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    1. RIP

      by , 05-24-2024 at 03:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I don't know if any old-school dreamviews members are still around. But, I regret to inform you all that former DV member: Cacophony (Chloe Rose) has passed away from stage 4 cancer. I used to interact with her a lot on DV maybe 2009'ish? She leaves behind a young daughter. Kind of hit me hard today for an hour or so... anyone younger than me or in my age group when they pass... I count myself lucky. We attempted to share dreams for a short stint. She did tell me I actually dreamed of something she did in waking life, she said hoped my strange skill takes me places.

      Also, Possible Jamie sighting again. I was in olds, had to take a detour and while turning caught a girl in a maroon car beaming at me. Hair tied back or in braids. Face: familiar. It was hard to tell because it was only a split second. Hard to tell because when it comes to Jamie, The universe likes to fuck me in the ass... literally.

      Anyway dreams.

      New girlfriend

      I'm with Jamie at a highschool. She somehow convinces me to get a new girlfriend or something. It's some slightly chubby girl. later we are "going out." I kiss her goodbye at the end of the school day. The kiss doesn't feel right at all... but I say as I'm walking away. "Goodbye my girlfriend!". She just stares at me dumbfounded or something. I walk away with Jamie and say, "She didn't even respond." Jamie said, "She's not the right one then."


      I'm going from a top floor of a large building to downstairs through a series of rooms set up like an obstacle course. I breeze through most of it pretty easy. On one floor the memorable part was running into two cheetahs. They were really friendly though.


      some dream about a new job or something. can't remember.

      Almost lucid

      I was with Jamie somewhere... had a False Awakening. I was in a bedroom that felt like it was mine. There was some obscure music playing. it sounded like Classic rock, but with grunge. I remember thinking the song was annoying. Then it stopped and I heard a radio guy talking. It sounded like Gibbrish and then it ended. Saw a weird panting on the wall. It kept changing shape. I was about to be lucid but woke up.


      Me and Jamie are walking in a white area, By a wall there's a 3 foot high troll... it's female with blond hair but a wierd face. Jamie says, "Hey, I think that might be your girlfriend." I stop and ask the troll, "Who is your boyfriend?" The troll I think is going to point at me but it points to the floor between my feet. I took it as a Yes and picked up the troll to give her a hug.

      FA, The troll is on top of my in my bed. I jump up in shock and it makes me wake up for real.

      Why is Jamie trying to get me a new, "Girlfriend." in dreams. I already have Asuka, and Jamie... Is she testing telepathy again trying to make me say a key phrase? Well STOP it. I'm not an experimaent... Kinda miss the affecionate dreams.
    2. Some dreams

      by , 05-17-2024 at 01:18 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Was lucid finally

      Lucid 1

      Was walking along a white tile floor and started counting. The effect was funny so I was instantly lucid. Went into a staircase area and kept counting. Stopped at 40 and decided to jump to keep the dream from falling apart. Was following this old lady climbing the winding staircase. got bored of that so I decided to go outside. I was making my way through the building when the dream shifted.

      Lucid 2

      Was instantly lucid at night time by what I thought was my house. Wanted to find Jamie so I got into a car and started driving. I as in a big city or something and it didn't look right. I started to tilt the wheel up and the car started flying. I flew by a large building and decided to crash into it. I did but not much happened. I climbed in the air with my flaying car and kept seeing bigger buildings as big as mountains above the skyscrapers I was already near. I knew it was a perceptual illusion do decided to ignore it

      I thought to myself, "How to find Jamie?", "Just go left," a voice in my head responded. It was a male voice. I went left over some buildings a few blocks. And some residential houses felt right so I decided to land. i got out of the car and saw two characters in front of a house that looked like minecraft characters or something.

      "Robert, over here!" I hear Jamie's voice to my right. I look to my right and some girl is on top of some steps by the door to the house. She's beckoning me over with her hand. I see a brown haired girl with her hair tied back. doesn't quite look the same but the energy is Jamie's. i go up the steps and I feel her hug me. I say I want to talk to her or something. She takes me by the hand and leads me inside. We start going down in a basement. I try to speak, but feel that my physical jaw is frozen, I find it hard to speak. but I manage, "Are you really Jamie?" She looks back and finds the phrase familiar. (Sometimes the conversations with the head voice is like a broken record, and that's something I ask once in a while.) She nods and keeps walking. in the downstairs I aslk, "You're the one from Wal-Mart?" She slightly nods again. We sit down on a carpet or something. I hear her voice in my head say something but can't remember. I say :I just heard your voice in my head... is that really you? She doesn't answer just sits on the carpet and stares at me. Her form is changed again. I start asking about the voices I hear but can't say much because the dream ends.


