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    washed out

    by , 03-01-2017 at 07:36 PM (259 Views)
    I'm taking a bath when my partner leaves flat. I have to quickly get ready but have no car keys or anything as she has taken them.
    There are some birds , a bit like flamingoes stuck in a sexual embrace Oo.
    Next I am in a park at i'm now a child. It is some kind of play centre but it is lashing rain and there is nothing to do, All my stuff gets wet and im feeling tired but there isn't even anywhere to sit down that's dry.
    I leave and get the tube and go into a dentists (?). There are two dentists and chairs on a split level room with stairs (everything white as usual).
    I kiss the bald dentist on the forehead, he looks pissed off and I leave.
    Last I enter a clothes shop where there is a lady with long curly fair hair, glasses and a long bead necklace.
    I go up to her and hug her then start sobbing uncontrollably.

    it feels like a release, it feels good.

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    Tags: lost


    1. Serene's Avatar
      Awww you kissed the dentist on the head, lol. Seemed you weren't having a good time and nothing went well, no wonder you cried to the lady. Only ones having fun in your dream was the birds .