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    Leaving the matrix

    3/26/13 - parking lot sliding/attic coo

    by , 03-26-2013 at 06:31 PM (520 Views)
    I'm in a parking lot, it's pretty big. It looks to be the parking lot for a walmart type store, A car is waiting on me to pick me up, but I don't want to go, so I start almost skating with just my shoes, I begin gliding as if on ice, I go between car and around planters. Some parts of the parking lot make me pick up speed as if down hill while others slow my pace as if up hill. My fun starts to change when I notice most of the cars have someone just watching me in the driver seats. I stop gliding so close to their doors in fear of one of them opening their doors and snatching me up or stabbing me so I then decide now I want to go to the car that was waiting on me to pick me up but of course now I can't find them.

    Me and my sister are on a balcony, I see a woman a man and their two boy children. I pick up binoculars and look at them, because I couldn't get a look at their faces clearly. I know the woman will think I'm a perve so every time she looks up at us I pretend I was looking at my sister through the binoculars, but them my sister starts to walk away and I tell her to stand in front of me so It looks like I'm looking at her when really I'm looking at these people. Then suddenly the two boys appear and tell us they haven't met us yet and that they want to show us something that they show every one they meet. They take us to this creepy attic stairway and tell us to walk up, I'm suspicious and don't want to, plus why aren't they walking up with us, I'm still at the door while my sister already walked to the top, I yell at her to come down and that I'm leaving. I tell her the boys are going to do something bad to us because I was spying on their mom. So my makes an annoyed sigh but I don't car, we leave and I know we avoided something bad. I knew they would lock us up there with something or someone.

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    1. melanieb's Avatar
      I always found that gliding feeling interesting. It's a really neat factor of moving through many dreams.

      So a common element of these dreams is the fear of something bad happening. I haven't yet read through your other dreams but I wonder if you find it occurs often? Could it be a common element?
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    2. Narwhal's Avatar
      I'm sorry melanieb, I've barely just noticed your comment :O

      Yeah I'd say 75% of my dreams are fear, and the other percent passion over some girl. I'm not sure if that means I'm a paranoid person or what.