      A dream where I'm not participating. I'm looking at the outside of a house. Jamie opens the door and another girl leaves the house. Jamie is escorting her out. I guess it's one of her nice friends. Theey then kis on the lips and the girl walks away and Jamie waves at her and smiles... Oh god. Not this again.

      Second night:


      I'm in a mall with a mcdonald's in it. A familiar girl with who I think looks like Olivia from coaldale walks up to me and we start talking. She is telling me she is moving away soon with her future husband. I'm like :Yeah okay whatever. I then get in line for the till. But olivia and some other girl who are holding hands cut in front of me whil I'm in line. I confront them about it, but olivia brushes me off. I gt mad and just leave an look for another restaurant in the food court.

      Third night:


      something about my dad and my dog.


      Me and Jamie are sitting in a car by my house. This isn't in the "Dream realm," but seems to be "Real," Me and Jamie seem to be discussing a serious relationship. Can't catch any details but it feels like this is something she is planning.


      I'm in a house with some people. Jamie looks like Zendaiya... Ok i'm still not seeing her correctly again. I'm sitting at a table and talking. She starts hanging off some other guy.


      I'm in a crowd of people at a house party. some chubby girl with pigtails starts talking to me. She claims she is Jamie's friend or something. We keep talking about Jamie. And this girl seems to confirm Jamie's intentions. Some drunk guys start interrupting us, and say something like :You gotta buy this for her, and that stuff blah blah blah.". I say: Drizzle Drizzle! I AM the table! (No, I see that stuff as satire but find it funny so many people get triggered by it.) The girl just laughs and seems to understand my sarcasm. the guys go ,"Ooooh," and walk away or something.
    3. dreams.

      by , 05-08-2024 at 02:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Forgot a dream fragment from last entry: some Demon was accusing Jamie of being a lesbian or something...

      Not much to say on this but, If me and Jamie share a strange dream ( And in head voice) connection, and Jesus who seems to push us towards one another in these connections. There's also "Evil," forces that conspire to keep us apart. So, Be on your guard! Me - Out of nowhere I've had old temptations come back to haunt me and they are difficult to keep at bay. (I find prayers works and distracting myself. And if Jamie really know the voice in my head - if you know you know). I also think back to when me and Jamie first met, and how we both had counterfeit people in our lives to distract us from one another. So yeah - pray on this. Also, it's been months since I had a dream where Jamie was telling me she had planned to saying something to me, and that I would have to be patient. If it's still too difficult to reach out, since we both live in the same area, maybe pray that God makes us cross paths more often, like we both know he can do. Maybe eventually one of us can break the ice if the feeling is right. I have been praying on this.

      anyway more dreams:

      I can't recall every single dream. I had many fragments and HH but hardly any longer dreams to recall.

      previous nights:


      A dream of Jesus showing Jamie one of my dreams through a mirror or something. There was a bunch of smoke inside on the other side of the mirror.


      Another sex dream. Her on top... really enjoying herself this time. I get to see a lot.


      I'm with some friends and we find Jamie trapped in a cage again. And I forget what happens, maybe healing energy again.

      Last night:


      Brief dream where I am explaining something to Jamie. I'm being dumb and ranting a lot like I do in dreams. After I'm done, Jamie says ,"Okaaay, Robeeert."

      A bunch of vague Jamie flashes.


      I'm standing with a group of people by a pool of water. There's healing energy going around for everybody.

      Vague dream

      Can't remember exactly. flying around a city with my old friend Richard from chilliwack.

      Also I've noticed Jamie testing our telepathy - if the voices in our heads are, "real". Like the dream I had with the chipoltle sauce, trying to make me say, "No chick-fil-a sauce?" because that very thing was stuck in my head the previous days. And the chicken barn dream - no comment.
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    4. better dreams

      by , 04-15-2024 at 01:03 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Some really good dreams this past couple of days. Someone must have really liked my last entry!

