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    Lots of Action!!!

    by , 05-25-2021 at 06:08 AM (121 Views)

    Intimate dream with her. It was wild...

    Jamie 2

    I'm with Jamie and Asuka. Asuka seems to be somehow merged with Jamie. We are walking in some building with some blond girl. We enter a room. There's a metal device that gives off a huge sexualised vibe... since the blond girl is nearby I ask if I can eat her out. Asuka says, "Robert Don't do it!!" Because she's merged with Jamie. The girl says okay. and it's like I can't stop. The rest is pretty sexual. oops

    Brown haired girl

    I was witha brown haired girl that looked sort of like jamie. But this girl was taller and had more defined features. The eyes were like jamies but the rest of the face. Almost as if Jamie had a slightly hotter older sister it would be this girl??? not sure.

    Sex dream

    With some East asian girl. We are trying to have sex. she's super dry and it's like trying to tap a wooden stump. She gets frustrated and I try to tell her it's not a good idea to just jump on... you gotta have proper foreplay first so she's properly ready for it. but before i can tell her that she just runs off in frustration.

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    Tags: asuka, girls, jamie, sex