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    This weeks dreams.

    by , 08-06-2018 at 05:46 AM (94 Views)

    Me and my brother are driving around the country side. We wind up at a restaurant or something. We see moe and his friend at a table. His friend acknowledges us but Moe tries hard not to look at me. After we leave I say we should follow moe because he's heading to some abandoned place to film. My brother says okay and then we drive into the mountains.


    I am in a tunnel like a time vortex that Dr. Who goes into. I see the end of the tunnel and see a dream with Jamie in it. Some force knocks me into a side tunnel and I instead see a dream in front of me with C, who I used to work with.

    Stranger danger

    I'm sitting on a couch upstairs in my inner world house Asuka comes and grabs me and tells me I have to start my shift. She leads me to the kitchen where Jamie is standing around looking sheepishly. Asuka says this girl is my co worker so we better get started making her (Asuka) supper. Me and Jamie look at each other like this is dumb.

    I hear someone downstairs. Another girl who's voice I recognize as C. I leave the kitchen and head downstairs. I see C wandering around but she doesn't notice me. I walk towards her and she vanishes somewhere. I search the entire basement but can't find her. I head back upstairs and then I notice C hiding under a table downstairs in the corner. Apparently she doesn't know where she is and knows it's not her house. I go back downstairs, find a couch and try to light a smoke.

    My one lighter doesn't work, so I reach into my pocket and try another lighter. It doesn't work either. I see a green lighter on the table but i can't roll the thing that trikes the flint... C emerges from under the table and offers me a light but I wake up.

    Moe again

    A dream about being at moes wedding. Everyone is partying.


    An HH flash of a pink heart As I wake up.

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