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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Data Retrieval (October 6, 2018)

    by , 10-07-2018 at 01:22 AM (550 Views)
    Dream One

    This dream seems to take place in a futuristic sci-fi setting. I am also a woman in this dream.

    I am in some kind of space ship or drop ship. The crew is equipping me with a high tech body suit/armor and weapons. I look over the suit and ask how it works. I only remember one of the men saying, "No buttons. All biometrics." The man then puts a high tech space helmet over my head and it locks itself to the rest of my suit. The helmet display turns on and briefly displays numbers and diagrams that I don't understand. A man signals and says that preparations are complete. A wall next to me opens downward into a ramp and reveals the outside world. "We'll bring you above the forest for an easy entrance," said another man.

    The ship quickly moves across the sky and comes downward until it abruptly stops just above a forest. It hovers there for a moment and a man pushes me forward. I stumble forward and awkwardly jump/fall out of the ship. The arms and legs of my suit glow red and tighten as I brace myself for impact with the ground. There is a small clearing in the forest that my display points out to me. I hit the dirt on all fours. It only hurt slightly.

    I got onto my feet and tried to orient myself. I wanted to know where I had to go. My attention immediately shifted to something moving on a nearby cliff. It is humanoid in shape and all black like a shadow. The shadow moves quickly across the cliff and then fires a green plasma bolt at me. The bolt misses and hits the ground next to me. I start to run away but the shadow jumps across the trees and then onto me.

    I don't recall the full encounter. We fight physically and exchange blows briefly. I pull a pistol from the hip and hit the shadow in the chest with a purple plasma bolt. The creature is knocked back and falls to the ground. It no longer moves, but it continues to breathe. I notice the armor it is wearing is similar to mine. I step closer to it and it looks at me and growls. I decide to run away again before it can get back up.

    "What the hell was that?" I ask myself. A voice then comes through the radio in my helmet. He says, "That shadow was stalking you. Can't believe it found you so fast." I do not recall the full conversation. I keep running and he tells me to move towards the city.

    The dream skips and I am now in a city. It looks like a war had taken place here. There's rubble everywhere and many buildings are damaged, on fire, or even fully destroyed. There are many barricades in the streets and destroyed vehicles. There are no humans in sight; only aliens with weapons on patrol.

    These aliens don't look like the shadow stalker. They are not wearing a full suit of armor, just basic stuff. They are generally humanoid and have reddish-orange skin tone. They are tall with longish limbs and neck. Spherical heads that are not smooth but full of ridges and bumps. They have what looks like tentacle hair and more than 2 eyes. Not the whole picture but can't think of any better ways to describe them.

    I am hiding in a bush and want to get into a 10 story building across the street. I start sneaking across the street and use the barriers for cover. My suit partially blends in with the environment as I move. I get into the building through a side entrance in an alley. There are some aliens nearby and I hide inside a chest until they move on.

    I go up the stairs to what I think is the 4th floor. It looks like it used to be an office building before it was trashed and destroyed. My visor highlights an objective on the other side of the building. I run towards it through some collapsed walls and over holes in the floor. It appears to be an executive room with a large white trapezoid desk in the center. On the left side of the room there is another collapsed wall that opens the room to the alley. Across the alley is another building with a collapsed wall. There are two aliens armed with rifles there.

    The aliens weren't looking in my direction or paying attention. I sneak over behind the desk and see a computer system under it. I turn on the computer and its displays onto my helmet's visor. I hack into a server and start downloading the data. "I'm in and retrieving the data now," I whisper into the radio. I then start to wonder to myself why I have a woman's voice.
    I realize it is because I am dreaming.

    Being lucid, I start to think I about leaving and doing something else. I don't want to sit around a wait for a download. My helmet then alerts me of a fast moving target nearby. I see the shadow stalker from before running up the street and it comes into the alley. "How the hell did he find me again?" I say out loud. I take a marksman rife off my back and look down the sights. The shadow starts climbing the other building and I take shots at it. This marksman rifle fires small and precise orange plasma bolts. I miss a couple shots but manage to land one his shoulder. He jumps from the other building towards mine and I slow down time. He is still in the air and he is firing at me with a pistol. I shoot him in the chest and dodge his plasma bolts. Time goes back to normal and he falls to the floor in front of me.

    The other aliens now have their attention set on me. They shoot at me and I take cover behind the desk. It is surprisingly sturdy and protects me from their bolts. I pop out of cover and shoot both aliens in the head. The stalker then gets up and pulls the rifle out of my hands. I wrestle with it and knock it out with a super charged punch. Bolts then come at me from the area I initially entered the floor from. I see a swarm of aliens moving across the office floor. I pick up an assault rifle the stalker had strapped to his back and spray at them. I kill a couple but the rest take cover and fire back. I duck down behind a small wall and filing cabinet.

    I continue the firefight as several more aliens arrive. The helmet display tells me how much ammo I have left. The assault rifle runs out of ammo and I am forced to switch to my two pistols. Sparks are flying all around me and holes are being put in what walls remain. Even the desk was getting torn up. The alien reinforcements continue to arrive and they move up towards my position. I am running very low on ammunition. "I can't stay here anymore! I need to leave!" I start shouting. In this moment my helmet tells me that the download is complete. I dive behind the desk and pull a floppy disk out of the computer.

    "I got the disk!" I say into the radio. The man over the radio responds back, "Your position is overrun! Move to the next building and get out!"

    I slow down time again and jump over the desk. I empty one of my pistol clips into the aliens moving towards the room. I then turn and run towards the collapsed wall. I use my second pistol to shoot at a couple aliens in the other building as I jump across the gap. Time returns to normal as I land into the next building. I finish off these two aliens and run towards the stairwell. I go down the stairs and end up in what looks like a storage room. There are more stairs beyond this room that seem to lead down into a sewer or tunnel network.

    There is another alien on guard in this room. It reminds me of the shadow stalker but it is not fully suited, just lightly armored. I stay behind a wall and kick it to make some noise. The alien moves to investigate the noise. As it comes around the corner, I pull out a combat knife and charge at the guard. I grab hold of his shoulder and thrust the knife into his neck. This doesn't kill him but causes him to only make low gurgling noises. He grabs me and sinks his claws into my armor. He pulls me close and attempts to bite me with razor sharp teeth. We struggle for a moment and fall to the floor. I manage to pull the knife from his throat and stab him in the chest. This kills him and I take the knife and run into the sewer.

    The dream skips and I am climbing out of the sewer in another part of the city. I see a fight taking place in a shop nearby. I run to it and see a man and a woman kill a few aliens. The fight is over by the time I get into the shop. The man and woman are friendly and they help me restock on ammo. They also hand me a new gun that looks like a taser, but I never get a chance to use it. I ask them for help getting out of the city and they come with me. We make our way down the street and the shadow stalker appears on an overpass above us. We get ready to fight, but the dream ends here.

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