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    1. 2xDILD, Crystalline diamond TOTM

      by , 04-28-2013 at 03:33 PM
      Total sleep time: 7 hrs, still tired

      Dinner: 2 Eggs plus other stuff
      Prebed: 1 1/2 Glass of soy milk

      Fragment1: I am some kind of adventurer, like Indiana Jones, a man as well. I am about to enter a bunker, when the doors begin to close. I don't want to be stuck inside so I roll on the floor and escape through the exit door just before it closes sliding from above.

      Dream2 short DILD: I am in a familiar yard and there are loads of mattresses all stacked together, a pile as high as the third floor perhaps. I am initially sitting on top and trying to balance. I then get down and on the ground there is some red liquid which is toxic and contagious? A Rottweiler is under the influence of this red liquid, he is ranging mad behind a glass window, people are watching him, he is deadly dangerous. I try to quickly move away, pass by it, and find myself on the street. I go in the wrong direction, the street looks slightly familiar in the dream, I have no idea where I am, but confidently go in the direction which I assume is the right one. I begin to speed move on the street and become lucid. I continue speed moving, trying not to hit some people and two German shepherds in front of me. Memory gap...perhaps I woke up?

      Dream3: In a store and have the feeling I have been here before. I want to pick up something I have ordered, but it looks like they couldn't deliver because they don't have my address. The old lady behind the counter takes out a piece of paper and shows me that the address is missing. As I am trying to fill out the address, it begins to change, but I am filling out a non-existent address anyways and that does not seem odd at all. I then see that they are selling a special tea to make you lucid. I am so happy they are finally selling those things and want to buy a pack. I also want to get a fancy facial lotion but become distracted, so I forget about it.

      Fragment4: Another store, this time I am looking at coffee mugs, wondering whether to buy one. There is also a beautiful teapot and a guy is trying to pour water in the tea cup, but it doesn't quite work. One of us is actually biting the teapot, can't remember who it was.

      Dream5: In something like a museum, similar to a place I have been before in another dream. It also resembles a bookstore and they are selling drawing materials, I wanted to buy these so that I can begin painting with color. Further ahead there are two guys wrestling. They are playing a strange game, as if they are anime characters, and one pretends to hurt the other and the other pretends he gets kicked in the butt. I think of how good they are at doing this whole thing, this requires a lot of skill.

      A semi-familiar girl comes to me and wants me to be her partner in this strange game, but I can't do it, so I turn her down. She then takes out a napkin with something written on it. I just see the first few lines: DEILD and SxxEILD. So she is into lucid dreaming? I ask her what her nickname is, I am assuming she has a DV profile. She looks kind of offended and as if I have crossed some privacy line. She takes back the napkin and walks away.

      Dream6 DILD, TOTM: I am with my friends and boyfriend and it looks like we are doing some laundry. We are inside some place maybe public laundry, maybe store, it is rather empty, just us there. We go out on the street and hail starts to fall. I also see some lightning. I then look at the sky and see some indescribable lights there. They take the form of many invisible airplanes. There is also some thunder-like sound. I tell my friends, " And you didn't believe about the end of the world, well here it is!". I look in the sky again, something like a small sun, looking menacing to me.

      Strange things in the sky, I may be dreaming. I become aware. I still feel threatened, what if this is real? No, it's a dream! I tell myself. Ok, it's a dream, but this thing is in the sky, let me get out of there. I turn around the corner, and continue on my way but the dream begins to fade. I continue walking and start rubbing my hands, but I don't feel them so much and that worries me. They actually feel kind of numb (but not paralyzed). I see a DC woman and desperately try to cling with my mind to her, I ask her to help me, I try to engage her, but whatever she answers I can barely hear.

      I think I may have quickly DEILDed at some point, but it was more like a mild dream fade and then back to the dream, no time in the void. I turn back and see that the thing in the sky is taking a lot of space now and it reminds me of the war of worlds machine. I turn my back and think that if I go far away from it, it may not notice me or just disappear. I continue on my way, it is of course a dead end street. I even stumble on some steps of this dead end street, shortly wondering how did I manage to do that? I begin climbing a fence and cross to where there are some houses. I enter one and find myself in the kitchen. I notice something interesting there, can't remember what. I go in the other room, and concentrate on a DC that is watching TV. " Tell me about the situation, what is going on with this thing outside?" I then remember that I don't need to stay here and want to change the scene.

      There are now three DCs in the room. " I need to change the scene, will you help me?", I ask them. A very helpful and enthusiastic DC takes the initiative " Sure, I will help you, guide you, where do you want to be?" happily replies the man. I initially think "Angel Falls" but then I remember I wanted to finish TOTM first. So I glance at the floor and start looking for coal. I see a large black object and take a piece of it, but it turns into a backpack and the piece in my hand is useless. I turn to the DC woman on my left. " Quickly, give me a piece of coal" , she hands me a brown black pointy piece of a coal. I place it between my fingers and it feels like rubber. I begin pressing it and try to shape it into a diamond. I shortly close my eyes and the dream begins to fade. I am annoyed. " Turn to diamond, turn to diamond", I have to have positive expectations, I remind myself. I look into my hands and finally a diamond shaped crystal is there. The way it is faceted reminds me of a crystal glass my grandma had. Still holding the diamond in my hands I start thinking that I have everything I need to do the four-in-one task in this room with the DCs. Then the dream fades and so does my overall ability to concentrate.
      I wake up and head for the journal.

      My first night after dreamviews...-chrystalline-diamond.jpg

      Comments: Wow! Finally got that diamond, not quite as I expected or planned the whole thing, but still... and with April almost over, I think it's time for me to relax and call it a month!

      Edit: Wrote down this entry, everybody left and I decided to go back to bed because I felt tired. As usual I was taking my time relaxing in bed when bf decided to give me a call. I told him that I am tired of being woken up, and decided to get up since our guests will soon be back from their walk.

      Lol! This whole situation is getting ridiculous, but then I have to ask myself "Perhaps this lack of sleep and constant disruption is keeping me on the edge while at the same allowing for some REM rebound to occur?" The truth is I have had 7 LDs since our guests arrived, so I probably should turn my coal complaining into a diamond gratefulness? Whatever the reason, thanks for the great month!

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    2. NLD – stealing coal; DILD – hotel, speed moving

      by , 04-24-2013 at 07:24 PM
      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Dream1: I am in a supermarket looking at the shelves, trying to find some coal. I soon see a number of large plastic bags full of coal. All of them are sealed, and I need one piece only. I then notice that one of them is open and while pretending to be looking around, I swiftly take out a rather pointy piece of coal, the size of my palm. I put it in my pocket and try to pass the cashier without being noticed. The guard obviously sees something strange about my behaviour and soon finds the piece of coal. I try to mumble an excuse that I forgot to put it with the rest of my shopping items. He believes me, puts a barcode on it, I grab some more items and head for the cashier. I am examining the piece, thinking I should have gotten a smaller, rounder one.

      And this wasn’t lucid?

