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    1. Water (LD) 2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)

    by , 04-12-2024 at 12:23 AM (42 Views)
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 13

    1. Water (LD)
    I’m in a dim room, drinking water from a red solo cup. This would be a few points in competition. My awareness raises – I’m lucid. I look at the drink in my hand and take a sip. It’s simply water. I put the cup down on the square counter and look around the dim room. I realize that the area looks somewhat like the kitchen in Meadow main house. I begin to think of dream control. I look around and see several items on a counter nearby, but don't want to do TK and I don't see anything nearby for super strength. I want to get out of the area and explore a bit more. I drop to the floor and begin rubbing to stabilize as the dream feels a bit fuzzy. I turn toward the sink to my right and head toward it. I go to fly, but gravity resists a few times, yanking me down. I finally fly toward the window and phase through it. I end up in the backyard, continuing flight. It's a bit dark, so I figure I'll just phase back in and explore. I begin flying back to phase I wake up.

    2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)
    I’m in the kitchen in Syrano main house. It’s competition time…when will I get lucid again. I look around. I’m lucid.
    I look toward the counter and see a pile of food to the right. I’ll do some telekinesis. I begin focusing on the pile of dishes and food to the right, imagining it moving to the sink. I see a few items flicker, then suddenly see them in the sink, with water running over them. Let’s see if I can move them do the drying board. I focus on TK and soon see a few items in the drying board. I see a pile of what appears to be bread loaves or croissants on the back counter. I go for a mass TK, waving my arms to move the entire stack. They don’t quite lift off. I decide to focus on exploring and other control. I drop to the floor and rub a bit to stabilize and rise back up quickly. I see a Himalayan lamp, but don’t bother with it as I realize it’s not an electronic device. I decide to go for levitation. Meditation. I sit in meditation posture and raise up a bit. At first, I bob up and down but finally get it to a steady levitation. I set my mind to zazen and maintain awareness steadily. I begin to float down the hallway in zazen. I hold awareness for a bit, and begin floating back down the hallway. I soon head toward the back sliding glass window which has the blind drawn. I phase through and notice what appears to be a long black walkway leading to a chasm. I run across it and finally jump over the chasm, going into flight. I fly to the other side and notice a dream plot beginning: three woman seem to antagonizing another, seemingly ready to start a fight. Time to transform. I begin to shrink down, think of quadrupeds and the thought of a rat crosses my mind. I’ll do wolf form. I rapidly transform into a wolf as I run forward. I feel front legs come out in front of me as I run and a feral energy runs though me. I charge toward one of the attackers and slash down with my paws. I turn to the one on the left and do the same. I approach the center one and tell her to leave the area. She begins speaking back to me and drop to the floor and I step on top of her. Enough of this plot…I’m going to explore. I revert to humanoid form and head into the large building ahead. I soon find myself in the central area of what appears to be a Syrano mall. I look around the area which has several different stores and white walls around the area. I begin to wake up.

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