      Jamie 1

      I'm outside a bar with Jamie. The same one from a while ago. It's a real place in Didsbury, the two bars facing one another practically across the street. Jamie is just being goofy. She has these napkins and keeps putting chipotle sauce on napkins and trying to make me eat it. WTF. No Chick-Fil-A sauce?

      Jamie 2

      Same place again. It's night time. We are alone and it's really late. Jamie goes up to an old grey car and starts trying to remove the headlight.

      A bunch of other jamie flashes but they are too short to comprehend.

      Next night:

      Family outing

      I'm with family in calgary, apparently visiting my Mom. We are in a park near the bow river but everything looks different than normal. I'm up on a hill and below is a grizzly bear, but it seems friendly. I find a bounce thing that propels you in the air. I jump on it and fly high over bridges. When I land I'm in a truck with my dad. We are in an uncomfortable silence. Suddenly I'm in a mall and Jamie is on my right and my dad is on my left. He make a really rude comment when we pass by some ice cream and smoothie stand. There's two small vats with flavored milk with a beater in each. He says since me and Jamie are lovers we should get an idea from those mixers... It makes no sense but it sounds sexual and rude. I just ignore it. I try to lean against Jamie while I walk and she almost stumbles or trips. I apologize and she puts her arm around me. I notice I'm eating a bunch of mini plain doughnuts from a small paper bag. I go to eat one and Jamie tries to grab it out of my hand. I give it to her. I say, "I don't like the taste of these anyway." As they are pretty bland. That's all I remember.

      Audio only dream

      I hear both me and Jamie reciting The Lord's Prayer together.

      The real Jesus.

      In my vision I see something like a nice painting. It resembles Jesus Baptizing Jamie in a stream.

      I really hope it's true.
    5. Voices

      by , 04-09-2024 at 04:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I had a strange coincidence I forgot to add concerning the Jamie voice. Well I Don't know if Jamie has come to know Jesus as saviour yet, or if she understands the gospel. (I have a strong suspicion she does read my DJ on here since I stopped seeing her drive by me after I called her out on it on this Dj) So... I was out having a smoke late one night and her voice popped in my head, " We're born again Christians!" Her voice said boastfully Right after I heard that I looked into the sky and saw a shooting star. Always nice to get a wink from the old man upstairs!

      No title

      I was in a large parking lot during the day and sitting on a large bench or divider with Jamie. She had red hair like a ginger. I must have looked different as well because she didn't recognize me. I also didn't know who she was. But she seemed familiar. She was telling me about a guy she knows, hasn't talked to him for years, but she keeps hearing his voice in her head, and also other strange things happen concerning him. I mentioned to Jamie that it sounds like a soul tie. Jamie seemed mad at that statement and stormed off.

      I got up and went my way Some guy went past me on a hover board and was also drinking a blue juice. I realized I was in a Fortnite dream. Well that explains us not looking like ourselves... I was gonna shoot at him but he didn't notice me. I decided to just go on my way.

      Regarding soul ties. Popular Christian theories state soul ties are created from sex, . The Bible says sex creates a bond. Everyone you sleep with you give them a piece of your soul and you get a piece of theirs, including generational curses and demon possession. Well... Me and Jamie never did the deed. However I believe us having a strong emotional bond created it. Or possibly a sex dream, which I do remember one from that era. One giveaway that it could have been shared was how she went silent on me for an entire week. I noticed after we would hang out she would freeze me out for days as if in reaction to the emotional intensity of spending time with me. After that dream ( wether she dreamed it as well or somehow read it on my dj) and the way she went quiet for so long, I'm positive she was aware of that dream.

      Regarding voices again. Her voice seemed to reflect her feelings from the dream. In my head she said it seemed like I'm too good to be true. To that I say the only way to know for sure is to talk with me in person, or messenger ( god forbid), or through DV, and we can compare notes on all this crazy stuff. The worst that could happen is I might give her a big hug if she asks me.
    6. More demons.

      by , 04-05-2024 at 12:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      well, After that great stretch of Jamie dreams she seemingly turned on me again. But, I know better, just the usual obvious dream demon attacks. This time the culprit may have been in the gift box in the dream (Seemingly from Asuks.) I had to ask for Raven's help again, really she's doing The Lord's work. bless her.