      Fragment2: Something that resembles my hometown, school classmates are here again. I am looking at what I consider to be a church, thinking about Sagrada Familia, but this building is brown and is Portuguese? I am trying to travel to school by bus but end up confused again.

      Unidentified Fragment3: Where my grandma lives, the streets, but someone is blocking the way so I have to go around and use another road to go back home. I might have been lucid for a micro-second here, but my memory is really vague.

      Dream4 DILD: I feel like I am still somewhere in my grandma’s neighbourhood, talking to one of my classmates. The story we are being told is rather strange and irrational, some kind of animals have been activated, they leave their cells, memory of skateboard? At first I think that these animals or whatever they are will wreck havoc in the city, so we will be safe in a hotel.

      I am in the hotel, I have a room there, I notice that the place for the room card has some sort of inverted moustache things, but totally dismiss that. I am walking around the corridors, when I see a friend running around, looking somewhat scared. He tells me that he is running away from these things, because they are now in the hotel. I look down the stairs and see that they have completely messed up the first floor. I try to go back to my room, but get lost in the corridors. I enter some room, which then becomes my room.

      A guy from the hotel staff enters the room, and pretends to inform us about the situation. But I feel that he is fake and one of them! I do not pay attention to him, but head for the window, start opening it. I look out and see that there are staff members on every window below me, supposedly explaining the situation to guests. What a perfect timing, these can’t be real staff members. I jump out of the window, land in the nearby yard, the staff member is after me.

      I continue running and become lucid. I am in something like hill-like suburb area, so decide to descend by flying over the houses, instead of taking the road. I am flying over the hill and houses for some time, it’s great, flying feels as if I am on a deltaplane. I want to see if I can speed up my flight and try to by concentrating ahead of me, but the speed remains constant. Then, I have some minor navigational issues, I am turning left without any desire to do so, can’t continue to fly straight. I land near some houses.

      Then I somehow find myself back in the hotel room! This time one of our guests from real life is in the room too. “We really should be leaving”, I tell her. She starts to pack her bags, wants more time. I tell her that there is no need to do that since this is a dream. She can leave everything here. She looks at me with some disapproval. I also feel like I have forgotten something and have the urge to take my handbag and room key. “What handbag, this is a dream!”, I remind myself and then jump out of the window again. We must have been on the second floor. I land down, my boyfriend is there this time. I see other hotel guests are trying to leave the hotel, so everybody is queuing for a taxi. I am so happy my boyfriend’s DS is here, finally I can have some fun with a partner, and we will do TOTM together. I say to him “You know what, this is a dream, so let’s not wait for the taxi, we will find an alternative way to go”. We leave the hotel area, we may have pushed a girl on the floor while walking out. She is now lying on the floor, my boyfriend looks at her with concern. “This is a dream, leave her”, I tell him.

      We continue on the road and I do my speed movement thing - I am moving very fast, as if I am on a motor bike, just without one. Now it’s just me, speeding on the road, trying to get as far away from that hotel. I try to increase my speed to see how fast I can go. This time it works, but I only speed up to the extent that I am still able to observe where I am moving. I think about TOTM as I am moving forward, but decide I need to be just a bit further. I look around, some special medical center complex, it goes on and on. My memory gets messed up. I am seeing Gabriela from desperate housewives in my mind, her two children are really her younger sisters? I look in front of me, still moving forward “I am dreaming, I am dreaming” I tell myself, then everything slowly fades and I wake up.

      Comments: Still no coal to diamond, but I got so many lucids in the past few days, I am simply speechless…

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    3. WILD, got stuck on the balcony

      by , 04-23-2013 at 04:32 PM
      Our guests woke me up again, I spent about an hour trying to fall asleep, my mind was way too awake, and when I finally fell asleep I got into some WILD/OBE thing where I couldn’t move much.

      Total sleep time: 6 hrs

      HI dreamlet1: Some woman, her face was colored black with something like tar. She lives in the woods, in a hole under the trees. A scary story begins about the holes in the woods.

      HI dreamlet2: I am an unknown street most likely in my home town, have different hairstyle

      Dream3 WILD/OBE: I am in my hometown again, in front of me are my guests. I am looking at my hands, some blue pink ghost like double layer is also visible. My hands quickly stretch out, a familiar feeling, they stretch into infinity, space bends and the whole of me is quickly sucked forward. I also feel my dream body detaching. A short moment of darkness follows and then I find myself on our old balcony. It is dark, there is some light perhaps from the moon. I immediately notice my position and feel my dream body. Instead of my feet being on the floor of the balcony, my midsection is where the floor is and my feet are below it. Don’t feel the floor, I notice that my position and state is somewhat similar to when I sometimes meditate – I am physically sitting, but feel the rest of my body is standing. I decide not to pay too much attention to that because I have to stabilize. I run my fingers over the surface of the balcony, very realistic. Everything is rather clear, but I can’t move my legs. I try to but I can’t.

      I decide that perhaps I should give my dream body some more time to adapt to the dream. I start rubbing my hands, now my elbows barely move! I decide to wait a bit, but black out for a second, then I am back to the dream still no improvement. I force my limbs to move, and I can feel a great force on them preventing them from moving. I try touching the wall again with my fingertips, but it doesn’t help. I look to my side, towards the end of the balcony and see many plants there, it looks like a small jungle, it is dark and there is a dark hole between the plants. Now, it is definitely not the time to expect something scary to come out of there, I tell myself. I try to be indifferent about it. I then notice that a song is playing “give me my love, give me my love”, a nice song, but then it gets stuck, the same part plays over and over again. I wake up.

      Comments and Analysis: I was worried after waking up that I have finally managed to mess myself up and instead of having normal LDs, the more time I spend in the void, the more aware I become of my falling asleep and will begin to get stuck more in the middle. I really hope not! Now, I feel relaxed about the situation, but am sure I will be getting more experiences where I would need to remain calm.

      The stretching hands and being pulled forward (not just the two bodies separating) experience plus ghost like layer is something I have seen before and I kind of relate to OBE types of experiences (if these can be differentiated from WILD). I can only say it is a different feeling altogether.

      Such continuous dream paralysis is not something completely new, but the only memories I have of it are when I was a very young. I don’t remember getting stuck in the middle of a floor ever.

      Some explantion why this happened: I am thinking that the longer time spent in WBTB, the more my mind is aware of my physical body. If I WBTB for 5 min, then I would transition to the dream much faster. An alternative explanation is that I am being increasingly aware of the void and this somehow affects me.

      Future strategy: I really have to write a few key words on a piece of paper so that I don’t forget. 1. Patience and detachment. I didn’t panic today, but the situation could have been different. 2. Rubbing hands 3. Try zooming into something else or 4. Try floating up?

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    4. Buddhist nuns; peacock; 2xDILD; flying

      by , 04-22-2013 at 08:05 PM
      After two nights of involuntary sleep deprivation, I was really happy to get some decent sleep. Wasn’t really trying to lucid but got two DILDs as a bonus.

      Total Sleep time: 8.30 hrs

      Dream recall technique: wrote a few sentences and reviewed in mind; Dreams 2-6 were really one big dream chunk, but after the lucid my memory got really fragmented so I am missing the link between scenarios.

      Dream1- DILD: I am in our old place (DS), my dad is talking about some old prosciutto, which he throws away. It is brownish dark in the room and there is a heavy storm outside. I feel as if the building is hanging in the air, the floor is swaying. I try to feel as stable as possible and wait the whole thing to be over, so I lay on the floor and observe the swaying motion. I must have fallen asleep…I find myself flying in the air. I know that I am dreaming now, I look below me, there is a game-like map, green fields with unnatural colors. I decide to take my time and do some flying, I go very high, then I feel some fear of heights, so I zoom-fly down. I am observing my reaction as I do this. The moment I reach a certain level of altitude, I get like a spasm on my back, which makes me want to fly lower. I find it entertaining and repeat this a few more times. Memory gap…Now, I am on the street and in front of me is a friend from school. This time she is behaving badly and is stepping on me with her shoe. I am still lucid, so I think I want to play with her. So she’s bad ah? I don’t care what she does to me, I will enjoy observing any unpleasant feeling, I will be detached. I feel some pressure-like pain and decide this is cool. I struggle a bit with her and overpower her, she is just staring at me now. But then, I feel that I can’t move my arms, they are twisted around, and I can’t fix that, there is some pain too. This is not fun anymore, so I decide it’s time to wake and DJ. I wake and write down some notes.

      : Two Buddhist nuns are in the same room with me. One of them is a Swedish woman, who was a TV star when she was young, the other one is Asian and quite old. Some kind of lecture is about to take place. The nuns expect people to have read a particular brochure and ask questions. I have not prepared, so I will ask a practical question “How many hours a day do Buddhist monks meditate”. Less than the expected number of people enter the room, the lecture starts. For some reason, I don’t ask the question. Memory gap. The lecture is over and everybody goes out to perform a ritual, they are prostrating themselves, squatting in front of statue maybe of Shiva. I get confused about this, but imitate people nonetheless. I then remember that there were two lectures, one about Shiva, one with the Buddhist nuns. I chose the nuns I remember, at this point I see the image of something like a garden in front of a monastery I have been two about two months ago, in another dream. After I am finished with imitating others, I go back to the building.

      Fragment3: In that building I am going back somewhere but the corridors are really narrow and there is a guy going in the opposite direction with some pillows. I finally manage to go in a room, where I meet a Russian guy. He tells me that I am his girlfriend now, and informs me what kind of expectations his dad has. While I want to be friends with the Russian guy, I tell him that I cannot possibly meet their expectations because I have a boyfriend.

      Fragment4: I am moving by means of holding on to the rail tracks of a tram, travelling as they move.

      Fragment5: I am on the street and there is a large white peacock flying in the sky! I observe it for quite a while until it lands. The sight is fascinating.

      Dream6 - DILD: I am walking with a Chinese DC, she is explaining something about Chinese immigrants. We are about to enter some kind of mall/underground. There are many people there. I become lucid. The Chinese DCs guide me to a certain direction because it is so crowded. I notice a small screen with some kind of writing there. Five words, I read them out loud, a few times, they don’t change. I want to write this in my dream journal so I repeat this to myself and to nearby DCs many many times, until am sure I remember it. Out of the five words, I only remember the word “daily”. (what’s wrong with my lucid memory?) I really like reading stuff, so I guess I subconsciously summon more stuff to read, I see some poster and I concentrate on it. There is a mix of letters there, I try to read it out loud and laugh because it sounds absolutely ridiculous.

      I decide to move on, but notice that the surroundings have changed while I was playing this little game. Now there are dark stairs going somewhere where I really don’t want to go. I want to have more light, I might have shouted something like “Light” but nothing happens. I want to change the scene, so I close my eyes for a while, despite the fact that I am a bit concerned it will all disconnect. I feel as if I haven’t physically moved from there, but the surroundings have changed, now this is like large underground parking lot. It is dark again, there are no people around, it feels creepy. I am pissed off because I don’t like this place! I hide behind a truck. I want to change the scene. What do I have to do, rub my hands? No, I shouldn’t do that! I can’t change the scene, I really have to read some more on that! I decide to wake up and maybe DEILD to another dream since I don’t want to stay here. I close my eyes, I want to disconnect. I am in the void, I also feel my legs, my physical legs. They are kind of paralysed, but I feel them submerged into some kind of electric thing, like electric water maybe, between my ankles and knee caps, I like that feeling and observe it with interest. It goes away and fall asleep to have a non-ld.

      Dream7: Me and my guests are in a shower cabin. Two of us taking a shower, the third watching us outside the shower. This is the shower cabin of our guests and I have to clean it. They tell me that since I am cleaning the shower, I might as well clean the toilet seat as well. I wake up.


      Side notes:

      - Did not RC or stabilize in both DILDs, they were stable and vivid

      - Dream amnesia: did not remember TOTM, although I thought about DV when trying to read the letters

      - LD dream recall: after browsing some dream journal notes of mine, I have noticed on some occasions my lucid memory deletes itself rather fast, and I remember some non-lucids in much more detail. Today’s lucids were very vivid and detailed, yet I forgot quite a lot. I think I have read in some DJs that other dreamers also forget some lucids, so that is not a new phenomenon. I wonder why that is.

      -Changing the scene: I will have to read more about this because it seems that I can’t remember how or what to do. A reminder to myself- when trying to change the scene, try to picture where you want to be, not just close your eyes! (although closing the eyes kind of worked just the scene was unpleasant again)

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    5. Mini WILD, void; forgot to turn off the alarm clock

      by , 04-18-2013 at 02:37 PM
      I had little time to sleep this night and I made it worse by getting overexcited about TOTM so I couldn’t fall asleep. Managed to have a mini-WILD when doing WBTB; instead of turning the alarm clock off as planned for today, I had on this occasion unintentionally pressed the snooze button, which interrupted me while trying to DEILD back.

      Fragment1: OK, I wrote three key words in my notepad and made some drawing. I can’t read what I have written! One thing I do remember reminding myself during the restroom visit was that some parts of TOTM were there. But it wasn’t lucid, that’s for sure.

      Dream2: I am kind of in front of grandma’s place, but not exactly. I’m watching some kids playing, they are very young and I wonder how their parents could have left them alone there. They are climbing a tree, two of them fall, start to cry. I go there to see what I can do. I get worried that parents will arrive and think I have done something to the kids. I see a pinkish flash of lightening and hear the thunder. I decide to get in the building. I was expecting to see some dog on the stairs, and there were four. One unidentified breed, one Dalmatian, two white terriers. The terriers were absolutely friendly and happy, jumping on their owner. I thought again how emotional dogs can be.

      Dream3: I am back to some woman with whom I talked some dream fragments ago. This time I am with my boyfriend and we are looking at some items she is selling. My boyfriend selects a metal monopoly type of toy with Lincoln and a cylinder hat. I tell the woman that was exactly the piece she recommended a while ago. She gets very worried, it seems that her gift is working again, she has some psychic powers obviously and doesn’t want people to know. I think of telling her to just ignore people if they come with unreasonable requests, but she doesn’t want to listen.

      Fragment4: Made some kind of cake, the size of a large baking tray, and I remember eating almost all of it. Left only one piece of it for my mom.

      Fragment5: In a bus, the inspector comes to check our tickets, I tell her that I will not show her mine, because I can’t hold my poo anymore? I nevertheless decide to show her the ticket.

      WBTB alarm. I try to shake myself more awake, restroom [did not poo!], back to bed, concentrating on mantra. This time it was the perfect combo of sleepiness and mantra. I fell asleep, and transitioned in the dream.

      Dream6 [mini WILD]: A short moment of darkness, then I find myself staring at my hands. I am a bit surprised at myself, but anyways satisfied to have made it. I am in our old neighbourhood all by myself, so no distractions, I am also calm. I concentrate on holding the dream, as I usually do in my DILDs. I may have mumbled a few things, for I remember some vibrations resonating in the air? I feel that the dream is slipping away, so I try chanting Om to stabilize it [I was in the middle of the street nothing nearby]. I notice the sound resonating better this time, but it doesn’t help the dream. One moment I feel my dream body, and then this is happening with a tremendous speed, I cannot feel it anymore and find myself floating in the void. No! I try desperately to hold on to something with my mind, and DEILD back. At that very moment the snooze alarm sounds and wakes me up. What? I didn’t put snooze this time. I must have hit the wrong button 9 mins ago. [snooze usually works great with DILDs for me; also almost in most DILDs snooze or regular ones, I don’t get driven out of the dream so fast, so I take it is the WILD to blame? Will monitor this in the future]

      After that, I make sure I turn off the snooze and set for 30 mins later- final wake. I go back to sleep almost immediately, some dreams may have started I don’t remember. I wake 10 mins later rather stressed that the sleep time will be over soon and I won’t be able to lucid. Then I remember I just had a lucid and become angry at the alarm clock. I can’t fall asleep anymore and there is no point either so I go to DJ.

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    6. Dynamic DILD; evil squirrel

      by , 04-16-2013 at 05:16 PM
      Woke up in the middle of the night after Fragment1, could not fall asleep so began day dreaming. An hour and a half passed in this insomnia, which you could say was an involuntary WBTB.

      Fragment1: Reading DV discussion

      Dream2[DILD]: [This was a very long dream and I forgot some parts of it. I was going in and out of lucidity.] My first memory is that I am in front of our old home, on the street and it is night. I am lucid at this point. There are a number of DCs in front of me and they get scared, point at the sky. I look and there are some clouds coming, some supposedly scary sound and a bigger than usual moon. Something is coming towards us. I decide to go in the building.

      The next thing I remember is I wake up in my old room and bed non-lucid (FA). I begin to move things around via TK and think, “I have become so good at this in my dreams, that I can finally do it irl”. I am a bit afraid of falling asleep, so I decide to stay awake in the room. I do things to keep myself awake, turning on more lights, other stuff I can’t remember. I spend a really long time there. I look out the window and notice that the nearby building is closer that it really is, but I totally disregard this, looking at some fancy handbags.

      At some point a good DC appears, his presence helps me get lucid again. The moment he is there, I already know that it is a dream again. I sit on a school desk, he sits near me and we interact, no sure if we talk, or he just stays there, while I have all these thoughts about lucidity. I am very glad about the whole thing. We spend a long time there. Soon the room changes and I am in some kind of shop, looking at cosmetics, non-lucid. There is a lovely lip gloss made of honey, and I consider purchasing it. The female owner of the shop wants us out though, so the good DC helps me take the lip gloss out of the shop, I put it in his pocket and we walk out.

      I am in a building and enter a new room. Because the good DC is with me, I regain lucidity again. I am very happy. There is more interaction with him, just talking and thinking about the dream. This time he is the actor Robin Williams. I tell him that despite the fact that he is very friendly and nice, I am already bored of spending so much time with this character, so I try to change him to the singer Robbie Williams. I do that very easily, change him, but do not succeed in getting Robbie, but some other person, I don’t like the way he looks.

      At that point, there are bad DCs outside the room, throwing some grenades at the building. This is a dream after all, and I shouldn’t pay too much attention to that.
      But as I look out of the window, there are more of them and another grenade hits the building, cracking the wall. I lose my lucidity, it is time for me to get out of there. I try to take my things, but I don’t have any here, and I am in my pyjamas! This is the third floor and I go down the stairs in direction basement.

      On the stairs, while evacuating the house with other DCs, I regain my lucidly again and decide to make a portal or passage through the basement, so that I get out of there. When I reach the basement a see a very long corridor, where the DCs from the building are running. At this point, I become very concerned that I am starting to forget parts of the dream, I wonder if there is any way for me to review it, but continue following the DC crowd. We reach a room full of stairs and I climb all of them, I am at the last one when I finally awake.

      Dream3: We are in our old place and a squirrel gets in. It is very aggressive and jumps on everything, me including. I don’t like it, so I throw it out of the window. My mom is worried that it might have hurt itself, but I see it on the tree. It tries to get into our place, so I close all the windows. In my hand I am holding a squirrel tail, I touch it and remark how soft and fluffy it really is.

      Dream4: My parents and I are queuing for Burger King. In front of us there are two girls who hold drinks on their heads and do some crazy moves. That irritates me. It is our turn to order but I have no idea what they have because there are no pictures. My mom tells me to go first and I tell the woman behind the counter – Liz from Nip/Tuck, that I haven’t been to BK over a year, so I forgot what they have. I tell my mom to order and she gets some chicken burger, I order the same. We go to McDonalds to sit there, we are just going to order some drinks and sit.

      Fragment5: I am drawing something again.
    7. Low Quality LD + DEILD

      by , 04-13-2013 at 02:37 PM
      Total Sleep time: 8+hrs

      Dream recall method: Dr1- noted sentences; Dr2-Dr7 – none

      Other: I was feeling very sleepy and tired; there are some gaps in my memory, some fragments re-emerged later.

      After HI and falling asleep: I noticed something after briefly waking in the first hours of sleep; now all I am left with is the vague memory; was it dream talking again?

      Dream1: We are waiting for the tram, most of my DC friends are dressed officially, but I wear some casual clothes. I am slightly worried about that, but they say “I wish I had your attitude towards life”, “Yeah, but sometimes I feel afraid from all those things I know”, I reply. [I wish I knew what I know, but perhaps it’s better I don’t]

      Fragment2: I see the beach, initially I want to go for a swim, but the waves are quite big so I decide against it. My mom is also there.

      Fragment3: Looking for a place to hide from two DC women. This is some kind of back stage for something like a theatre, I hope they won’t be looking for me there.

      Fragment4: Some posts on DV.

      Fragment5: We ran out of toilet paper.

