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    by , 08-10-2020 at 06:54 PM (55 Views)
    Jamie 1

    Just a flash of her putting a parcel together. Is she going to send me something?

    Jamie 2

    Being on a street during the day with jamie and she is being distant saying she is looking for another boyfriend... Wait I thought she wanted to get married. I'm still waiting, pining and hoping. But she doesn't reach out to me at all.... If I wing up marrying someone else, it's because I had to settle for someone else under duress... anyway i see she is on a dating website. She then messages me through the site saying "LUV U!!!" I swear at times she is two separate people...

    I'm still waiting for that message for real tho.

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    Tags: fragment, jamie
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes