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    Semi lucidity.

    by , 05-30-2017 at 03:42 AM (261 Views)
    Why is everyone so negative in my dreams?


    Frag of me sitting at a kitchen table. Two people walk in and not sure who they are. They start giving me shit for something and some random girl E from work is there. She starts joining in so I start cussing her out. she doesn't even belong in my house. she tells me to shut up. so I keep telling her off. She turns into a blur and hits me out of the dream.

    Work confusion

    I'm working with co workers from McDonald's but instead we are working at a dollar store in the middle of a mall. J tells me to hang up some beads in small packets on a big display. I start doing so but A and E walk by me. A says hi and starts complaining about my work. I ask her why she's even talking to me. She said she was just saying Hi. I couldn't beleive she was being rude about it. I wanted to complain about it to J in an open door policy discussion.

    I leave and wind up roaming the dark mall for a while. I eventually found J in a meeting room. I sat through the meeting. I asked him to have a conversation but there were too many people around.

    Dangerous plane

    I'm flying inside an air plane with Data. there's literally no bottom to the plane. We float over to a seat strapped into a wall. He straps me in and hands me an oxygen tank. I keep breathing through it and turn a crank that shuts it off. I ask him if I did the right thing. He says yes. I then wait for the plane ride to end. I am really worried about crashing because there is no floor to the plane and I can see the land going by below.


    I have a FA in the bottom big bedroom downstairs. Pope john Paul is there and wants to talk to me. I have to leave for some reason. I look out the window and see snow is outside. It makes me lucid. I float through the window and walk on the snow with no socks. My feet don't even feel cold. I climb the fence without any effort.

    I lose lucidity while walking down the street. I enter a building where my boss is. and he says why Haven't I talked about the plan yet with his messenger. The current pope is with him and they are looking at me. I go to leave but wake up.
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