      I was in some apartment building with some guy and Jamie. Jamie was being distant. Came to this construction area in a stairwell or something. She started talking to some older than me guy, but wasn't talking to me. Gave her the benefit of the doubt and walked of with the other guy. We went to his apartment and I forget what happened. Then we looked for Jamie because it was time to leave. Found her in the stairwell talking to that guy again. She made herself look like an older woman - more to the guys age. Me and the guy just stood there watching her and we had a short conversation about it. He said something like, "It looks like she's being real tender with him."

      Woke up and said to the Jamie voice, "Jamie, Your cheating on me in the dreams again, better pray about it or something." and I heard (in my head), her praying about it. Too funny. Do I qualify for anti psychotics yet?


      Jamie was talking to me in that arrogant and superior voice again. She said something really odd like, "before we can talk, you have to have sex with me." and I was shown an image of us doing it, but the visual was like in those anatomy books. That made it look kind of gross. The logic of that statement though... how do you have sex with someone without talking about it first? As a guy who won't even hug or hold hands with a girl without verbal consent, gl with that.

      Next night. Asked for raven's help but seemingly no effect. Had a rough time trying to sleep. Had one dream, still not good.


      Jamie is something like an ancient goddess. Has the old fancy dress. She's by an Egyptian pyramid with a writing clay tablet. And she's inscribing stuff in cuneiform. She's seated at a booth. Apparently it's a kissing booth, with thousands of men lined up for a kiss from Jamie. They give her old style coins and she marks it down on the tablet.

      Last night.


      I'm by Jamie's house, which in dreams seems to be consistenly a farmhouse area. I'm walking with some guy with glowing eyes, he has hair down to his chin and his face is similar to that actor who played "Jacob," The island protector in LOST (Also he played the drug addict ex boyfriend to Rita in Dexter, and also "Lucifer," in Supernatural). I know it's Raven's dream boyfriend or something. We are looking around at the scenery and he says, "It's nice isn't it."

      Flash two

      I'm walking with Raven through a rip in the fabric of a dream. On the other side is a nice grassy area Raven is lying a woman down on the grass who seems to be asleep or delirious. It's Jamie. That's all I remember.
    7. recall down

      by , 04-01-2024 at 10:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Last night and two nights ago I didn't remember anything... Did have one night full of dreams though.

      Trying to sleep

      Kept having False awakenings in what appeared to be a living room right by a kitchen like the one house I lived in in Lethbridge. I walked by a girl sleeping on a couch. I went to the other couch to go to sleep. I started having sleep paralysis, I remembered something like trying to spin vibrations really fast so I could enter a lucid dream (Not realizing I was already dreaming.) . FA, I'm on the couch but the girl in the room is playing loud music. FA, again and the girl is asleep I forget what happened after.


      I was in a living room during the daytime and a small little box floated right past me. I was curious, so I grabbed it in mid ar. I opened it and two small toys wrapped in some paper fell out. Someone (Maybe Asuka) instructed me to put everything back inside. They kept handing me papers and chocolates.

      Next part of the dream I knock on Jamie's door. She comes out and I give her the box. She smiles and seems happy. I'm just watching her pull everything out from the box.


      Flash of me and Jamie on a bed. She is holding me tightly and she's on top of me. We are both clothed though, We are looking into eachother's eyes and getting lost in them and smiling. I really feel like she loves me in that moment.


      I'm on a farm and trying to leave. A couple dogs keep following me around, and barking loudly. A young girl comes out of one of the barns and takes the dog away.


      Just a flash last night of a girl crawling in a strange way down a hallway...
    8. Yay.

      by , 03-27-2024 at 12:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      This will be a shorter entry. Had trouble sleeping lately due to shitty sleeping arrangements where I live. Apperently I was right. I had to call on Raven again to help with Jamie. She fought of some guy who looked like freddy kreuger. That seems in line with what I remember about someone wearing a large hat.

      I had a couple non lucids that I can't remember.


      Fell asleep talking to the Jamie voice... instead of the usual Jamie in a black space where the conversation continues. There's a big fat Demon pertending to be Jamie. I wake up and fall asleep again, this time it's a skinny demon, saying the things that apparently Jamie is saying. Well, great. And yes I have prayed obsessively about these voices. and of course "Jesus," responds as a voice in my head. That's always trustworthy! But according to Him, We may be hearing one another's thoughts. Be careful to speak to it however, other things may be listening... and also might respond. In either case I'll try my best not to respond overly emotionally to it, or take it "too," seriously. I like how, when I pray for Jamie, I occasionally hear a, "Thank you." from her, as if she somehow hears me. That's always re assuring (No sarcasm).


      Me and Jamie are both attending a high-school together. A class or school has ended and I'm in a hallway by a bunch of lockers and a bunch of students are in my view. I notice Jamie talking to a blond girl pretty sternly. Jamie leaves the girl and walks through the crowd. she then takes my hand and we walk away. Before I turn, I notice the blond girl is giving me and Jamie some really evil side-eye. I guess I'm back with my girlfriend... or dream girlfriend. (please send help.)

      Last night: Had a really long non lucid. No jamie. Can't remember what the dream was about. A bunch of people in a large warehouse or something, and I was also doing drywall work. Bleh, not really worth remembering anyway.
    9. not good...

      by , 03-24-2024 at 04:19 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First night I just had dreams that Jamie found a girlfriend. I always knew she liked both, not going to judge.I have some borderline traits myself, being unsure of your sexuality is a given. I did find these dreams a little distressing. In these dreams it seems I am watching them from a distance, and not a participant.

      Next night.

      another flash of Jamie being with a girl, but this time I can see them having sex... Honestly I don't know why I dream these things and sometimes loathe the connection. (When she moved in 2011, I first had a dream she was sleeping with some guy but wasn't feeling it. Then I dreamed she was sleeping with a woman, a few days later she switched her orientation status on FB. You gotta realize I'm not trying to spy, these things just come to me and sometimes I wish they wouldn't)


      Just a flash of me and Jamie in a western setting. Some big guy in a cowboy hat captured us and we are ties and gagged by a fence. Jamie looks my way in distress.

      Last night


      I was in a crowd at night time and noticed Jamie in the crowd looking at me.


      I get a job at a newly opened seafood restaurant. I'm in orientation with a group of people. Jamie is in the group, as well as some other pretty girl with crazy braids. Jamie doesn't look at me at all, but keeps lingering by. I'm drinking a soda pop from a glass bottle. The top somehow breaks. I go to the sink area to clean it up. Jamie follows me, or is doing something in the same area. She's really silent, but lingering by. I find the silence really uncomfortable as I try to clean up the glass.

      No way

      I'm walking outside early morning. I'm upset. In my dream memories Jamie had told me that she didn't want to see me anymore because I was too, "Emotionally immature."

      I go by a mcdonald's but it's not open in the plaza. I see my brother wandering into Tim Horton's. and decide to follow him in.

      First of all, I'm just going to assume that something is wrong in the dreams. (She's been attacked by dream demons constantly especially since "The Boyfriend." dream). Second. I admit: I have severe emotional problems, they have gotten a lot better since older. I was mentally and emotionally abused and abandoned by my dad specifically. The effects of that abuse have stuck with me my entire life. I know Jamie had similar problems, that she briefly told me about herself. So, I always saw that as an opportunity to relate to one another and be there for one another. Things DO get easier with age. and I've been doing my best to work on that. I'm scared too, if Jamie were to come into my life again. There is a lot of emotional trauma around one another, and how we handled things in the past to work through. It wouldn't be easy, it might be hard. We are going to make mistakes. But I want to do it, and I want to become better and be better this time.
    10. Funny

      by , 03-18-2024 at 12:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Been sick still. Last night I could hardly sleep.

      Fake Jesus

      Can't remember the details too much. I was with Jesus and he was asking me to do this strange, abstract thing. It seemed unethical what he was asking. Next we were standing over Jamie 's bed and he said if I do those things (that I can't remember) she will be in my life soon. First off, I'm not going to do anything manipulative... Second in previous dreams it sounded like she wants to talk to me, but that I'm just to be very patient with her while she decides what she wants to say. In any case I'll hear her out.

      Woke up and added prayers of banishing fake Jesus from my dreams.

