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    Nef's dream journal

    A s c e n d

    by , 06-13-2022 at 11:51 AM (288 Views)
    It started with a normal dream of going to work, me and me dad and his friend got off of a train, it was some kind of futuristic train station, we were going to work
    Then went downstairs where the stairs were empty at times
    But I was always lucid somewhat
    When we got down there things were different it was like a scene from my old school life blended in
    That's when I started to dig down into my negative feelings, mostly of how I didn't get a girlfriend in school in high school etc. I started to hear and see alternate stories of the same things, I became my alternate selves, re living their bitterness, or that was my dream memories, and just got deeper and deeper until I accepted death wholly or something similar to that
    And then I was at home , or at least at some kind of level, with no hope and kind of consumed by hopelessness, I went out and the sky was covered in storm clouds, like multiple thick layers of cumulo nimbi only lighted by a light source high up in the sky, it was like a painting, it was beautiful,
    Then I was ready, for the unknown, usually I don't engage with scenes like that in a dream or so that's what I thought, but this time I didn't give a damn
    I knew there was something there, the place represented my mind my whole being I think I'm not sure,

    So then I said hello? Come on take me. My voice was weak but it echoed everywhere.
    And as I embraced the sky I rose up into the sky and started spinning slowly , and my whole body was overcome with this feeling of healing and comfort, and I heard an upbeat kind of ambient music and I started to have some kind of monologue about the death of the suffering, and how I set it off and someone named mark
    The sky cleaned up and it was a warm blue sky and I floated there, marinating in healing energy
    And then I heard my mom's voice, but it wasn't real because she is still sleeping

    side note: my feet need cold water, they heat up a lot and causes me to wake up, but some cold water calms my nerves down like nothing else in the world and then I sleep like a baby

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