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    What day is it?

    by , 04-13-2018 at 09:39 AM (143 Views)
    Working at a desk, i'm day dreaming then look at all the stuff I have to tidy up. Loads and loads of stickers of dogs Oo. A teacher comes over to me and tells me she knows i'm not needed for assembly as im expecting a phone call from my mother. I wonder what she is talking about. I go to ask her then wonder what day it is and where I should be. There are a load of people standing there so I ask them, but they all look puzzled as none of them know what day it is. I am awoken by the phone ringing.

    I couldn't reach something so I used dark powers to get it. This looked quite cool, shadows/black dust swarmed together either side and picked up the object. Very like Valkyrie Cain's Necromancer powers (If you've read any of the skuldugery books).

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