      Last night.


      I'm looking for Jamie at her house. She is nowhere to be found. I eventually come across a jail cell door with a small window and bars Jamie is on the other side. She reaches her hand out and I lightly grab it. I'm shocked and concerned. The dream starts fading to black and when it does she says, "You have to start looking at porn."

      I admit I nearly choked on my coffee when I remembered that line. I'm sure in whatever strange dream she was having, in that context, what she said made sense to her. In any case, I've pretty much avoided that the past while.
    11. Some recall

      by , 02-29-2024 at 04:29 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Past few nights I've had a little trouble sleeping properly.

      Work related

      Something about operating a hand held grinder that cuts bolts or something.

      Vague recall

      Something about going in about of some native woman's house

      Jamie 1

      Working with Jamie again, but this time I'm a dishwasher at a bar or something. Jamie is a server or something. I don't recall actually seeing her in this dreams. My brother??? Keeps handing me beer jugs to wash, that also have mini jugs with the handles hanging from the big jug rim.

      So far in my dream journal, I've dreamed me and Jamie have worked at McDonald's, Wal Mart, and now a bar. So, what's our next dream job?

      Jamie 2

      Me and Jamie are talking in a black space, but memories we share of hanging out, are floating around us in a white space also kind of like a holographic image. The image is of the co op we both walked to while we were waiting for something special to kick in. We are facing one another also holding our hands in each. For a moment she is wearing double Dutch braids as a hairstyle, which I think is odd because she doesn't strike me as someone who would wear that as a hairstyle. We are both happy and saying meaningful things to one another. The only line I remember from her saying is, "You didn't deserve what I did to you, Robert. " Which sounds like a meaningful apology. Damn right .
    12. Short dreams

      by , 02-26-2024 at 03:29 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Spotty recall these past couple days, due to unusual sleep schedule at home.

      Had a couple NLDS but can't remember the details.

      Jamie dreams

      1. A flash of her laying in bed, wearing a white bed dress. She's showing me something. I won't say what.

      2. Me and Jamie are working at a Wal-Mart. But it's the overnight shift. Everyone gets the same half hour break on late night s so on our break I start walking to my car to eat and smoke. Jamie joins me while walking to my car and she asks if she could sit with me in my car.

      3. While slightly dosing I had an HH image of Jamie encased in a strange device. She was in a glass orb and a giant wooden thing was connected to it which operated a door. An angel with large wings stood outside of it and operated the door. A man approached the glass, but he was really a lustful demon. Jamie saw the demon and began to get undressed for it. But it couldn't get it because the angel kept the door shut. Ok... Not sure what to make of that.
    13. More dreams

      by , 02-24-2024 at 12:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Short dream with low detail about working in an office building. We were moving boxes around and stuff.

      Long dream

      Started out... I was flying up in some interesting caves. They were endless and bright multi colored. I went in a crevice where some people were. Apparently my dad was working in the cave and we were laying tapes out. Some foreman mentioned my dad was fast and did everything in the cave so quickly.

      I was wiping a tape that was by a damp spot with water flowing through it. I couldn't get it to stick and after several tries... I started yelling in frustration. The foreman told me to leave. I argued the work couldn't be done. The man said he had a guy that could do it, and a young guy took my spot. This sent me into a ranting rage. I started leaving.

      Now I was walking down a grassy hill and some guy from the construction group was following me. We kept talking and he was trying to calm me down. I remember saying something like I was "hangry."

      I went to the camp where I supposedly lived, tried to eat at a restaurant but the details are foggy. I also got kicked out of the restaurant.

      Next I was in some store with advanced clocks and watches. This girl with long brown hair and grey eyes helped me in the store. Her name tag said , "Jamie," and might have even said so. She didn't seem to know who I was. And I wasn't sure it was my Jamie., even though the height and look was the same. She showed me a tiny clock inside a glass pyramid that fit in the palm of your hand. I guess it WAS Jamie, just that we didn't recognize one another.

