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    Sleep Paralysis Subway Train

    by , 01-11-2024 at 04:55 PM (95 Views)
    This dream was from 3 nights ago.

    I boarded a subway with sectioned rooms big enough for one or two people. Each room was empty with just a handrail.

    I stood inside, waited for the doors to close, and felt the train move. Stood there for what felt like a few minutes, thinking it was a bit odd that my dream wasnít changing. I can normally sense the motion of my dreams and things change around me.

    Something felt off.

    Then I felt something wash over my spine (the sensation I get with SP). I noticed a presence in the room and looked up. There was something nonhuman hanging on the handrail above me. I didnít want to see it, so I blocked it from my mind with a blur effect as soon as I realized it was there.

    itís been a while since Iíve been scared like this, normally these don't get under my skin. I attempted to wake myself up, but did an FA into a room that looked nothing like my bedroom. I recognized it as a dream, but played along with it until I started feeling the sensation again of SP again and saw the creature coming back for more.

    Woke myself up for real that time.

    I kept accidentally DEILDing back in several times after that, though, and having waking hallucinations.

    So eventually, I got up and walked around to wake myself up enough to stop the DEILDs.

    Iím so glad this isnít common for me any more. I used to go into SP multiple times per week and the experiences were a lot worse (this wasn't too bad). Once it would start, I would get stuck in endless DEILD chains.

    The dream control skills Iíve picked up from this community make a world of difference. I didnít lose sleep or experience any panic like I used to. Pretty great improvement.

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