      The 'Whats that Avatar?' Game!-tp_img1.jpg

      I try WBTB. This time I tell myself, I would be less sleepy and more concentrated. I spend some time in bed awake, concentrating on my body and some sounds from the neighbors, then I quickly transition into the dream.

      Dream6[Low Quality Lucid]: I find myself in a familiar room, something like my boyfriend is also there. I know that I am dreaming and I do not bother to RC. I am absolutely passive, just being in the room, I feel as if I am drunk, so heavy. I am sitting on a chair doing absolutely nothing, noticing my behaviour and somewhat annoyed of this but also so tired. This DC is sitting next to me. I take some time to examine him, he looks a lot like my boyfriend, yet I know that’s not him. I find him rather unpleasant. Everything is so stable, and I feel as if I have been sitting there forever, exchanging some random thoughts with this fake bf. I tell him that this is a dream, and he repeats a few times “lucid dreaming”, that’s the only thing that amuses me. I don’t like being there at all…

      Dream7, DEILD: I awake for a short while, rather unconscious, open my eyes, rollover and then I enter the dream again. I am thinking “Oh, I DEILDed”, but I really did not mean to do that. I find it strange that I am still there. I feel so tired. I finally remember that what I want to do is change the scene, just imagine a scene, I remind myself. Nope, does not work. Then I see some kind of a poster with some beach and palms and try to concentrate on it… The dream does not fade...memory gap, I think I fall into unconsciousness again...

      The 'Whats that Avatar?' Game!-sunset_palms_ocean.jpg

      Dream8: I am with my parents, in some a tourist village near the sea. I want to buy something, so we are looking for the right store. Then I check what money I have with me, I have stamps, which are some kind of certificate serving as money? By the time we get to the store, all the shops are closed. I don’t care that much, but my parents are disappointed that I couldn’t buy anything.

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    8. In bed with Cal; DILD & ToTM- bread

      by , 04-05-2013 at 04:18 PM
      During day: (RCs + DS)x10

      Total Sleep Time: 7 hrs

      Dream recall method: D1-D4 – keywords in notepad; tried to recall D3-D4 somewhat when going back to bed; D5 –straight to tablet after final wake

      Dream1: I am back to our first home and live with my parents again. It is late night and I just came back from somewhere. A former classmate has organized a meeting at 12:10 (evening), so I want to go there. I tell my mom that I am going out, although I know she won’t let me. She doesn’t say anything and I take this opportunity to leave as fast as possible. But instead of that, I start preparing to go out and it takes me a very long time, I go to the restroom two times, and it’s 12:50 already. I finally leave and hope that my friends are still there. They are meeting in some kind of a bar where they serve sea food. I head in the direction of the place and try to call the organizer of the event.

      Dream2: I am in our first home again, this time in my room. It is dark outside, a few lights are on. I am in the bed with Cal Lightman. He looks terrific, there is not a single wrinkle on his face, a perfect radiant complexion. I feel attracted to him. Since the light is on, the neighbours can actually see me, so I go to the window to block the view of whatever may take place in my room. I can see that there is someone in the nearby building that may actually be watching, so I try to adjust the curtains. That’s not easy at all because the curtain is constantly changing and does not cover the entire window. Once I am satisfied with the result I go back to the bed to Cal, but he is not there anymore. I see an inflatable boat on the floor. It starts to self-inflate and I try to hold it back from expanding in the whole room.

      Help with getting lucid-id97595.jpg

      Fragment3: I am in some kind of disco bar most likely with my boyfriend and some unknown DC friends. I start mixing the drinks. I order twice an “amaretto” drink which is more like an alcoholic chocolate mousse. I pay in banknotes that I lay on the table: 20, 10, 10. I have left 2x10 for me, which should be enough to cover another round.

      Dream4: In some house with my bf. My mom is there as well. The agreement was that I can sleep over in my bf’s place, but instead I change my mind and decide to spend the night at my parents’ place. My bf is somewhat disappointed but I tell him I will come by in the next few days.

      I am in a large building that has been made to accommodate a museum. I am wondering which floor to go to. I see a large painting on the wall and the signature of the artist or some kind of title. I read it out loud. My mom corrects me and pronounces it with two different accents “Exhibition of the composiccion”??? [end]

      The alarm wakes me up, 1 hour before my final desired wake time. I visit the restroom, note key words, and have an average desire to lucid. I go back to bed, trying to review the last dream but I fall asleep.

      Dream5 [DILD, ToTM]: I am in my old place and am looking through the window. I see some guys carrying a strangely shaped case, I am almost sure that there is some kind of weapon in there. I look back to inside of the room and suddenly become lucid. My bf is sitting on the bed behind me, but I pay no attention to him. I feel a bit as if everything is submerged in invisible water. I look to what is in front of me and a small dog appears in the room. It looks like pug breed type and it moves around really fast. I find it hard to follow it with my gaze. It transforms and is now another kind of puppy with brownish fur. I remember I should try to interact with the dream, grab something, so I grab the puppy and caress it a bit. Then I remember that I have to eat something for ToTM. [IRL I thought it would be easier to lick something, but completely forgot it in the dream] I look at the puppy, which is quickly transformed into some strange kind of meat left-over, and I wonder if I should eat the puppy? No way I eat that puppy, or whatever it is now! I get slightly distracted as next to the ex-puppy leftover is some wool thread and I have a strong desire to thought-lift and make it twirl around. I focus my eyes on it and try to move it, but I feel some resistance. I manage to move it a bit but not the way I wanted, I give up.

      Still with the eating ToTM in mind, I look frantically around, I need to find something to eat and think of going in the kitchen to look for something. At that point I turn around and I see my bf eating bread. I think, bread ? Too plain, but whatever! He holds the very last piece in his hand. I tell him not to eat it. He mouth-feeds me the piece of soft white bread and I chew it slowly. It tastes like bread. I become very suspicious because of the intensity of the flavour and start thinking that while I am dreaming, my real boyfriend could really be feeding me with some bread and laughing at me. I ask my dream boyfriend if that is the case, but he denies.

      Help with getting lucid-cheese20.jpg

      Since I am still not awake I decide to do the only other thing I remember – try chanting Om. I go into another room, this is a completely different place now. I am by myself here, there is something wooden and green maybe the window frames, 2 lamps hang as low as my chest. I try to chant omm, but some shriek-like sound comes instead. I feel like this is not going to work. I hear another sound and then see the door to the apartment moving by itself and banging as if moved by the wind. Perhaps I should close it? But then my expectations start to build and I know something or someone is behind the door. Some DC quickly enters through the door, initially the shape of my bf, but it is not him. I don’t want to have another chase ruin the LD, so I try not to pay too much attention to him. At that moment 5-6 DCs enter, behaving a bit menacing they are walking towards me. I try to change my expectations and their reactions. They kind of slow down a bit and are somewhat more manageable so I am pretty happy with that.