      I left the store and saw something like a sci Fi convention going on. People were walking from a door in Starfleet uniforms. For some reason I thought I had a pass to get in, so I walked right in. I walked past lines of people in similar uniforms. I tried to shake some actresses hand but she looked shocked. Security people kept scanning my forehead as I was walking through. Then security escorted me out

      The security guy took me to the lobby and was holding my wrist. I kept telling him to let me go . Eventually after some talking we were friends. He showed me a watch he had that was in the shape of a glass pyramid. I told him that the Jamie girl that works there, looked and acted exactly the same as some girl named Jamie that I knew in another town years ago. A guy piped up... It was PewDiePie. And he said, "whoa, that's a crazy coincidence." Or something. We started talking but I woke up.

      Jesus' message

      I fell into a brief HH dream. A scene like and oil painting of Jesus slid from the left and came before my eyes. He said, " After careful consideration of knowing Jamie's character, I have determined that the reason why you haven't heard from her yet, is because she feels very guilty about how she mishandled you in the past. She also is very fearful of the same result happening again." Wow, okay. All I can say is I'm not willing to reach out either, since I already have a few times and have been only met with silence. I'm not willing to message someone who isn't going to respond. I don't want to harass her in any way. I guess we're just gonna have to run into eachother more... Or she CAN do the drive bys more if that's what it takes for her to feel comfortable with me, she has my permission.

      neighbors house

      Brief dream about house sitting my neighbors house. I was on some landing. It was night time and I was talking to some girl on the main floor. I was doing some dream parkour stuff around the house while we we talking. She was saying how the previous owner had all these rock tiles for the driveway and how he was taking them all to his new house . I responded that the current owner of the house we were sitting said the previous owner left a lot of those tiles in the basement. That's all I remember.


      I was walking down a busy suburban street at night time. I was with some friends or something. I saw a girl I seemed to recognize with orange hair. I said to the guy I was with that a thought she was cute. The girl came up to me and seemed to know me. I'm not sure if it was Asuka, or Jamie. We sat down somewhere on a bench with a tarp over it. I was holding her hand. I rested my head on her shoulder and fell asleep.
    14. more dreams, some explanation. Yes, I am certifiable.

      by , 02-08-2024 at 11:20 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Some people have messaged me and/or left comments asking "Who is Jamie?" I understand my journal entries must seem like the ravings of a madman, I can assure you, I consider it a possibility every single day. Jamie is someone I use to work with in 2011, We were friends (the vocal pretext we had both agreed upon- the subtext however... slightly different story). Long complicated story I'm not going into. to the layman, (Someone who is completely atheist and is a scoffer at anything spiritual, or having anything like a god in the universe, supernatural, paranormal. etc) I suffer from a bizarre form of Limerence, and "Spiritual psychosis", and Jamie is the Idealized object of this. In more spiritual terms it is also known as "Twin Flame," or "Alien Love bite", Neither term I agree with, however I have read experiences from many people that I can relate to ( I watched a long youtube of a panel of people from the ALB community and listened to a couple explain how they were having mutual or shared dreams). Scoffers will scoff, fine. I define it simply as: Seemingly paranormal facilitation and interference in human relationships. There's also a psychosis in the mix as well, BPD, Both of us have levels of such a disorder. In my case I love bomb someone who shows interest in me and when I feel they are going to abandon me, I promptly dump them or cut them out of my life, and then horrifyingly try to "Win them back,". I was not even aware of this "Cycle," until I met Jamie and analyzed our friendship years later, and reading what BPD is.

      Years after, the "Discarding" of one another. I began experiencing paranormal events all over again. Seeing annoying "Angel signs," regarding her. As well as a sudden influx of dreams about her. I have a long history on this forum being able to share dreams with people. And i Still experience this to this day, the sharing of dreams. I began to wonder if it was a possibility, that we were somehow reaching one another in dreams. Such phenomena increased with such intensity (and things jamie was doing and saying in dreams) It became such a great concern to me that I was compelled to send her a handful of messages over a period of a few months. I told her from as many angles as I could what stuff I was experiencing. Just being open and relaying messages that I had learned. After the first message, In the dreams of her, she began to first act repulsed by me in the dreams and then began to be more okay with it. And after my last long explanatory message the dream her seemed fine. I did relay in my message that this dream journal exists, and that she can read it. These dream journals have a subscribe button, (I don't get notified of subscribers) and such people get an email every time I post an entry. It's likely I gave her a link to my dream journal when we were friends in 2011, and she has been subscribed since then. Or a few years ago she did. I'm not going to speculate. But it definitely seems like she reads my dream journal and then in later dreams she will react to what I dreamed about. She has never messaged me back however, But did mark my message as, "Read." sometimes she would leave a message, "Unread" So I take it as a sign of minimal respect for my efforts. In the end she has a disorder, where various people are discarded, and most of those people will never be in touch again. so no, I am not expecting a message back, or for her to be friends again. We both have some severe emotional problems that would probably end in complete disaster, or worse, all over again, if not handled EXTREMELY carefully.

