a good day or something and walks up the street..

      I pull out my wand ribbon. "It's been a while since I practiced." I say and try to remember a spell I twirl the wand ribbon around and around, it neither glows or does anything amazing, but instead winds up tying itself in an knot and someone yells, "amateur!" or something.

      He turns around and looks at my tied ribbon and half smiles, "Yes, indeed it looks like it HAS been a while!" He says and keeps walking.

      Movie and transit WTF.

      I'm in a movie theater watching a movie but I am not interested so I leave early. I wind up in the back of the building in some outside parking lot. a lot of metal bars are kind of in the way so i have to jump/fly over them.

      I go into a street and get on a bus. The vividness increases. In the bus a long set of bleachers pulls out. I try to climb them but they are far apart. The bus starts moving which makes it harder to climb. I somehow manage to make it to the top and begin staring at someone's reflection who is sitting above me. It's the girl from the dream a few nights ago where I was Lucid and threw something at her. She smiles at me through the reflection and I notice she has HUGE teeth. I smile and turn my head to look at her, but it is not a girl but a boy. A younger boy with glasses. He gives me a stern look and says, "Did you fart?" I realize I've just been dream trolled when I wake up.
    8. Answered Prayer.

      by , 03-22-2017 at 01:40 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Welcome to DreamJournal 2.6 (Note)


      Went to bed, gave a prayer and asked Jesus to restore shared dreaming with Raven. I got some surprisingly unexpected dreams.

      String of False awakenings 1

      I was playing guitar somewhere on an acoustic that sounded distorted. I was playing riffs that sounded like Linkin Park but not one of they're actual songs. I was going over a main riff, then a sort of chorus riff, the whole song seemed to be in the E major key.

      FA, I'm in bed in a house that seems to be mine, but it is dark. I look to my right and there's a stand with a cup, and a piggy bank? But the piggy bank is trotting around.

      FA, I'm in the same bed and room but when I look to my right where the stand was is a doorway over looking a hall. I see a sillhouette of a woman in a Kimono walking towards me, she has her hands clasped in front of her kind of like the pencil drawing I did of Asuka.
      I become semi lucid as the dream slips. I reach out to her for a moment and the vision comes back, it's the same figure but closer. I wake up.

      I try to stay still and DEILD but have a strong urge to turn over. I do and briefly slip into another dream.

      Raven and Jesus go to White Castle

      I am in a dream which looks like a pencil drawing. I see Jesus standing over Raven knight's bed. She is asking him, "but why me? I am worthless" or something.

      He answers, "Because I called you by name..."

      The dream slips and I am awake listening to a youtube Chuck Missler video, where he is quoting Isaiah 43;1 "Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine."

      I slip into the dream lucid for a second but now I am Raven Knight, I am her looking through her eyes and I am telling him (she is telling him.) "I was afraid and was hiding in my white castle."

      Dream ends. I now have a new lucid goal: Accompany Harold and Kumar on their epic journey to White Castle.

      String of False Awakenings Pt. 2

      I arrive at work. But it's not my usual job. It's on the third floor of a building and I am in boots that aren't appropriate for the job. My usual boss is there however and she hands us some sheets for tasks to be done. I get confused on where to go and what to do.

      FA, I'm in a bed in the same building. I find flight of stairs and on the next floor is a large yellow room. I remember that it was recently under construction but my job is on the next floor. I cross the room and head for the next flight of stairs

      FA, I'm in the same bed. I am slightly paralysed now. I see a ghostly figure of a man enter the room. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DcOGe6tYqaI/hqdefault.jpg

      FA, I'm in the same bed again and I look up and there's a weird wooden creature statue near the bed. I look into the room between the statue's arm and armpit. and see the same ghostly man there. I am terrified and start saying, "No, no no," I want to call on Jesus.

      I wake up and realise i was actually saying, "No" out loud. My dog was on the other end of the bed looking at me funny.

    9. Useless Lucid

      by , 03-03-2017 at 02:07 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Some Recall over the past few days.

      I have a note that says, american pie joke. Basically I dreamed at work and made an offensive joke referencing the movie american pie.


      Dreamed I was out in the countryside. Some guy hired me to dig Special tunnels for him. We'd drive out in the country and go in some underground mine where we kept digging until we'd reach a portal that would transport us to different small towns about the countryside. He really wanted me to keep it a secret and his tone implied something really bad if I told anyone.

      Jesus hotline

      Dreamed I was a part of a website that answered calls for people asking About Jesus. I got a call and for some reason the customer was skype calling me. I saw a vid of a filipino girl going "hello, hello?" and I would answer but she kept saying "Hello." over again. I ended the call.

      Wasted Lucid.

