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    Task recall brain malfunction... TOTY attempt and TOTMs

    by , 01-07-2017 at 01:42 PM (297 Views)
    Before 2.12 "Batman Phone Fight"
    I'm Batman! Running around a dark mansion - a massive house which is a maze of corridors and enormous halls. There are guards patrolling while I sneak around out of sight. One guard with super powers flies over my head, but doesn't see me. There is another person trying to infiltrate this house - a guy that gets captured by the guards. I move through the building and hear a car driving around outside.

    Meanwhile, the flying guard is back. I throw my phone at him?! Then continue to try to get the guard with my phone! There is a battle taking place in a game on the phone screen at the same time, and a counter for auto-play tickets which is tumbling rapidly to zero as the fight carries on. Soon I will have to control the phone game too, once the counter is empty.

    After knocking out the flying guard with a kick to the head, I then drop down a long elevator shaft and use my cloak to glide. From a vantage point I watch more guards patrolling and try to work out how to get past them.

    Before 6.15 "Tower Block Climb
    While driving a car, a motorcyclist switches lanes and then tries to paddle the motorbike around in a circle. It's very dangerous to manoeuvre like that in the middle of the road. I shake my head - in that way when you see someone doing one of your hobbies badly, and you feel like it's tarnishing your own reputation by being associated with that group, you know.

    I drive past the junction and go left towards a tower block. Instead of driving, I then have to climb up the side of the tower which consists of several close together balconies. It is easier than expected to do the pull ups to get to each level, like gravity isn't right, and as if I weigh less than normal, but sadly this doesn't make me lucid.

    At the top balcony TR joins me. We run along the balcony rail, high above the ground.

    Also before 6.15 "Making Coffee, Crashing a Bicycle, Painting"
    In this dream I have three brothers (not in RL). One of them is feeling depressed. I show him coffee beans that were given to me. They need to be roasted in the oven first, apparently. An app on my phone shows how long it takes and the green bar quickly reaches 100%. After making the coffee I ask how many sugars... 3 or 4 is the answer. "Okay champ." I reply, trying to cheer him up.

    While wandering around trying to find sugar I find the other brothers lying on the floor in the corridor. After stepping over them there is a strange white cupboard formed of melted looking plastic. I pull out several compartments. No sugar.

    Probably follows on but can't remember a link...

    I am riding a bicycle. There are no brakes and the bike doesn't slow down at all. The wheels lock though, for no apparent reason. Also, the bicycle refuses to turn. Basically, I cannot make the corner and go wide onto a patch of gravel, then fall off on my left side. It doesn't hurt. More importantly, no one was watching!

    After picking the undamaged bicycle up and continuing, I manage to go around the corner. There are still no brakes but now I can compensate and stop pedalling to lose momentum. Around here there is a track with other people cycling in the opposite direction.

    I cycle up to a place where they talk about AB's Dad having won a competition. Anyway, some guy then hands me a bit of faring or bodywork from a motorbike and wants me to waterproof it with a special paint. It has a tiny generator inside. That bit doesn't need painting. I focus on the brush strokes. A woman sits down besides me and starts painting amazing watercolour flowers. They are very intricate.

    6.30- 8.20
    Failure to recall any tasks...
    In a repeat of the first dream of the night, I am jumping off high ledges and floating/slowing my descent somehow, possibly with a cape. Then AB shows me a box of tiny model parts and they fall over the carpet. We pick the bits up and put them into a small square box. We mess around for a bit.

    Then I lie back onto the sofa and things go dark. Possibly there is a brief awakening then WILD sensations of the room shaking. After reaching the conclusion that this is a dream, I pinch my nose and confirm it.

    Getting up and walking out of the door, I wander through the house trying to recall tasks and drawing a blank. So, inevitably, I head back to the bedroom and summon some company. I play with myself for a bit until a woman with long dark hair walks in.

    She's tall, skinny, not the woman I'd been mentally describing in my head, but still. *snipping all the details* ... we fool around for a bit before I ask her to perform a sexual act on me, which she seems to enjoy and feels incredible to me.

    "Train Crash"
    I chain back in to another dream and am sitting on an old fashioned train on a red sofa. After remembering that this is a dream, I get up and start running up the train thinking there must be a task related to a train... maybe causing a wreck? I push through the carriages which are full of people as the train goes off the tracks and crashes. Still moving forwards, the end of the train is open wreckage.

    Outside is a river and next to it, on the bank, is a bar. I enter and spot a tiny elf. Hey, there's a task to find a present under a Christmas tree! "Do you still have a Christmas tree up?"
    The elf nods and leads me into a room still covered in decorations. There is a small green tree, and a box underneath it.

    I unwrap the present and find what is best described as a statue of a Pug dog, filled with golden liquid. Finally remembering another task I drink it and find it to be very sweet alcohol. It shrinks me down to the same size as the elf.

    Back outside the bar I revert to normal size. There is a small square surrounded by buildings and a horse standing tied to a post. There must be a task for riding a horse, right? I go talk to the horse and ask it, but it tells me there are no tasks involving horses. Sigh. "Well, shall we go for a ride anyway?"
    "Sure." The horse replies.

    I swing onto the horse's back and we set off down a cobbled street. Further down the road we see a tiger fighting a crow. I wonder if either of those animals would be a task. Probably not. I wake up while contemplating riding on a flying crow.

    "Flying Saucer"
    While lying in bed trying to recall all the details of the previous dream, I fall back to sleep. There is a street leading through a hilltop city. The views show a sweeping valley below. I start to walk down the hill, thinking randomly about GenghisKhan and wondering if he talks to his wife about all the details of his lucid dreams. Like, the sexual encounters. Obviously he wouldn't discuss it with the kids. Does his wife lucid dream? Guess I was recalling the first lucid of the night and feeling weirdly guilty about some of the stuff I did with that dark haired girl. Stuff I wouldn't dare talk to my partner AB about. Random lucid thoughts!

    Eventually my thoughts turn to tasks and I remember one of the TOTY and the TOTM tie in nicely - fly in an alien spaceship. So I start humming sci-fi type music. X-files theme tune-esque. There is the noise of the TARDIS arriving, but this time it has taken the form of an old red British telephone box. Up in the sky other spaceships appear. Some look like troop transports. They land down in the valley.

    Then smaller circular, classic alien saucer spacecraft land too. I fly down into the valley and tap on one of the saucers to open up a hatch in the side. I climb onboard. The interior is filled with 80s sci-fi B-movie type flashing lights and screens. Very cool. Guessing, I press some buttons to make the saucer lift off and we head up into the sky.

    Before we can get out of atmosphere, my alarm goes off.
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