      Unfortunately, I have had to move back to the area where I met her. and it's possible I may have run into her when I first arrived here, at a convenience store. The person, had to turn around and leave the store, after their purchase and I was standing in. She didn't look me in the eye at all, seemed slightly aware that it was me. but looked really pissed or at least annoyed that I was there. I was not surprised at this reaction at all, I even expected it, given what I know about the disorder. and then a few times over a few months. she had driven by me at least once or twice and was stealing glances at me. No, I don't imagine she is stalking me. This IS a series of small towns where you are bound to run into anyone you ever known in this area at any given day.

      This journal then is for Jamie to read as she sees fit. As long as I dream about her, I will keep posting entries.


      1. Jamie, is tied to a wall in a hotel room... she is naked. and some guy is standing near her. He had glasses, hair poorly bleached with brown hair at the part.

      that's all I remember. I wake up and The voice says,, "Why was I naked?"

      2. I dream my dog is getting really angry at me because I am playing with a cat. His mouth looked really strange and scary.

      3. I was in bed with someone, But it was this other girl, from Wal-mart. She is pregnant I start kissing her and she kisses me back. A strange thought of doubt runs through my head.

      I wake up. and fall back asleep.

      Note: it seems the past few weeks, I have been unable to meet Jamie in the dreams lately just have dreams about her. We both seem to have been dreaming about people who are "Distractions". The goal: to prevent us dreaming the same dream. I will pray and/or meditate on this.
    15. crazy

      by , 02-02-2024 at 11:02 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie dreams.

      most of this was HH. Where I am awake, falling asleep, but briefly fall into a dream segment.
      1. It's birds eye view and I'm driving to Sundre, Vision zooms out and Jamie is in her vehicle waiting.
      2. Jamie is driving by the street I use to live on and she is kinda missing those times...
      Umm okay, so she's stalking me now? I don't know, but maybe try actually talking to me instead of driving by once every a couple of months and stealing glances at me, pretending that I don't notice. You know I once worked at a south wal mart in Lethbridge, where a Manager, who was a total Bi*** use to bully me and give me write ups if I retaliated. which, ultimately led to me quitting. Was she done after I quit? NO, I started working at a Mcdonalds, and a few times while cleaning up the parking lot she would drive right through the parking lot and not park or buy anything. She started showing up at the 711 I use to go to on the north side even though she lived on the south. Even tried to say hi to me, in the lineup. She thankfully stopped after a few months of me not giving her an in.
      3. I'm hearing a song I know, It's that annoying 80's song that can get stuck in your head for weeks. "It must have been love." by Roxette (RIP). Jamie is tonelessly singing it and making the lyrics about me. the only line I can articulate is "Touch me now," but she sings it ."Robert now.". Kind of makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. If she were to construct a parody of this song about me, I have an idea for some of the chorus, "It must of been Rob, But he's older now. I said he was good, But I lost him somehow. It must of been Rob, but I'm older now. We didn't even touch, 'Cause the time had run out." and I swear If Jamie doesn't sing this to me with full passion, we aint a thing

      Other dreams.

      1. I get lost in a house, that has another house secretly inside it. Some guy is leading me through a very specific set of doors. We wind up at this landing with a strange latter. I climb down the ladder and find myself outside around some interesting houses and a highway.
      2. Im with a bunch of people in a mall. I'm building minecraft blocks for some reason, even though I never play the game. later we are in a strange cafeteria but the lights aren't on. Me and some people hide in some strange cubicles. and my old friend from mcdonald's (Who I had one confirmed shared dream with) David jumps out and goes "Bah," to scare us, he manages to stay on one foot in a comical almost about to grab you pose. And then darts away. I go to look for him but he is gone...
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