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    Deliberate False Awakening Experiments with V-WILD

    by , 05-30-2022 at 03:19 AM (169 Views)
    I saw someone needed help with V-WILD this morning, so I tried messing with the technique it to see if I could find a way to help them and also played around with false awakenings.

    V-WILD (to my understanding) is WILD but with a visual anchor.

    So I did V-WILD at 7 AM. Rather than choosing a visual, I watched the inside of my eyelids until a visual started to form (like cloudgazing). Unlike cloudgazing, the visual became more vivid as I progressed through WILD.
    The dream formed into the same bedroom I fell asleep in, and couldíve been a false awakening if I didn't know it was a dream.

    I experimented trying to speak in real life signifant other from the dream, since I've been wanting to experiment more with that lately. I did it once before and have been fascinated by the idea of controlling waking body while asleep ever since.

    My SO was asleep IRL so the experiment wouldn't have worked. I figured that would happen, am thinking of using a recorder next time.

    After that, I climbed out the window in my dream room. Thought to myself: "I wonder if I should make anything I really want to do more often be right next to the dreamed version of my houseóthis is a good way to develop PRs with more fun stuff in them."óbut couldnít think of anything I really wanted. Can always incubate this while awake.

    I noticed how a lot of things were different in my dream neighborhood like lighting and rearranged buildings. I could change them and make a replica, but donít really need to. I kind of like having the dream versions of RL locations to be different, makes the dream state easier to distinguish.

    I then tested out waking myself up in a way where itís more dream body instead of waking body sensation to help me get a feel for the difference. If I wake myself up for real, then that could help me pinpoint waking sensation. If dream wake-up, that's dreamed sensation.
    idk I was coming up with this on the spot, so it may not be a great idea for an experiment.

    So I woke up back in my bedroom.
    I assumed this was either a dream or I woke myself for real. I suspected dream, but wasn't totally sure. Tested reality check with finger through palm and it didnít work. My hands were so solid and realistic! I was pretty sure it was a dream anyway though, so I plugged my nose and breathed. It worked.

    I practiced the false awakenings a few times and was able to tell I was in a dream more and more every time I did it.

    All the while, the dreamed version of my significant other was there watching this nonsense! I told her it was a dream, and she acted mock-concerned, half-heartedly gasping with poorly acted worry.
    I responded to her playfully "Yeah, I know if you were the real one, you would be rightly concerned about me thinking everything is a dream, but since we both know itís a dream, youíre fine~"

    I eventually woke myself up for real when it felt it had been an hour because I had to get ready for a thing. Was about 8AM.

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    1. Lokoloi's Avatar
      Yeah, the concept of communication with the oustide world via sleeptalking is very interesting. I remember I did it with my cousin once. For some reason he was up till 3AM playing this multiplayer game and was talking to friends. This made its way into my dream and then i started talking to them. WE were having a whole conversation until I woke up. I was so confused for a second cause I was like "Your voices were completely different characters" and we had a laugh about it.

      We got to theorizing that if somehow we were both lucid at the same time and slept in the same bed, then we could communicate from our separate dreams. It wouldn't quite be shared dreams, but it would be really cool to do!
    2. Lang's Avatar
      Note that a visual anchor may work if you are someone who can learn in that learning style. It may not work for anyone who has trouble with VisualiZing or Aphantasia.