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    1. Snow (LD)

    by , 08-09-2023 at 11:31 PM (93 Views)
    I begin to make my way out of the bathroom and see another man entering. I feel I'm not supposed to be there, so I try to be discreet. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming. I don't want to be in the bathroom, so I just walk into the wall to teleport. My vision goes black and I start imagining a snowy scene, with building in the periphery comprising a small town. I hold the visual for a while, and eventually shift to just picturing snow. Suddenly, I find myself in a massive depth of snow - about six feet or so - and I appear to be in the middle of the street in The Meadow. I'm really excited and think "I did it"! I'm super happy, and all the snow is beautiful. I become excited to post the experience on dreamviews. I think of where I want to explore to, and I'm drawn to exploring farther down the road - an area I've never been. As I glide farther, I realize there's progressively less snow until I arrive at an area where it's essentially gone completely. I see several three story structures at the edge of the street and they appear to be tall houses. I'm excited to explore them, but look inside and get a creepy vibe from them. There are some items inside which remind me of the Halloween season, several black skulls and some items which makes me think that they belong to witches. I make my way between the first couple of houses into a T intersection in the pathways. I decide to turn around from this area, and leave by heading back through one of the buildings. I enter and see there's large panes of glass on either side of the back portion of the main room and an area in the middle to transition through. The area is filled with many colorful items, yet slightly macabre. I head through the area between the glass and enter an area behind the building. I begin thinking about dream goals and consider element manipulation. I try to visualize an ice shard appearing above my right upturned palm, yet it's very faint once again. I try transformation once again, attempt to visualize turning into a djinn. I notice a small increase in the size of my arms, and my body grows slightly. I then try transforming into crow form. I put some mental effort in, and suddenly my dream body shrinks down to under twelve inches or so. I don't fly, but continue moving and my body reverts. I continue into the area beyond, see a mirror against the wall and think of technology use. I imagine pulling a cell phone out of my pocket and see a faint image, yet dark, of myself in the mirror, yet don't see the item. I don't use the phone for anything however. I consider teleporting once again, yet figure I might as well enjoy the area. I continue further into a series of many buildings. In the first, several kids are gathered for some type of activity. I float upward to a second story area and there's a small lobby type area with several people gathered. One lady in front of me is on a treadmill, and I find this amusing. I leave this area and float to an outdoor area with asphalt. I reflect on how long the lucid feels, and that it isn't taking much effort to keep stable. Suddenly a large cream colored truck - possibly a cement truck - is partially on top of me and I'm knocked over and pinned under the hood. I reflect on how lucids may be exhausting for omnis. I use my strength to pry myself from under the truck. Once standing, I consider to what to do next, yet wake up.

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