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    First : A simple non lucid dream

    by , 01-29-2017 at 12:31 AM (345 Views)
    All that I remember is that I was neighbors with that girl I used to speak online.
    She had a lot of siblings ,and her brother used to joke around always.
    And we had a military base on an island, that was high grounded, it raised out like a mountain and on top it was plain, there was a forest and a bit of plain field, only grass, near the forest was teh base .
    There were some other people ,and there were weapons. And then we went out to get something in the forest
    We started to walk through the plain, Me her, and her brother, plus 5-4 siblings , I didnt have a gun ,and now that i think of it, noone of us had, we were connected to the base so we could communicate with them.
    Then suddenly, 2 helicopters came, big ones, and her brother just started to joke around, the girl was afraid and asked what to do , i said theyre probably friendly so no worries.
    Then it got down, but its rotors were still rotating ,we started to run as the heli tried to kill us with its rotors, the other heli came from the other side, then somehow we dodged em, the two helis tangled up in eachother and exploded.
    We ran and ran, then on the edge of the island, we stopped cuz we were followed by armed soldiers and we almost got shot, in the roots of a tree , I found a sniper rifle, I shot down some of them, then i said we got to jump, for we have parachutes.

    Then we jumped , or well , i fell down,then somehow we got home.

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