      I was in my house somewhere and there was a woman. and I said to her. "This is a dream I hope you know" She gave me a whatever kind of look and said, "Yes I know."

      Suddenly I was outside in calgary on a train thinking of what I wanted to do. I forgot my main goals and proceeded to tell the bus driver to take me to a casino. I entered the casino and told them I'd like a seat at a poker table. They handed a me a keyboard that said Table 9 seat 5. I went looking for the room and couldn't find it. I asked a floor walker where the room was and he pointed too an ugly wooden door with a broom, a mop and a garbage trolley in front of it. I walked in expecting a maintenance closet but found a small room with a poker table with all the seats filled. I went to the dealer and showed him the card, but the guy in seat 5 wouldn't move. He started arguing with me about it, I was about to rip his head off when I woke up.
    10. Some Recall!

      by , 02-28-2017 at 04:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Long night of trying to remember some dreams. Should have written them down earlier but here goes!

      Never play dream poker

      This dream was all over the place as mine usually are... I left a poker club which consisted of a large room, with like weird living quarters in a large house, some of it still in construction. I am taking a break outside and am riding a unicycle up and down some streets, there are hand rails for support in some places. I make my way back to the club at the part that's still under construction, but every path to enter the place is blocked by debris. I tell the construction guys to move some of it so they do.

      Some guy seems not to want me to enter the building but I push past him anyway. I make my way down long and confusing hallways but as always i know exactly where I am going. I enter the poker room and there's only one table and people seem to be cashing out. I ask "Is this game still going?" and they are like "Nah." I guess they think I'm the fish. I pull out some cash some twenties and fifties and try to count out 175. but all the bills are mixed up. So I throw them on the table and all these other strange papers are on top of the buills making it harder to count. This is where the dream ends.


      I am blocked on facebook by J. I type her full name in the search engine and her profile never comes up. I am confused.

      Note: I actually did this yesterday searching for Raven by name and discovered Raven had blocked me on FB. I don't know why in the dream it was J.

      There were more dreams but i forget them. better make notes.
    11. Harry Potter Lucid

      by , 08-23-2013 at 08:36 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      kind of strange haven't even tried remembering dreams or journaling for over a year now and i had a random long lucid.

      HP LUCID

      I became lucid. I was lucid earlier but don't remember it this time i was becoming lucid again standing at a window and looking at me reflection. Someone was beside me. I wanted to Find Jamie. Don't know why. The guy beside me suggested to go through the window as a portal. so i tried that with minimal resistance, went through the glass and i look to my right and see a guide pulling another dreamer out of the next window. over dreamers in the other windows are trying to push through.

      I seem to teleport Harry Potter style, and I am with the guy climbing a mountain with an obstacle course as the way up. there's stairs and ropes. I am climbing super fast. my body feels really worked out. It's night time out with thunder flashing, everything is like a video game and I am thinking "holy Fuvck, I read dreams like this on Raven Night's journal all the time. There is no way she is making her dreams up... she really dreams this stuff and I am dreaming it right now!!!."

      Before the top of the mountain I start to fade out. I try Time dilation, but all i can see is my hand drawn in pencil on a piece of paper and count thousands of numbers between each of my digits on my finger. I pull my head up expecting to be woken up, but to my surprise, the dream is back and vivid as ever.

      At the top of the mountain is a fortress with a guard who seems to know me. he is sitting at a large table with the end blocking the door. I am annoyed by this because i am in a rush. So I angrily rip the cornoer of the table off and twist the wooden ends till it snap. The guard is like "hey". but i go in before he can do anything.

      I am going down flights of stairs and pass hermoine. just say ,"hey,". pass craco malfoy who looks like the guy from Lost.

      go into HP's room. and i am talknig to him about how i am lucid. A figure that looks like Reagan passes by, and i tell HP that that woman has been causing me problems lately. The Reagan figure grunts and screams. i realise it's the harry potter creature that turns into your fears. I am about to vocalise my lucid goal of finding Jamie when I wake up.... Damn.
    12. Lobstrosities.

      by , 01-21-2013 at 03:36 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dark beach

      I was being pulled somewhere. and I wound up on some sort of beach at night. There were these giant grey lobster like creatures coming out of the sea.... they were grey and made really loud sounds. I remember being terrified of them.
    13. unexpected long dreams

      by , 09-12-2012 at 05:51 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Starts off. I am visiting an internet celebrity most well known for his movie reviews as The Nostalgia Critic. I am in his house wandering around. I think i find him for a few moments but..