      I walk out of the apartment, through the door and find myself into something like mall or maybe inside a big store. I see a section where they sell semi-precious stones, some one-piece bracelets made of stone, like jade. I really like what I am seeing. I am starting to lose control over my own actions, perhaps being too happy with the dream. The DCs are following me now as I make a few steps while staring at the precious stones section. My subconscious turns on the music and I start singing a song cabaret style “Lucidity, the dream is fixed, lucidity” and joyfully march a few more steps.

      The dream collapses and I find myself in darkness, closed eyelids. I remain still and try to DEILD but can’t reconnect. I begin to feel sleepy so I decide to wake up before I forget everything. The dream memory feels more evasive that usual and I barely manage to hold on to it.

      Final notes:I am confirming the best time for my DILDs so far is the last hour before final wake (with 7-8hrs sleep). Today I allowed myself an hour sleep to possibly LD instead of my somewhat successful snooze DILD experiments.

      Another thing I find important to note is stabilization. My DILDs last long enough and there is really no need for me to rush like a crazy monkey, compromising dream stability and later recall. Next time: take it slow!
    9. Huge tornado; DILD, good dream control

      by , 03-26-2013 at 08:54 PM
      During day: 5xRCs including DS review

      Dream recall technique: none used, remembered 2 dreams

      Total sleep time: 7+hrs

      After being too lazy or tired in the last few days, I decided it's time to try to WILD again. Set the alarm clock to wake me 5hrs after going to bed, woke up, stayed awake for a few mins (I avoid waking myself too much because I really cannot fall asleep afterwards), then went back to bed, repeating a mantra. I fell asleep.

      Dream1: I am in someplace which is my dream home and I am going to bed trying to WILD, blankets all around me, mobile phones, watches showing the time. Then I wake up in the dream, I am in the car with my dad who is driving me somewhere. How strange I think, I really can't remember what I did or where I have been before that. I look at a watch and it's five hours later than when I went to bed in the dream. “It’s like I have lost five hours of my life”, I am thinking to myself.

      My parents are cooking dinner in an unknown building in our old neighbourhood. I want to WILD and initially lay my blankets on the roof of a building, trying to relax there. Somehow I am teleported where my parents are and they make a lot of noise so I can't fall asleep. We watch a large part of something, the size of window, fly off and crash on our neighbors’ roof. It is my fault [of course!] because I have forgotten to close the windows so the wind blew that part away. I remember in the dream that I have closed the windows and start telling this to my dad. We go to my parents’ bedroom where the neighbors are also visible and have a look at the windows.

      The wind is so strong that I am afraid that everything will start flying off in different directions. I close the windows, but as soon as I do they open again. The frame looks pretty broken. My dad says he will put something on the windows so the windows can't be used again. This saddens me because I won't be able to look at the sunset anymore, so I tell him. I look in the direction of the sunset and a see a larger than usual sun, more yellowish less bright with some details visible. I remember not to stare at it too long because it's bad for the eyes.

      A few blocks away I see a huge tornado just starting to form. Oh, no! It's far but it is coming, so I tell my parents we should go somewhere else. Then I start wasting time, trying to grab my blanket, looking around for other stuff. The tornado is getting closer really fast. It has a scary destructive force, I see it passing over and through a row of houses, there are sound and sight of implosions and the houses are completely destroyed. There is very little chance to make it if we stay in the building. Better try to run outside. So I do.

      I find myself in another building, facing a boy. I consider this to be a bit strange but go on my way as I see the scary gray mist swirling around. There is an expensive section in this building something like a cafe for special people. Next to it is the exit. I am running from the windows where the tornado is towards the cafe /exit. I rush through the cafe shouting “Get out, now!” to the woman who works there. There are three very strange looking kids that have been left there by their ultra rich parents. I try to take them with me but they don't react, just stare there with blank faces, so I leave them at the table. One of the employees of the cafe tells me that all is safe outside, so I urge her to look around the corner to confirm. She doesn't want to do that. I do it myself. No swirling or tornado coming yet, so I walk a bit, but as I cross the street I see it is getting nearby, a fast moving mist rather than a tornado, so I launch myself forward, jump some fences and continue running...[end]

      I woke up after this, since I had no WILD success again I just decided to sleep some more. I forgot any other dreams. It was time to wake up but I pressed the alarm for one more snooze. 9 mins to go. (By the way I thought I could change the snooze settings but can't figure how to do so). I am not attempting to LD, I really don't care at this point.

      Dream2 Snooze DILD: I am in a car parked near my parents' current place, my alarm clocks are all around me again. My teacher is trying to reach me on the phone in the dream. I know that I will soon wake up so I don't bother picking up. I am staring at the sky. Is it a spaceship? A strange object is flying around, it looks like a flying truck, how can that be? My awareness is trying to awake. I follow the flight of this truck until it lands in the yard nearby. At that point I know that I am dreaming! An older DC man is in the truck, he reminds me of some unknown famous actor, also looks angry and menacing. He comes to me looking somewhat aggressive. I am really tired of all the chasing around, so I just intend him to be a nice guy, and to my amazement he decides to take it easy. The car where I am begins sliding down the road, but the yard end/road entrance is too narrow for it to pass. I somehow try to size the car down, it becomes very long and thin and I am amazed at this transformation. I stop the car and go to my room in my parents place.

      No idea why I decided to go there. Now, in front of me is a gray cloud forming, starting to look scary. I remember the tornado fear, so this is unpleasant. I am still lucid although getting distracted by the cloud, when I remember not to give in. I try to make the cloud go away. In this case, I am stronger so it cannot do anything and just vanishes.

      I somehow start unintentionally creating clouds. Those look like real clouds from far away, different hues and shades on the cloud, partly lit by the sun, etc. I also hear the sound of distant thunder coming from the mini vivid cloud in front of me, I really like that. I am having a moment of great enjoyment creating these clouds making them appear from my hands as if they were a ball of cloud, there is also some dark blue light sparkling. I do this quite a few times until I get exhausted and cannot do it anymore. I am still lucid, but am beginning to lose concentration, so I decide to get out of there and go to the street.

      I am on the street. A rather unpleasant looking DC decides he will accompany me to wherever I am going. The only task from my list that I remember to do is to summon a certain DC and ask him a pre-determined question. I start calling out for the DC to appear, nothing. I try again, no result. I ask the ugly DC next to me where is the DC I am trying to summon. Of course, he doesn't know. I don't like that, but I nevertheless decide to ask him the question I had in mind. He answers something nonsensical. I try to have a conversation with him, but I find it hard to hear or understand what he says. We probably exchanged no more than a few sentence and I notice in the dream that I start forgetting what he said.
      [Very strange, I guess there is place for only one two questions at a time]

      I wonder how I am still here on the street for what feels like so long and the dream is still here, I am happy about that. I notice two tall guys with black scarves around their heads walking towards us. I notice how out of order this looks and smile to myself, how easy it is to spot inconsistencies while I am lucid now. I try to stop them maybe talk to them, but they insist on continuing on their way, strong momentum so making them stop is really hard. Still no alarm clock interfering, I expect it to ring any moment. I get distracted thinking and then find myself in darkness, feeling my body. My eyes are still closed and I try to DEILD but no success.

