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    1. Café (LD) 2. Harbor in Syrano (LD) 3. Genie Lamps (LD)

    by , 09-25-2023 at 07:25 PM (98 Views)
    1. Café (LD)
    I’m outdoors in a quiet city area. This place feels…dreamlike. I suddenly become lucid. I begin shouting:
    “This is a dream” to reinforce it within my mind. I walk forward a bit and notice that people are sitting outside at small square metallic tables outside what appears to be a café. I begin considering practicing some dream control. I begin to head up to one younger man at a table. I snap my finger and go invisible. I then wave my hand directly under his field of view as he’s looking down. He look right through my hand and remains oblivious that I’m there. I then float up and transform into dragon form. I feel and hear my wings beating against the air, however the transformation doesn’t feel very strong. I land, shrink down, and go into cat form. I feel my body go into quadrupedal from, and begin to climb up toward the top of a table. I look at a dream character’s laptop screen and notice a cat on the top left, finding it amusing. I shout “This is a dream” a couple more times, having fun with the process. I continue toward the back of the café area and the area opens up to a larger area. I quickly decide to start searching for genie lamp behind some small walls as the dream begins to feel a bit unstable. I transition into a non-lucid.

    2. Harbor in Syrano (LD)
    I continue to walk forward in the center of the Syrano main house, and something feels strange. I get the strange sense that I’m actually asleep. I notice dream glow and become lucid. I say “I’m lucid in this place”. I float toward the lanai area and head outside. The room appears to be made of a light colored concrete and appears to be elevated. I begin to think about dream control. I go into crow form, shrinking down massively, feeling my head shrink and compress toward the center, my wings extend and my body pitches forward as my legs retract into crow legs. I walk across the table in crow form, feeling my weight shifting with the crow’s gait. I take fly and begin to glide, feeling an awesome sense of chill freedom. I then think of competition and decide to mess around with other dream control. I head toward the concrete wall toward the edge of the room. There’s a view of a massive body of water many stories below to the right of the wall. I phase right through the wall an emerge on the other side, many meters above the body of water below, gliding. I shout, “Clairty!” seeking to maintain the dream. I consider what to do next, yet the dream fades.

    3. Genie Lamps (LD)
    I find myself laying in bed. I wish I had another lucid…what if I just relax back into a dream…maybe imagine myself drifting off the bed…I find my dream body moving and I stand up. I’m lucid as a scene of a room beyond begins to form as I gaze through the doorway. I begin to walk through the doorway and the scene solidifies. I continue to walk through a house with white walls and a a tight hallway leading to various rooms. I explore for a bit, then consider where to head, and make my way right into a yard area. As I head out, I see that the yard, with dense grass, extends far to the right. I shout “Clairty!” and float to the back of the yard area. I approach the back section which has many sections which appear to be mini gardening areas with small fences and an area that extends to the left. I remember my goals of finding a genie lamp, rubbing it, and interacting with the genie. I don’t find the lamp around the first fence, however I search a bit more and notice one dark brown one with an interesting shape. I then notice another light gold one with an elegant shape…then another! I wonder which one I should choose. I make my way around, pick up a lamp and rub it…nothing happens. I release the lamp then head farther down, thinking about my goal of finding a dragon companion. I notice to my left in my periphery what appears to be a small green dragon shape, yet head toward the large golden dragon statue in the back of the yard area. I ask it:
    “ Can you grant me a dragon companion?” I then ask, “Help me to become lucid more often”.
    I leave the area and make my way back to the fence. I reflect on how long the dream feels and how this is what it must feel like for Hufik most night. I scale the fence, then think of flight. I imagine being propelled by jetpacks for fun and rush backward over the yard once again. I then decide to control flight by imagining wings beating. I float back toward the fence and fly downward into the next area which appears to have large buildings. I enter a large structure to the right and go into dragon form. The structure is massive, yet empty and has dense concrete walls. I feel and hear my wings beating as I ascend higher and higher. The ceiling on raises more and more with each beat of my wings. Soon I’m in the interior of a hollow concrete structure roughly sixty stories tall. I decide to ignore phasing through the ceiling and simply phase through the wall.
    --The scene goes black, yet I simply wait, knowing a scene will form. I hold my awareness in the void for about a minute…--
    I then find myself in a small apartment style room and Bran is standing in front of me.
    “I’m gonna get some cocoa then go explore some lucids man!”
    I approach the counter where I saw a hot water heater, yet go for the black thermos instead. I notice green tea powder next to it.
    “Is this any good?”
    He says it is, but I decide not to have it and just grab the cocoa, drinking a bit. I head toward the window.
    “Is Uburu Migu in that direction?” I ask pointing diagonally.
    Bran: “Yes”
    “What’s this place called?”
    Bran: “Arowai”
    “That’s a strange name…”
    I head through the window and fly far down to the left. I enter a large area which appears like somewhat of a mall area that you’d find in a massive airport. There are many people gathered in the central area, massive vaulted ceiling overhead. I head into a room in the right and see many dream characters sitting down, gathered together. I study how real all of their faces look, amazed by it, then leave the area. The dream feels a bit unstable, so I begin rubbing the ground vigorously. The dream stabilized. I fly forward a bit more then head to the right and into another building. As I enter, I decide to practice more dream control. Telekinesis! I see a small ball – somewhat of a children’s toy – with many colorful dots on it. I extend my hand and begin to move it around. It feels like I’m a jedi I think with amusement. I do this for a bit, then use TK to begin move a metallic lever. I head to the right and see Bran going into a fridge. There are a wide variety of drinks in the fridge, all lined up in different colored bottles. I use TK to squirt some liquid from one bottle into the air in an arc, directly into my mouth. It tases great! I then do another…then another! I turn to Bran
    “Check out this jedi stuff!” I say laughing
    I wake up.
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