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    some wierd dreams

    by , 07-31-2010 at 06:48 PM (393 Views)


    Vague dream where I am talking to my mom. She was saying that she was dead now. I asked where she died... She said in some room. I asked for the specific location, because she is still missing and my family needs to confirm her death. She seemed trouble by my questions and started flipping out.

    Mom again

    Vague dream about chasing my mom up a hill.


    I'm on some sort of cliff overlooking a shoreline. There's a bridge people are building, we have to roll the beginning pieces of the bridge to the edge of the cliff and fasten them. At first they appear to be too big for anyone to move, but some how i manage to move a large piece all by myself. I have trouble fastening it to the cliff. But then i notice these clamps that are set up on the cliff. I mess with the clamps until they hold onto the cliff tightly.


    i'm with my dad in some weird construction site. I have to slide down some walls in order reach some black buckets that's all I remember.

    Buying Coffee

    I'm driving with my brother when we pull up to a tim hortons coffee chop. We go through the drive thru, but the drive thru leads inside. My brother says i have to pay myself. We drive in and I'm no longer in the car, so i try to pay for my drink. An Asian guy is selling me the coffee and he gives me the price. I can't hear him well so i pay witha quarter and a nickel. He says he doesn't want a nickel but a dollar. He acts like I was trying to rip him off. I find four quarters in my hand in the change. i hand it to him and he smiles. I then go outside to where my brother is parked.


    Vague sex dream with asuka


    I had a brief Hypnagogic flash of someone holding a card in front of me. it read "Bow down". The image faded. I said "hell no"

    Captain Janeway reads my dream journal

    I remember pulling up to some nightclub with some people. We get out of a car and it's night time. The guys say we have to reposition Captain Janeway's bed in the trunk. Apparently she's injured or something and tied to a bed and we have to shift the bed's position ever once in a while.

    I open the trunk and she's tied to some bed. We talk for a bit. I try to move her but I touch her feet, when i do that her toe almost falls off. It's soft and mushy like uncooked sausage... when you don't handle it carefully it falls apart. She looks shocked but kind of faking it. She then tells me thank you for shifting her bed, she said she knows from reading my dream journal that I had to do this for my mother recently.

    Super WTF party.

    (Note: lots of sexual content don't read if you are offended)

    I remember being at some large party. I remember it was at my house. By the living room some guy was sitting up high some where taking pictures.

    Outside some guy was trying to fight one of my old friends. I got in between them and pushed them away from each other. I'm like "Don't hit Brad... he's my friend... or was years ago in school" They agree not to fight. I see brad begin to walk away but the other guy pulls a small metal ladder out of nowhere and hits brad in the back of the head with it. Then brad gets something metal also and hits the other guy with it. now they are having a full fledged fight.

    I go back to the entrance of the house and some people are watching. I ask one guy to give me his cell phone and I'll call the police. He hands it to me, but just then a cop car pulls up and the police start hauling the fighters away.

    I go inside and now the party seems to be winding down. I go down some stairs and see a line of people playing a game, in the line the one person has their hands on the next person's hips. I go back upstairs to avoid them. I find myself in a living room and I see Shawna sitting on the couch in boy form. His/her eyes are waide as if he saw something that he shouldn't have seen. Just then some Transvestites knock on the door and enter the place. They have manly faces that aren't even tempting. I try to find a place to sleep.

    I go into another living room area that seems to be empty. I sit down on a chair. Then i notice that there are people there... they aren't sleeping but having an orgy. Oh well if i can't sleep i might as well watch. I spot a couch where two lesbians are making out. One turns to me and gives me a seductive look. A third woman comes up from the one cushion of the couch. then a fourth woman comes out. The other three women disappear.

    The remaining woman comes up to me and starts making out with me. The kissing is weird. lots of tongue, so for a second i'm worried if i am acting like a pig. She stops, and now she's naked. She moves toward me about to get on me. I wonder if this is actually happening, but it feels real enough. She gets on and we start having sex. I do a few quick thrust but get kind of tired. I don't like doing fast sex like you see in porno movies so i go slower. i look down and see that she is gushing. I can't remember when but suddenly we switch positions. i am still sitting and now i'm doing her from behind. It feels ackward, then my perception goes to where our parts are mingled and i can see that i'm not completely in. I shift myposition a bit and now everything works nicely. But now i can't feel much so i shift a bit so that my foreskin hits the edge of her vagina where it enters. There, now it feels better. I look forward and notice she has a soul patch where her crotch begins. After a while she stops, she looks back at me and says "Damn your great" then she gets of and starts leaving. Did she just use me? i say "hey, where are you going" She turns to me again and now has a different face. She says don't worry, she'll be back. she goes to kiss me again but i wake up.

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