      I look at my alarm clock, two minutes to the alarm? I jump out of bed trying to hold on to the dream memory, which today feels very evasive as the dreams begin to erase themselves.

      Final remarks: Dream control today was really good, tried out the tips to make the chaser a nice guy, which worked in this LD. I also think that reading posts and this tutorial on dream control http://www.dreamviews.com/wiki/Dream-Control-Tutorial helped!

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    10. Snooze DILD, managed to defy alarm clock

      by , 03-22-2013 at 06:59 PM
      Before sleep: felt like listening to relaxing music when falling asleep but decided to turn it off. Big mistake, was way too awake and my mind decided it was time to torture me with worries about an incoming situation irl. I managed to convince myself I am not interested in its worries tonight, and started day dreaming more pleasant situations instead. 2 hours went by before I felt asleep…

      Total sleep time: 7+hrs

      Dream recall techniques: tired and lazy tonight, so none

      First Regular Dream: No DJ entry. Woke up around 3 hrs after falling asleep, went to toilet and repeated two times the key word which was supposed to unravel the dream. Was really sleepy and did not turn on tablet to write down, which I should have done, because I couldn’t remember anything from this dream when waking up 4 hrs later.

      Snooze dreams: I wanted to sleep, felt really tired, but I also wanted to lucid, so I switched between setting the alarm clock for 20 more minutes or just pressing the snooze button.

      Snooze dream1: Me and some classmates were in a building, which later feels more like a mall. I remember in the dream that there is a place in the mall, where they sell really attractive cupcakes/brownies, etc. I am interacting with my friends and I dream some toilets as per dream tradition.

      Snooze dream2: The building I am in feels like some kind of hospital in space, maybe spaceship. The atmosphere is very dynamic because it is part of the “Aliens” game that I am playing in the dream. This is very similar to previous dreams I had. [I haven’t played “aliens” for years and after so many paranoid dreams I am surely not buying the new one!] The room door in front of me will open any minute, somebody is counting down, and there are lots of aliens waiting to jump on me. Just great! I try running away from them, rushing to a room, closing the door. They are coming! I try to open the window and jump from it. It is very high and I fall, I fail to hold on to any branches of a nearby tree and keep on falling. But I guess, my attention is not programmed to hit the ground, so it happens as if I really managed to grab some branches and am hanging in the air. I feel gravity in a really strange way as I am completely disoriented as to in which direction the ground is. The aliens are probably climbing the building so they will reach me soon.

      I wake up putting the alarm for some 20 mins later and think I want to WILD. I feel very sleepy but I try to keep myself awake, staring at the blackness in front of me, keeping the intention to have a lucid. I didn’t notice when I fell asleep.

      Snooze dream3 - DILD: The scenario where the aliens are coming continues, but this time I am at my old place, in my room. A transparent guy, I can only see the contours of his body, walks in the room. At first I think he will chase me, but then he turns into a friend from school. I have the urge to kiss him, and well, I do. The paranoia returns and I feel the presence of aliens or whatever is after me behind the room door. There is only one way out now – the balcony. I head for the balcony, and as I cross and have the view of the balcony in front of me, I become aware that I am dreaming. I repeat that I am dreaming in my mind, to be sure that I don’t reintegrate in the dream and lose awareness. Ok, great, but there is this thing that I still feel is coming. Would it stop doing that? I kind of know that I am causing its behaviour with my thoughts, so I try to make it disappear. Does not work. I continue down the balcony, which is really long. I think that if I ignore it, it may not be there, but then I turn my back and there it is. The chaser is now an old rasta man that feels somewhat ominous to me. I mumble that I want him to go away, no effect again. I am reaching the end of the balcony, the corner of the building. I try to think of alternatives of how to deal with the situation. At that very moment the damn alarm clock starts ringing. I am extremely annoyed at this, I really don’t want to wake up now, argh! Perhaps my anger turned to determination not to wake up and I managed to hold the dream and me there as I heard the alarm clock resonating everywhere. No idea how long that was, but it eventually stopped. [I have never attempted to ignore an alarm clock before, neither have I noticed that it stops because I always wake up and turn it off]
      Still on the edge of the balcony, thinking what to do, I see the old rasta advancing, and consider the option of jumping off the building. I know that I will be fine, but when I think about down, I don’t turn my head, just think, I see blackness and I am concerned that I will probably lose it, because the scene will change. “Try to think of a scene to land in”, I think but this is way too complicated. I decide to jump anyways. I am standing at the edge of the balcony and the soles of my bare feet are half way through the air. I do not feel stable enough underneath to be able to perform a jump movement and to launch myself.
      The dream slips away and I wake up.

      Comments: Chasers can be really annoying when you LD. I had some tasks in mind but I really can’t do anything when I feel compelled to run away. Is there any reliable and efficient way to get rid those cheeky entities that prevent you from doing other planned LD actions? Fighting them is way too distracting and making them disappear does not always work. Any tips?

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    11. Lucid habits in non-LD; flowing dreams

      by , 03-20-2013 at 07:04 PM
      Before sleep: no dream yoga white “a” this time, just gently following breath

      First dream: about 5 hrs after falling asleep

      Total sleep time: 8 hrs

      Dream recall techniques today: Dr1&Dr2 – played dream 2 times in mind to remember; Dr3-Dr6 – woke up and tried to commit to memory by intending [risky for dream recall but worked today]

      WILD attempt: nope, just wanted to watch dream TV

      Dream1: Scientists are discussing some chemical which is dangerous to the human health. I am in a dark closed space with a scientist, or is he me? At any rate, the tube that was supposed to hold this chemical in place is getting loose, so the chemical escapes and starts to mix with the air. I know what that means, soon he will die, so nasty side effects begin on his body. While this chemical element is quite dangerous it has wide applications. Actually, it is pretty common on the planet of interest. I am looking at a habitable planet, which I feel is much bigger than Earth. So this planet has potential to be populated by humans, and this chemical can produce huge quantities of energy. I see a small moon, which has water and clouds on the surface. I also see some kind of transparent strings with magnetic pull as the moon moves through space. The habitable planet is a really beautiful place, although there are no humans in it, (or probably because of it the nature is very beautiful. I almost zoom in, to look at the trees. Next thing I know:

      Dream2 [Behaving Lucid]: Next thing I know, I am staring at the trees in front of the window of my first home. It is snowing outside. I look outside the balcony and find myself on the street. I walk down the street, which I perceive as if I am lucid. Basically, I feel awake, I know I am watching this, and I am not really there, so I continue the tour of the neighbourhood. I look around as much as possible, and I go back in front of my old place. I have the desire to explore people’s apartments around so I look for an apartment to go to. I think I might explore my old place, but decide against it. I clearly see the whole building and the apartments of neighbours, I ponder whether I should visit my neighbours’s place, but the old woman that lived there died a few years ago irl, so I am afraid I might encounter her inside. I continue looking around. It is an early morning and people are still sleeping, few lights are on. I decide I want to go to a place where the lights are on and find a suitable apartment. I open a window to see if I can go inside. Everything is really solid, and I must enter with my entire body, I realize I cannot squeeze in, or imagine myself there. I wonder how to get in, but I start to feel my bladder getting really full and I cannot concentrate anymore, so I just wake up.

