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    Low recall

    by , 03-03-2024 at 02:37 AM (80 Views)
    Trouble sleeping past few days. Trying wbtb but not falling asleep.


    Had a dream my brother's gf was trying to hook me up with Katelynn. ( I went for a smoke during wbtb, and my brother's gf was shoveling snow, and she said she had a dream that I was doing things with Katelynn in some bushes... And then she said that I should try to get with her. And I said: no, pretty sure she's raising a kid with a common law guy. I remember K was a friend in 2011 after I moved to Bowden. But we never even got close to hooking up, even after she invited me over for new years, and it was just me and her. The energy was just too frigid for me to try anything, and I never make a move unless I have an absolutely impossible to miss greenlight.) Anyway in the dream my brother and his gf were driving me and K to a date or something. I offered her the front seat, but she insisted on the backseat. Yeah, didn't seem to be comfortable with the idea either...

    Jamie 1

    Just a quick flash of Jamie leaning down to kiss me. And no, I won't explain why she had to lean down.

    Jamie 2

    Jamie is standing in a black space and to my right is a dream scene of a city or something. Her hair is very much like when I knew her. Jamie is leaning out of the shadow and asks, " Do you want to see me?" Then I wake up.

    I do.

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    Tags: jamie, katelynn
    non-lucid , side notes