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    Take it on the run, Jamie.

    by , 02-16-2024 at 12:41 AM (84 Views)
    Briefly falling asleep the other night. Had brief flashes of Jamie, and can't really say what they were about.

    Had a NLD that I can't remember.

    Some strange HH of a blue cartoon dragon coming up to me and saying, "I have a prayer for you." then it vanished and I woke up. Dumbest cliffhanger dream ever.

    Valentines wtf

    Series of small dream revolving around Jamie.

    1. Jesus is on a beach holding a red heart. The red heart begins turning into sand...

    2. I'm walking with Jamie on the beach and she's upset or something about Valentines Day, or something. I'm like, "What? We're not on speaking terms. I've no idea where you live, where you work, what your number is... etc How can I be expected to do something for valentines day? I take women's silence towards me as what they all say they want it to mean, 'No. Not interested'. So until The Jamie I know changes this dynamic, I ain't doing shit." In the middle of my rant a bunch of sand whooshes into the dream and separates us. From the heart I guess

    3. I'm with Jamie again but we are intensely arguing... about everything. She's about to get a booty call or something on V day with someone else or something. Not sure.

    4. Jamie is taking me by the hand and we are walking somewhere. The previous situation feels resolved. Glad we didn't break up... In the dreams I mean. Okay, this is getting really confusing.

    5. We arrive at Jamie's place. It's a townhouse. We get out of the car and start stepping over some snow and ice before the walkway where all the doors are, But a car or so down there's a tall man wearing a hat. (no, not the infamous hat man.) He has glasses and a beard and could be in his forties. He's staring intensely at Jamie as if He knows her. I'm behind her but I can tell by the way she's turned her head from him, that she's gone into the , "Light are on but nobody's home," Look. This is where I wake up. Wat, Was that the other guy?!?!?!? Jamie better keep her orbiters at bay when it comes to me.

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