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    Gold Thief

    by , 04-11-2016 at 02:42 PM (370 Views)
    5.30-6.40am 11/4/2016

    Long LD 391 "Gold Thief"
    I am on a bus that drives down an escalator with JR and ST. At the bottom of the escalator the bus stops. We get off and my friends start talking about the hotel. A guy is standing in a booth behind toughened glass. The others check in, then I tell him I was already checked in to room 8. The guy hands over some bits of paper and a key card. I follow ST and JR up a set of stairs that twist and turn, which then leads into a tunnel that is too small to stand up in.

    Part-way along this causes me to become lucid. The tunnel is now a windowless grey room. After a reality check I remember my three step task and pick a random wall to phase through. It leads to a grey limbo so I push on until it forms a strange barren desert world. Ahead is a wide muddy track with a twisted tree and a guy standing next to two motorbikes.

    Next on my three step is to do an advanced summon. Now that's something which is normally tricky. So I try to conjure a motorbike in the air. It doesn't work. Frustrated I jump on the red motorbike already there and set off. There are cars and a train heading down the street opposite so I set off in pursuit. After riding around after the other cars and dodging a train something hits the bike and spins me around. I head back to the tree.

    It would really make sense to try and earn some more points, my mind still on the 3 step tasks but relaxed after the ride. I have a better plan this time, summoning a tree, with a large magical gesture that sweeps my arms upwards. The ground doesn't rumble or split though the tree does phase into existence from the base up. The branches wink in and out of existence then finally stabilise. I let out a whoop 'cause it worked.

    OK OK. Three for three? Element manipulation. I look down at my hands and try to summon water in them. I've had luck with fire and ice, even electricity. This one is new. I see my hands turning blue and water like. The blue seeps up my arms and over the two little fingers on my right hand. On the left the thumb and first finger turn to water. I keep focusing on it to make more water and it starts spilling onto the floor. All the water from my hands spills onto the ground... and within a few seconds I'm swimming in an enormous lake.

    The water continues pouring from my hands though and the blue takes over everything as I try to fly away.

    False awakening. My dad is moving stuff around in my room. I wonder what time it is. They are talking about packing to move to Canada. Wait. What? I pinch my nose. Yep still dreaming.

    I phase through the window and into a town. Having completed my three step I try to think of other things and come up blank until remembering to sit on a cloud. So I start trying to fly and find the city doesn't want to let me go. It always forms an unexpected barrier over my head.

    I manage to do some advanced fast flying though, trying to build up speed to break through, but this doesn't work. In the end I'm in a room filled with people. I think about how cool it would be to enter somewhere like this at will. To be able to fall asleep and instantly enter this realm. I ask a dc if they can help me to to this but they remind me that you need to sleep first and do a WBTB. This is true.

    Well there need to be more task attempts with this epically long stable lucid. So I start to do a TOTY and find a weird creature that is fighting some other alien like four-legged creatures. I try to turn it into a goat so I can then do the chimera task but this turns out to be difficult and destabilising.

    False awakening. On my wrist is an enormous fitbit with a smartphone size screen, reporting how long I've been in "dream sleep". I do a reality check and become lucid again.

    The surroundings are a mess of streets and Hong Kong airport - a mashup of British and Chinese styles. Looking out of the windows I try to summon rain to make a rainbow for the other TOTY, but the sky turns black instead. No good.

    I fly through multiple windows and a metal gate thing that block my path. Finally I find a patch of blue sky with a rainbow and start to follow it. At the point it hits the ground it continues through the buildings and twists and turns through the streets that look more like a typical English or Irish village. The rainbow ends at a pit underneath a house. No leprechaun.

    I throw stuff down the pit and start shouting to wake the leprechaun up and also digging at the end of the rainbow. The hole starts filling up with shiny golden coins. There is a grumbling noise and the leprechaun seems to be waking up from deep underground.

    Then someone flicks my ear. It's a member of the tour group I met in China. She is Irish. Prettiest damn leprechaun ever! (She might not be too happy about it, but I took it that she was a leprechaun there to defend the gold, as she was hostile. ) I take a handful of the coins and announce I'm stealing them. She says something incomprehensible in Gaelic, her body language angry, and tries to flick my ear again, then I wake.
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    1. Hukif's Avatar
      Ooooh, awesome dreams.

      Question, are you into cars/trains/etc? Cause I see even a pursuit up there and damn good control. Nice!
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    2. obfusc8's Avatar
      Thanks Hukif.

      Some people say I'm motorcycle obsessed. They are right. Many of my dreams feature vehicles, lots of bikes, trains, cars, buses. I'm a fan of steam trains and I know my Murcielagos from my Aventadors, but it's mostly about the motorbikes!
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    3. cooleymd's Avatar
      Yes I have been planning some of my tasks among them perhaps to summon a tree just as you describe by sweeping hands upwards and make tree grow from ground or just materialize from air. (in combination I can then object transform into a pear, apple or banana tree for personal goal) (perhaps perform tree bending unspecified power) (or alternately cut the damn thing down with a summoned light saber) additionally I could use this tree as a spring board to possible Gnome TOTY by digging or finding tunnel (tho I suspect my luck would run out before I could smack a Gnome or two with a flash light or whatever

      Also for element manipulation I was thinking of summoning a canyon and diving in (invulnerability, or flight) then use element manipulation to summon water although again I would wave hand and cause a flash flood, then I could attempt walk on water (intermediate challenge) and also breath underwater (new personal goal)

      Likewise I have been thinking of the seven Task of the Year, in case of leprechaun I can likely use the stolen gold coin/coins to flip and land on edge (or at least fail miserably but try, tho I might need to summon a flat surface too have any chance)

      (posted comment #1 for me)
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      Updated 04-13-2016 at 02:08 AM by cooleymd
    4. obfusc8's Avatar
      Sounds good cooleymd, looking forward to reading about it!
    5. Hukif's Avatar
      Oh well that's just awesome, now I know what would be a good "ally gift" for the goal list =D