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    whats with the white?

    by , 02-25-2017 at 12:31 PM (412 Views)
    I always have white walls and furniture in my dreams except when its my parents house (and my parents house is the only rl house I ever dream of)
    So I haven't really figured the meaning or should I say message yet else I would stop having that in my dreams I think?

    Anyway I was in a house with white walls/furniture and my daughter had some friends there and they were planning on partying. It was breakfast time and I was feeling ok but I wanted out of there so I created another level to the house. I made white stairs leading down a few floors and found another flat their occupied by someone else. Disgruntled that someone else was there I go bored and flew off.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Maybe the white walls means peaceful,pure or innocent? How does your parents home make you feel?
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      Updated 02-25-2017 at 09:49 PM by DawnEye11
    2. Serene's Avatar
      How do you feel about the white? Do you dislike it a lot? I agree with Dawneye because it helps to know what you feel about both? I think your feelings are the biggest clue to the meaning.
      White for me in dreams are as Dawneye described.
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    3. Nebulus's Avatar
      White probably makes me think of snow also, and I love xmas!! or at least I used to.
      Maybe its about finding a way to the new, letting the new in.
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    4. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Reminds me of the "white room" from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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    5. Elaineylane's Avatar
      No no no no no no no no no! So not fair, I've been building my house in my head for years & STILL can't get it in my dreams. And there you go just doing it w/ no problem at all. Sooooooooo Jealous! omg. So unfair. Lol.
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