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    by , 04-27-2021 at 03:14 AM (501 Views)

    Jamie seemed upset about something. that's all I can recall. Miss the longer dreams about her...


    A long dream but I only remember sectioned. An old co worker named K and I were in a town that looked like chilliwack. He was coercing me to help him kill people. We had to cut people up into tiny piece so we would stash them in baggies and them bury them in a park. I didn't enjoy this. I was terrified of doing this and wanted to get away from him. Later I was by chilliwack mountain and saw a youtuber moe sargi who i never watch anymore. I kept asking him about his videos and he told me they are all fake... I already knew that.

    Some other dream i recall about Saad doing drywall like my dad. He seemed pissed at me.

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    1. Koi's Avatar
      So I'm curious, who is Dream Jamie to you?
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