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    In the hotel... again

    by , 11-17-2023 at 04:36 PM (175 Views)
    I was in the hotel...again, I came to know this by remembering through dream memory, I've been there before.
    It felt more like a level Ive completed already.
    For some reason in finland, I was lost in this large hotel, it had all kinds of rooms and halls, it was quite ornate, think 17 century french palaces, but a bit less fancy.
    Idk what I was looking for, quests I guess...but I knew that there were layers to that realm and I had to switch by them... at one of the doors I encountered the echoes of an enemy or something hostile that took the form of a man, but it couldnt hurt me now, only saw and heard its monstrous echoes...
    I went to some sort of dining hall, there were people down there, eating, while I was up there on some sort of balcony, near the ceiling, that was really high, like 200 meters.
    There was a girl there, I wanted to ask her for directions but then I woke up.

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