      The dream shifts around and I'm at another strange house. in the back of my mind there is a movie i am thinking about where a strange mixture forms something like black oil that bubbles.. and if it gets on you, even one drop, it first eats away at your skin slowly, second you turn into a zombie like thing and can cause the same effects to people you touch, near the end you crumble into a pile of blackish grey goo.

      I am monitoring the people in the house making sure they don't accidentally create this stuff and get infected by it . Twice i see this substance form in the presence of people, and twice i tell them, "Hey don't touych that stuff, don't get one drop on you." what does one guy do? HE effing touches it and a patch on his hand starts going grey... What a moron, maybe I should have said, "Make sure you rub that stuff all over you and it will give you everlasting life." No... maybe then he would have taken it anyway. The other guy is randomly walking by when the substance bubbles and a drop falls on his arm and his arm begins going grey.

      I leave the house to escape the chaos... and seem to forget about it. There is a random dream girl by a tree. I become semi lucid randomly... Honestly NOTHING makes me lucid I just become lucid for no reason in most of my lucids. I jump up and fly around a bit. Then over her. Then i land in front of her and kiss her. Then the dream ends.

      J finds me.

      This is one of those dreams which I hate waking up from. There is a waking life backstory to this to which I will summarize. There was a girl from work earlier in the summer who was kind of flirting with me. She had to change jobs, so I gave her a way to get a hold of me, I gave her my facebook, to which she said, "I'll contact you tonight." She, of course, did not. Few days later I show up to work two hours early... I see her leaving the store. I wait a while and decide to check out staples. and as I'm there she is at the store... but never facing me and always with her back turned. I mean... did she turn me down by not contacting and now that I've randomly, by fate, have run into her, she is avoiding the issue by turning around hoping I won't recognize the back of her head? Or is she stalking me, and being a bit of a coward? I dunno. it's just weird so I leave.

      A week later her name starts showing up on my facebook suggestions. So she looked me up? I message her and she doesn't reply.

      And just recently I've decided to move away and change jobs. I only have a week left... crappy job, no steady girl, just weird game playing girls... Extremely annoying family... what would you do? so yeah I'm moving. Then I get THIS dream:

      I am in a random house that appears to be out in the country. I check the mail box (the box that snail mail comes in but now only usually contains bills and annoying advertisements) and I have a package from Her. on it.. it says "Do not open. It's just garbage. nothing but dirt and paper" Why would she send me that? IDK. But I open it anyway... she did after all send it to me. The first thing I pull out of the large envelope is one of the lamest cliches ever... A paper from a Wal Mart brochure... with some dust on it. What the hell? There is more dirt and paper.. but I just know there's more to this package. I sift through it contents and produce a key. OKAY...

      I look to the yard and see... A small mobile home trailer. From her? Well as it turns out they key just happens to open the door. I peek in and what I see startles me. In it is various things and items I have wanted all my life. Random DVDs froms tar trek, Books by Stephen king. other random stuff. It's like she went through my facebook page and bought me a bunch of stuff based on that. and sent it to me in a trailer... Wierd. This girl has some serious issues.. but it's kind of sweet.

      Anyway There is random dream friend DC in the yard and I show him the trailer. Then i go around town. I am moving away and bragging to people about my new trailer. It's kind of funny.

      So I move? I dunno I'm at wal mart again. And she goes into the backroom with her vest on... I thought she quit. I walk by the office and notice Lou at the computer... Didn't she notice Jen walking in. or did she get her job back? So jen is in the lunch room wandering nervously behind me. I give a come hither motion with my finger and she comes over with a smile, pretending she just didn't send me some wierd gift...

      I say, "J... The trailer. why did you..."

      She just starts crying. and she is saying, "I'm sory I'm so sorry about that I.." I just hug her. Yeah she's being a bit wierd and creepy. But she did all of that for me... all of it. and I just can't help but accept it. I forgive her. I kiss some part of her forehead? her head is bent down. It's all very touching.

      The dream moves on. and I am walking with her and Dave from work. I am shopping and she is just following me around the rest of the dream looking happy. I wonder if I am walking too distant from her. It's been a long time since I've been in a relationship so I am worrying if i am being too distant all of a sudden. We go intoa random town with interesting looking houses. Then she watches me buyy random things like peanut butter.

      then I woke up.. Damn.... Damn...
    14. Super WTF funhouse of dreams.

      by , 08-24-2012 at 09:05 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Long, random, pointless but creepy dream.

      Starts off.... I am in a strange room getting a Tarot reading from a most obvious Gypsy trickster, slightly sexy but extremely creepy couger of a woman. I ask about my love life.

      She rubs her temples... I mean really? yes... she's rubbing her temples... And in an aged voice she says.
      "Your case is too Troublesome for me to comprehend... You will go to a concert soon with me. and I will meditate on your situation then as we make love to the music."