      Lucid or not lucid? I decide to classify this as a non-lucid, because I lack the official initial realization of aha, I am dreaming. However, my behaviour is exactly what I would do if I were lucid, explore around and try to hold the dream. Another notable feature of this dream is that it was free of any DCs, what I really like in some LDs.

      Woke up after the dream rather happy, re-lived the whole thing two times, no notes this time. Had some trouble falling asleep , but was too lazy to try to WILD.

      Dream3: I am in the suburbs, noticing the houses and remembering how the DCs there had some trouble there some dream time ago. Suddenly, there is a loud noise, energy, burning sensation as something passes by and explodes in the sky. I decide it is a meteorite. I have mild burns/scars on my body. I go to a house and find a politician there. I tell him about the meteorite and look at my hands (!that was close), purple scars are still there. It’s nothing too serious or unpleasant looking though. At this point the politician turns into Santa, he even has a beard! There is elation in the air and I throw fake snow above our heads which I really enjoy doing. He even gives me a present, a tea set, which has some flowers instead of tea to be drank. I happily play with it.

      Dream4: Almost like a continuation from dream3, as I am sitting, exploring the tea set, the scene around me changes. We are waiting to select a menu. There are some snobbish older women around and my mom as well as this happens. So, there is some kind of event tomorrow, and every guest can pre-select what exquisite meal he/she likes, and I am waiting my turn to do so. Before I do that the older women also select spa procedures, going for a special moisture mask. I don’t want to do it, so my mom starts giving me advice, selecting for me. This annoys me and I behave in a way that is inappropriate in front of these high individuals (I was just being annoyed and rude, nothing much really). This disappoints my father who then enters one of his special disapproval moods. We go back home (unknown one) with my parents where the story continues.

      Dream5: As I am thinking how to prepare for the event, I would bring my own shampoo, do my hair, and not use the spa offered to the other special guests, a friend of mine appears in the house. I decide to tell him some secrets about dreaming? or meditation, which I don’t recall at all, and tell him not to tell my bf I told him this.

      Dream6: Still in the house, I face my mom and tell her I don’t like her selecting things for me, there is tension in the air. I want to call my bf to complain. As I am calling, I find myself on the streets of some western looking city. As I talk on the phone a famous artist passes by. I can’t believe it, it’s “A”. The name of the artist is “A”, which people around her repeat like “eah”. This is really funny, they sing it, introducing her. I take my camera and take pics of her. I then call my bf and tell him that I saw her, watching the video record. A second of doubt there, a famous person, maybe a dream, but that can’t be there really is an artist “A” [Oh, come on!]

      Dream7 [snooze]: I watch something like age of empires/civilization game, my people being the blue ones, and the opponent is red. Time moves really fast and I see how my guys and buildings become fewer. As I look around, I see that the opponent has the whole map, and has entered modern era, there is no chance for me to win. [Boring stuff, I know]. What really happens is that I zoom out and the modern era is really a real world street and there are some military trucks, and just trucks. I am sure the enemy notices me and that is the end, so I just tease him to act and push those trucks on me and get it over with. He finally does so, and to my content, I feel the heavy pressure of trucks on top of me, and wake up.

      Final notes: When I was younger, I had the impression that a lot of my dreams would just flow one after the other, with some weak connection in the storyline (like above). Nowadays, my dreams are usually separate scenarios. Perhaps my desire to remember each after shortly awakening resulted in DEI N LD?

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    12. More paranoid than lucid

      by , 03-12-2013 at 12:52 AM
      After going to bed late and waking up quite late during the weekend, I decided to restart my biological clock, taking melatonin supplement (3mg also has a small amount of B6). It turned out to be quite a vivid night and morning after, some brief LD including.

      Dream1: So, I in my dream me and some other DC were running away as fast as we could from this other person, DC, that morphed into a guy from my uni. We were running inside a building but then we reached a dead end, there was no door to go through, so we just had to go back. There the DC chaser was standing blocking something that looked like a sliding door from my wardrobe years ago. After finding a card on which some numbers appeared, I assumed these numbers were pointing to some kind of exit. I entered into a room which initially was a toilet (subconscious giving me signs again), with numbers above the different sections. A guy came in and I let him have his privacy. It turned out that the number was hanging above one of the toilet seats. How am I supposed to run away passing through it? (Though I’ve done so one or two times). At this time, the room transforms completely, and there is a bed where the toilets used to be. I feel that the chaser is coming as I try to close the door to the room. The other guy that was doing his job in the toilet starts to act creepy and roars, which really has a terrifying effect on me. Then, I remember that I should have more confidence when I am chased, so I try to overcome my fear and send a ripple of “go-away” intention. Though it was a very weak ripple, it seems to have worked, because both nasty characters suddenly disappear. I try to barricade myself in the room by putting some chairs against the door. I continue to have the feeling that he is coming. Then I manage to awaken from this unpleasant dream.

      Dream2: I was walking down a western-looking city, which in my mind was Cologne. As I was pondering how much the place has changed, I ran into an old friend from school. We happily greeted each other, and then I continued on my way. I was going down the street, looking at some street stalls, where they were selling really beautiful and strange looking scarves. I wanted to buy one, and it was quite cheap, some cost 7, some cost 8, written as large numbers in front of them. I continued walking, the street seemed to be elevated, and it became darker towards the end, I guess I continued walking till I had entered a building at the end of the street. I was inside a home, when I realized I was dreaming. I just looked around what seemed to be magnificent furniture in Asian style. I tried holding the view of items around me, but when I moved to the next room, some dream entity was trying to interact with me, with a touch of aggression, distracting me and I soon sank into unconscious dreaming.

      Dream3: I was sitting on a table with a number of women (40-50 yrs of age maybe), discussing the part that I was being chased, and how I tried to get rid of the my chasers , and why it partially worked. I was amazed how we were all sitting there, in my mind those were not mere DCs but rather inorganic being projections and I told them I marvelled that. The woman in front of me said that she was not actually inorganic but a type of tree. I knew I saw her as a person because I filtered everything through the human form. I asked her “So you come here when you are sleeping”. I can’t remember if got a reply from her. Then the paranoia of the night came back and we had to leave because I had the feeling that somebody might be coming. Thankfully, nobody was. The scene moved into another dream where we, don’t know who that we is anymore, went to this Chinese museum. We paid but I wasn’t really sure if we will have the time to see all that was there. In the museum everything was accessible, there were a lot of Buddha figures, small ones, golden, or covered in some shiny paint, also some ancient objects, which the women of the time used to put their make up in, as if they were shells, really beautiful things.

      Mood after initial wake: fear
      Mood after final wake: uplifted, happy

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