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    Trying again

    by , 05-27-2024 at 04:22 AM (42 Views)
    Been praying for lucids lately every night. It's starting to work. Also will be working in Cochrane for over a week with a friend. Hope it doesn't disrupt my usual routine.

    Lucid 1

    Was walking around in olds, but everything was slightly different when I became randomly lucid. I was in an alley and wanted to find Jamie. I saw 3 bikes. One looked like it might be a motorbike. Started riding it but had to pedal. Turned onto a main street and immediately saw Jamie coming my way on a bicycle. She was looking down .

    " Hey Jamie, do you really ride motorbikes? I had a lucid years ago where you were on one. "

    She stopped and recognized me. We were suddenly walking in a school hallway. A blond girl was coming our way. Jamie recognized her. Her eyes went really wide. She stopped the girl and said, "hey, you were in my dream. I'll tell you about it later." The girl just walked on.

    " Is that your Girlfriend?!?!?" I asked excited.

    "She's not my girlfriend..." Jamie said sounding pissed.

    " But, you and her.... Right? I saw that look, I know what it means."

    We were now in a locker room. Jamie started crying to herself. She became a white robot with a round head. The face was just a LED display for the eyes. She put her face in her hands weeping

    "What's wrong?," I asked.

    "I'm okay... I just think I'm on my... My... My . P."

    "You'll be okay." I said cutting her off. " I think there's a healing spring by your dream home. You wanna go there?"

    " Really?" She asked, " okay."

    Before we could go
    I woke up.

    [B][Lucid 2[/B]

    I was in a Wal Mart parking lot when I suddenly became lucid. I wanted to find Jamie again and thought I could take a car. A strange vehicle pulled up. Just two car seats and two car wheels driving itself. I picked that one and it started moving. I remembered that counting made my lucids longer so I tried it. Immediately my vision stretched... I panicked and woke up.


    I was at some job with my family. No one was there suddenly. I got in my car. Didn't turn it on and it just started rolling downhill.


    Sex dream with Jamie... She was being mean saying she wanted to break up or something. " That's not me, Robert." The real Jamie pushed through a phantom one that vanished. Jamie looked flustered at what just happened.

    That happens with the head voice too. Other voices interfere. Her voice kept requesting lots of prayers. I can see why.

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