      WHAT? So suddenly there's a metal concert nearby. It's nightwish.. but the lead singer looks like Sinead Oconner. Trying to avoid the creepy psychic who folled me there, and trying to get a better view of the stage, I use my completely normal and believable ability That I must have in waking life... I jump and hover in the air and get closer to the stage. It must not be a dream because... I do this All the time you know. I hover towards the stage as the band is finishing a song. And that's it The concert is over.... how dissapointing.


      Another band is going to play another show fairly soon.

      I meet up with completely random dream friend who I've never seen before in waking life but I've somehow known my whole life... and we walk over a grassy park in between s et of houses to go towards the next concert. On my way. I come across two completely random DCs. who aren't threatening. But something tells me that I must kill them anyway. Both of them I pound their faces in until their faces cave in and ciollapse on the ground. This is always fun. The first punch they are always startled... but too slow to do anything. so whuile they meditate on that. I just pound their faces in! YAY!

      "Nice," My DC fruiend says.

      The next concert is much better. We are standing against a rock wall. right by a cliff, and in the cliff is a pit of fire. Demons are being thrown into the fire and on the other side of the pit... is where the next metal band is playing a concert... It's just really cool. But then the dream ends.


      There's a girl I like. Who I'll just call K. And i find her at work. Earlier ni the day I thought she had left. but now at the end of the shift she's there again... weird.

      The dream speeds up and we are in a mall cafeteria or something. There's a guy I recognize who is talking to her. He's waering a checkered red coat and a hat. I grab his arm in mid sentence and pull him away from her. I spin him around to face me and say.

      " hey man... wait... You're not him." he looks puzzled," Uh yeah... your not him. Everyone has a twin brother right?" I finish and release him. He laughs.

      The dream speeds up again and we are at K's house. Her mother is talking to her. and I am sitting on a couch. She's making a bed in front of the couch and looks back at me once in a while. She seems a bit puzzled I am there but seems to accept it. She sits beside me for a long moment and then gives me a hug. then goes to sleep in her little bed. aww.


      I travel to Ontario to visit some distand relatives. But I find out that they have moved away the day before to Sudbury...

      In a later part of the dream. and Older woman who I know gives me a hug.

      I say, "Yeah a hug is nice." or something and she says.

      "Yeah that's all your getting. you're not very attractive."

      Gee thanks.
    15. sleeping in

      by , 07-08-2012 at 10:45 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Well yeah sleeping in = more dreams.

      Sleep paralysis

      I was waking up in my room. It was empty. I was looking at my wall where my dresser, microwave and toaster oven are usually plugged in. The wall was bare and the electrical sockets: empty. I almost started to panick. Someone had somehow gone into my room while I was sleeping and stolen all of my stuff. Right from under my nose! Usually I am a light sleeper but this time...

      I awoke for real (I think). The first sun rays of the day were peering in through my small window. I caution\sly looked to my wall. and all my stuff was there. I rolled over intending to hit SP.

      I felt a familiar numb pressure in my head. Electrical buzzing was all around me. I spun in faster and faster attempting another OBE like i had done before. last time I wound up in some place fully lucid and everything was a shade of blue.

      Instead, someone who I don;'t know got me up. and we began walking around an unfamiliar house. I was quite annoyed that The man disrupted my WILD.

      Wal Mart Goes to Hell

      I was going back to work after my week and a half holiday. But Wal Mart was now some strange outdoor shopping mall. Bernie and Dave started harrassing me in the parking lot. They kept saying my work sucks. Dave looked like he wanted to hit me. But they walked on. I went in some part of the building and everything seemed to be under construction. I pulled out my card to swipe in. But the panel to swipe in was gone. Lou was at a table trying to reconstruct a panel. She told me that there was some major changes going on around here. She took my swipe card and tore the sticker with the barcode off. She handed me a new barcode sticker and she told me to place it on the middle of the card. The end that I was supposed swipe with... I couldn't swipe it. Some employees took the computer panel Lou was working on and ripped it to shreds. I shruigged and started walking around "Starting my shift". None of my usual crew were there and everything was under construction. How was I supopose to work? Just walk around smiling.

      I walk around and now Wal mart is some strange house. This part of the dream is blurry. but someone is with me, we walk in and out of rooms. We agree to go outside. The yard is like a junkyard. There is a trail leading to the side and back of the house. I start walking but feel something watching me. There is a weird animal, almost like a huge dog or a cat. it looks dangerous. I think It is going to leap on my and rip me to shreds. It backs up a little almost staring. I debate whether or not I should run. I just walk quickly not wanting to scare my partner. we make it into the backyard without incident and this is where the dream ends.
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