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    by , 07-03-2019 at 10:00 PM (52 Views)
    This one made me laugh. So yesterday at the end of my dream log I said "No jamie dreams " So I went right back to sleep and this happeend.

    Jamie visits.

    Jamie is at a computer screen reading my entry. she mentally then projects herself into my dream. She goes through the computer screen monitor and me and her a flying around in a futuristic city. Recall is extremely foggy after that.
    atta girl! Keep it up


    Dream of driving with my brother to the US. He says we are going to see the most accurate psychic ever. I'm like, "Please no, I don't want to waste my money." He says, "But we are going to get year end predictions." In this dream we are near december or something. I'm worried about crossing the border since I don't have a passport...

    then i notice my teeth are falling out. I have two molars in my hand and I am trying to place them back in my mouth. Yeah, like that's going to work...

    We arrive in some strange town and start walking around but my recall fades after that.

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    Tags: jamie, teeth
    non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment