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    1. Splintered Archipelago (October 4, 2018)

      by , 10-05-2018 at 08:19 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      Dream One

      I was on a large ship in the ocean. In the distance, coming ever closer, I could see many islands. The majority of these islands were raised hundreds of feet above sea level. They had steep rocky cliffs. They were tropical islands and very full of greenery. It's never stated by anyone in the dream, but I believe this is a region of Ethos known as the Splintered Archipelago. I have never been here before. The ship starts to pass through among the islands. Someone of higher rank mentions to me that I have over 1000 more days of servitude left. It's not necessarily slavery, but it seems I am bound by a contract to serve an organization. Based on some conversations about guilds aboard the ship, I believe that I may be in service to an explorer's guild. There may even be members of other sorts of guilds aboard the ship.

      The dream skips and I am now in the ship's interior. I am in a large room with a single table. I am standing next to many other people in a circle surrounding the table. Only two people are sitting at the table across from each other. This meeting appears to be political or business in nature. One of these men was the leader of an empire. They were discussing the expansion of his empire into the archipelago. The man on the left removed a folder of secret documents from his bag and slid it across the table. A deal had just been made. I remember getting a strong feeling of mistrust in this moment. I believe the man passing over the documents is trying to deceive the other man. "He's lying." I whispered. They continued discussing their plans and I wake up.

      Dream Two

      I am on a ship again but this time it is an air ship flying high above the archipelago. I am at the bottom of the ship standing by an open hatch that reveals the world below. A man next to me is giving me orders. He points to a large island below and it becomes highlighted in my own vision. He tells me that I must go down there and explore the area. He wants me to chart the area and bring back any artifacts or items worthy of research. He says that good work will help take days off my time of servitude. I jump off the ship and start diving down to the islands. I see more detail as I get closer. I see that there are some villages, ancient ruins, and old forts on the islands. There are also many boats in the water. I remembered that I had seen the archipelago in a previous dream. I become lucid as I continue to fall and examine the islands. It's not a high degree of lucidity and I still carry out my original objective. I move towards the area that was highlighted in my vision. It appears to be an ancient tower.

      The dream skips and I am now in a cove. The water is shallow and it is full of crates and debris from a wreckage. I start to break open crates in the shallow water to see what I find. I only remember finding rope, small tools, and some coins. There was a very large crate in the water. It was twice my size. I couldn't find a way to open it, so I tried to break it open by hitting it with a board. The crate quivered when I hit it. It was as if it was made of jello. It also growled at me after I hit it. I sensed now that it wasn't a crate but something alive. I even thought that it might have been a mimic.
      I woke up before I could find out.
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    2. Ambulance Crash (December 20, 2016)

      by , 12-21-2016 at 06:59 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Ambulance Crash

      I was riding in the back of the ambulance with a patient lying in the stretcher. The patient appeared to be boy about 12 years old. The patient looked like he was in good enough health and was sleeping soundly. I started looking through the patient's paperwork to learn about his past medical history and current diagnosis. While skimming through I noticed something mentioning multiple respiratory arrests. I looked back at the patient to double check his breathing and realized that he was not breathing at all.

      I relayed this information to my partner and he said he would try to get us to the nearest hospital as quick as possible. He turned on the lights and sirens and increased speed. I pulled a bag valve mask out of a cabinet, connected it to oxygen, and began ventilating the child. My partner's driving soon became erratic. He was constantly weaving between vehicles and either slamming on the brakes or slamming on the gas. I quickly started to lose my balance and began stumbling across the ambulance and falling over.

      I pulled myself back up off the floor and tried to get back to my seat to resume ventilating. As I started ventilating again, I heard the ambulance horn blare and felt the ambulance immediately take a very hard turn. I heard the tires of the ambulance screech loudly as I was forcefully held to the wall by g-forces. I realized that the ambulance had started to spin out of control and tried to reach out for something to hold on to. Suddenly I then heard the very loud booming sound of the ambulance crashing into something. The crash sent my body flying towards another wall head first. I woke up as I impacted the wall.
    3. Short Lucid Dream, Failed DEILD Attempt (February 28, 2012)

      by , 03-06-2012 at 10:52 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Short Lucid Dream

      I was driving a car through the mountains of West Virginia. There's not really much to say about the drive other than the scenery was beautiful. I became lucid during the drive when I noticed that I was sitting on the right side of the car. The driver's seat is supposed to be on the left. As I was thinking about all the things I could do now that I was lucid, I drove by a massive car wreck. There were over 20 cars blocking the road on the left. I decided to get out of the car so I could check it out. For some reason I felt like an alien was responsible for it, and I wanted to have an encounter with the alien. Right when I started walking towards the cars, my vision started blurring. I realized that I had forgotten to stabilize and panicked. I tried rubbing my hands together, hitting the ground, and even licking the road. It slowed down the wake up process, but it wasn't going to improve anything. I then decided to just lay back and hope for a DEILD attempt.

      Failed DEILD Attempt

      When I woke up, I only moved around a little bit before remembering to DEILD. I layed still and went into a sleep paralysis. I could feel my body locking up and hear a loud static sound. My vision then looked fuzzy as if the tv was on the wrong channel. I then started to wonder what would happen if I tried using Daydream Awareness during this. I started daydreaming about my room for some reason. It soon felt like I was being sucked into the picture of my daydream.

      Eventually the feeling of my body being squeezed to death was a little much for me. I decided to cancel the attempt and break out of it. I had apparently made it into a dream, but I never realized it. I didn't think I was dreaming because I had broken out of sleep paralysis and everything looked so real. As I'm thinking about my failed attempt and what went wrong, a man runs into my room with my cat. He threw that cat onto my feet and the cat started biting and clawing my foot. I started flailing around and tried to kick him off. The last thing I remember of this dream is throwing him off my foot and into a wall.


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    4. Lost Dog (January 28, 2012)

      by , 01-28-2012 at 07:37 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Lost Dog

      Just a very short dream of me looking for my dog. I was riding in the back seat of a car, my grandmother was driving, and my mother was in the passenger seat. We were driving through Loudonville apparently looking for my dog that ran away. We turned left onto main street and I saw my dog standing on the side walk as we turned.

      "Hey! I saw my dog back there!" I told them.
      "So?" My grandmother ask.
      "So let's go back there and get her?" I asked.
      "Fine." She said turning the car around.

      As she turned the car around I got that weird feeling again. That feeling where I know something bad is about to happen or there is a nightmare creature nearby. I looked out in front of us and saw a shadow man just standing there in the road. The car stopped in front of him. He didn't move. He just stood there staring at us and that feeling grew stronger. Remembering that I only get this feeling in dreams I decided to plug my nose and look at my hands. I couldn't breathe through and my hands looked normal. I kept trying over and over again because it just didn't seem right that I would be awake. The next thing I know, my grandma became impatient and ran the shadow man over.

      I woke up after trying another reality check. When I had awaken I couldn't move. I was stuck in sleep paralysis again. "Crap. Sleep paralysis again." I thought. "3, 2, 1, FLAIL!" I thought to myself before I managed to roll over. I was apparently still too tired and relaxed though because I got stuck in sleep paralysis again right after. This time I decided to see what would happen if I let it happen. I lied there for 10 seconds before it felt like someone kicked me in the spine. Then I decided to just get up for a minute to unrelax myself.

    5. Orange Crystals, It's Halloween Again (January 26, 2012)

      by , 01-27-2012 at 11:33 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Orange Crystals

      I don't remember much of this dream. I was walking along a dirt road and saw a hut. I walked inside the hut to see if I could find anything interesting. Inside the old man was sleeping on a hammock. I snuck past him and walked over to a table on the other side of the room. The table seemed to be made out of dirt and grass. Even stranger, an orange crystal was growing out of it. I touched the crystal and it started to glow brightly before shattering into a hunder little pieces. I reached my hand out towards them again to see what would happen. They started floating and turned into a magical energy that absorbed into my arm. I started freaking out and shaking my arms because I didn't know what was happening. The old man woke up as this happened.

      "You fool!" He said grabbing my arm.
      "What just happened?!" I asked him.
      "You absorbed the crystal that was powering my shield!" He told me.

      I heard footsteps from outside the hut and turned towards the door. An orc warrior with a sword and armor stood outside. He roared and charged towards the hut. I saw a sword sitting on a shelf in the hut. I took it and ran outside to the orc. He swung his sword at me and I blocked it. He knocked me to the ground and I rolled back before he could stab me. I remembered that I had absorbed the magic from the crystals and focused it in my hands. I charged at the orc and pushed against its chest. An orange energy bursted out and that's the last thing I remember before waking up.

      It's Halloween Again

      I was in an empty parking lot with my mother. We had just finished putting groceries in the car. She got a phone call that reminded her it was Halloween. She told me something about it being Halloween again and that Micheal Myers would be looking for us. She then told me to unchain the car and that the code was "2921". I walked to the front of the car and there was a chain connecting the car to the metal railing. I realized that if it was already sunset Micheal could be anywhere by now. The lock on the chain dial with number 1-9 in a mixed order. It took me a while, but I finally got the code in and the chain broke. The next thing I know it's the middle of the night and I'm riding in the back seat of the car. I became lucid when I was told to keep an eye out for Micheal Myers. I knew that if the dream continued and we got home I would have to fight Micheal Myers. I then debated whether I should let the dream continue and fight him or if I should just wake up. I thought about it for a few minutes before I woke up involuntarily.

    6. Sea Monsters, A Running Race, War Against France, A Flying Race (January 25, 2012)

      by , 01-26-2012 at 07:11 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Sea Monsters

      I was swimming deep under the ocean near the sea floor. I didn't pay much attention to the fact that fact that I was breathing underwater. All of my attention was captured by the beauty of this world and exploring it. I could have kept fallowing the bright colorful path of fish and coral, but curiousity and stupidity got the best of me. I could see a trench not too far away to the right and I decided to go see what was in it. As I looked down at the trench I heard a strange noise in my mind that almost sounded like someone screaming. That didn't seem to scare me enough and I slowly descended into the dark parts of the trench.

      Before I could get into the darkest region a giant lamprey came out from the darkness and tried to bite me. The thing was blue, at least 3 times my size, and had spikes on its sides. It charged at me and pinned me against another rock as I was trying to swim out of the trench. I tried to push it away from me, but I didn't have the strength. Right before it was about to latch onto my stomach I managed to morph into a black dragon. I used my dragon strength to push the lamprey away from my stomach. I then put poison into my back claws and slashed its face. The lamprey then backed away and thrashed about in a fit of pain. I focused more poison in my claws and swam back towards it. The lamprey saw me and started spinning in place. I tried to move out of the way, but my left side was cut by the spinning spikes. I quickly swam above it so it would lose sight of me. I charged more poison magic in my tail and claws while I waited for the lamprey to stop spinning. Once it stopped, I dived down and slashed its back about 20 times in 3 seconds. It finally died and fell back down to the ocean floor.

      I swam back out of the trench and was relieved to be out of the dark. I stopped to see how bad the cut was on my side. It looked pretty bad and it really hurt. I noticed I was losing a lot of blood and that it seemed to be flowing towards something. It was flowing towards some tiny fish in the distance. But then as those little fish got closer I realized they were actually great white sharks. They must have been attracted by the scent of my blood. Three of them started circling me and I prepared myself for another fight.

      One of them charged towards me head on, but I hit it in the face with my tail. It backed off and went back to circling me. Then another one came from the left and tried to take a bite at my wound. I stabbed it in the snout with my claws, swung myself onto its back, and kicked it hard to the ocean floor. Another shark dived down at me from above. It tried to take a bite at my stomach, but I pushed against its snout so it couldn't bite me. I then let go of its snout and gripped its tail as it swam past me. As I held onto the tail, the shark swam down deep into the darkest parts of the trench. I then saw a bright light floating in it and the shark threw me towards it.

      When I was thrown towards the light I was completely sucked into it. The light had teleported me into the living room of some house. I shot out of the portal really fast and slammed into a wall. I then fell onto my back and lied in pain.

      "I think I broke my snout!" I said covering it with my paws.
      "I'm going back to human." I said as I let the dragon body evaporate.

      Suddenly all of my pain went away and I was full of energy again. I got off the floor and looked around the room. I looked at the tv and documentary on sharks. I walked through the door and it led to an office room. A large blue crystal sitting on a shelf quickly got my attention. It was in the shape of an egg and there seemed to be a light blue mist moving inside it. I felt like I was supposed to touch it. I placed my hand over it and it quickly started glowing brightly. It looked like something amazing was about to happen, but then a lady came in and moved my hand away. The glow slowly faded away.

      "Don't touch that!" She said with a suspicious look.
      "Why not?" I asked her.
      "Just don't. Okay?" She told me before walking away.

      I was going to touch it again after she left, but I woke up.

      A Running Race

      I was running along a dirt path through a forest as fast as I could. When I saw 3 other guys and a girl trying to outrun each other I realized it was a race. Me and this white haired guy were the fastest and running neck and neck. The man suddenly ran off to the right into the forest. I realized he was trying to take a short cut, so I thought it was only fair to do the same. I ran after him through the bushes and then tumbled down a steep hill. After I hit the ground I started chasing him again. He jumped over a small stream and started climbing a cliff. The path he was trying to take seemed slow to me, so I decided to follow the stream instead. I ran through the bushes for a short distance before I came to a mansion surrounded by electric fencing. That's where the finish line was and I was able to cross it far ahead of everyone.

      There were two soldiers there who congratulated me. Even though they said I won, I was given a silver cup instead of gold. One of them opened a chest and pulled out some camo uniform.

      "Put these on." He said handing me the clothes.
      "Why?" I asked.
      "You won. That means you're hired!" He said.
      "I don't want to be hired." I told him.
      "Put them on!" He demanded.

      I had a feeling he would probably shoot me if I said anything else. So I quickly changed clothes into the camo uniform. After I did that the dream changed scenes. It was now night time and I was in a living room similar to the last dream. There were a few girls and guys standing next to some sleeping bags on the floor. I had just walked in at the end of an argument betwen them. The girls took their sleeping bags and walked out the door.

      "Sleep lightly tonight." A girl whispered in my ear.
      "They scare me." I told the group leader.
      "Don't worry. The worst they've done is stick sharp glass in someone's ears." He said.
      "I think I'll go to sleep now." I said.

      I pulled out an orange sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep. As I was about to fall asleep I heard the sound of breaking glass. I looked up and saw a girl picking up shards of glass off the floor and walk towards me. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I hid inside my sleeping bag and woke up.

      War Against France

      I was in the middle of an abandoned city. I don't remember experiencing it, but I remember knowing that we were at war with France. All of the American soldiers in the city had been killed except me. I ran up a street and saw a man with a machine gun. I pulled out my pistol and tried to shoot him, but I was out of bullets. Right before he started firing at me I jumped behind a low stone wall for cover. I found a dead body behind the wall holding a crossbow. I think he was just a civilian. So I took the crossbow and loaded a clip into it. Do they even have crossbows like that?

      When he stopped firing to reload I stood up and fired an arrow into his stomach. I then ran past the dying man into a garage to see what I could find. As I looked around I heard someone come up behind me. I turned around and saw a man with a remote controlled robot. The robot raised its guns and I jumped behind the car for cover. I found a flamethrower just lying there on the ground. When the robot stopped firing I jumped in front of it and lit it on fire with the flamethrower. After the robot was destroyed the flamethrower was out of gas. I picked up my crossbow that I left on the table, but the man had already run away.

      After this I remembered something about a helicopter on the other side of the city. I could have followed the streets or cut through the cemetery. I decided that it would be stealthier to go through the cemetery because it was off the main path. To get into the cemetery I had to jump over a wall with a 10 foot drop. I ran through undetected, but the only way out was through the colosseum. When I walked in I heard gun shots and I hid behind a stone column. I looked back and saw a guy in a tower with a machine gun. I kept running in the shadows where he couldn't see me. When I got to the other side a lizard man showed up and he just so happened to have a lightsaber.

      I tried shooting him with the crossbow, but he blocked that and kicked the crossbow out of my hands. I ducked as he tried to swing his saber at my neck. He then tried to stab me in the head, but I rolled to the right. I kicked the lightsaber out of his hands and it fell into the light. He ran after it and then triggered a mine. Turns out there was a mine field in the middle of the colosseum. I picked my crossbow back up and exited the colosseum. When I was on the streets again, a man came running towards me with a shotgun. I fired an arrow into his leg and then one into his chest. A few more soldiers came after me and I ran through the alleys to get away. The dream faded away as I ran.

      A Flying Race

      I was in a race again. This time I was on top of a mountain in the middle of the night. It was just me and the white haired guy from before. While I was running he was flying ahead of me.

      "You do realize this is a flying race? I don't think you can do it." He teased me.

      I came towards a cliff and I knew I would have to fly to live. So I ran full force and jumped off of it. I quickly transformed into a black dragon and started flying alongside him. This made him mad and he pulled out his sword. He flew towards me and tried to stab me. I turned into a shadow and appeared on the other side of him. I tried to hit him with my tail but he blocked it with his sword. We repeated this a few times before a strong wind blew us back towards the mountain. When I finally regained control of my flight I lost sight of him. He then came at me from behind and held me against the cliff. I released a small burst of shadow fire from my body and quickly let go. I then grabbed him with my claws and dove down along the waterfall. I was planning on throwing him into the sharp rocks at the bottom. Before I got to the bottom, I decided to fly back up and throw him into a cave behind the waterfall instead. I didn't feel like killing him so I left him there and flew away.

    7. 1 Lucid, 3 Dreams (December 18, 2011)

      by , 12-20-2011 at 03:48 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I had a dream character appear as a buddy in all my dreams. I don't think he ever said his name, but I named him Chris and he responded to it.

      Nightmare Tunnel

      I was running through some place we called a "nightmare tunnel" with a dream buddy. The walls of the tunnel were odd swirling shades of yellow. We were running along a bridge/platform from zombies. A trap door then opened in our path and I fell in. I was in a dark room now and I walked down the hall towards the light.

      Now I was in an arena like room with high walls that prevented me from getting back to Chris. Suddenly vents opened and thousands of spiders poured out of them.
      As they surrounded me I suddenly realized that if it was a "nightmare tunnel" then that means I'm in a dream. I slowed down time and did a high jump before they could start crawling on me. While I was in the air a few of them tried jumping at me from the walls. I teleported out of the way to a wall with out spiders and then leaped over the arena to get out.

      I found myself alongside Chris again and now running from zombies, ghosts, swordsmen, and spiders. The bridge suddenly ended and below was just a bottomless pit. Chris turned around to face the monsters and prepared to fight them. I decided to take the easy way out and push him off the bridge. I then jumped down into the pit myself.

      I saw a bright flash of light and I found myself laying in a field. I got up off the ground and found Chris. I explained to him that it was a dream and we could do anything. So we both got the idea to play around with the low gravity. We did a few jumps and flips before quickly becoming bored with that.

      "There's nothing to do in this field." Chris said.
      "Sure there is!" I said as I summoned a slinky.
      "What are you going to do with that?" He asked.
      "You'll see."

      I placed it between my hands and then magically expanded it to the size of a house. We then jumped on top of the slinky and I made it fly high in the air. I then added some spins and spirals to the flight to make it fun. Once we got past the clouds I decided to let the slinky fall and jump off. I was now happily free falling through the sky. I completely forgot about the landing part though and I hit the ground hard. I immediately got right back up full of energy.

      "Ouch, that hurt a little." I said with my hand over my side.
      "You just fell 1000 feet and you're okay with that?" Chris asked me surprised.
      "Ha ha, if this was real life that would be a broken rib." I said laughing.

      Sadly the dream started to fade away at this point. More things may have happened, but I can't remember.

      A Grim Future

      I was inside an old rundown building. It was abandoned and looked like no one had lived there in years. Chris from the last dream was by my side again and was exploring with me. As we moved around the house I started to notice that it looked a lot like my home. We were on the second floor but didn't find anything interesting. I fallowed Chris down the stairs and into one of the larger rooms. I recognized it as my living room and realized that it was my home. I then shined my flash light near the couch. In the light I saw the two dead bodies of my parents.

      "What the hell is happening here?" I thought out loud.
      "You time traveled, remember?" Chris answered.
      "How far did I go?" I asked him.
      "About a few years I think." He said.

      Through out the house I found more dead bodies of family members. I also found several animal bodies of pets I've had through my life. I woke up shortly after.

      The Honor Code

      I was in the living room of a very nice house. That's all I can really it say, it was fancified. I found Chris sleeping on the floor.

      "Chris, get off the floor." I said.
      "I was sleeping" He said annoyed.
      "Look outside." I said while pointing to the window.

      We walked to the window and looked outside. The ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and there were gray clouds covering the sky. We looked to see a caravan sinking into a pond and a many people drowning. Medieval soldiers soon arrived and worked hard to get them out of the water.

      "Shouldn't we go help them?" I asked.
      "Not unless we're in the army." He said.
      "Seriously? We can't help people unless we're soldiers?" I asked in disappointment.
      "I heard they're offering a 3 day trial period. That should be long enough for us." He said.
      "Well then let's go!" I said excitedly.

      I turned away from the window and saw a man of about my age in the living room. Looking at his clothes I could tell he was associated with the military but only a squire. He was messing with a few statues and antiques in the room.

      "Can I help you?" I asked him.

      I startled him and he dropped the small vase he was holding. We both looked at it as it fell to the ground and shattered. He looked up and smiled sheepishly.

      "It's not mine but you're paying for it." I told the squire.
      "I was sent to help you find the barracks." He said.
      "Okay..." I said expecting him to explain more.
      "We must go there for you to sign the honor code." Chris explained.
      "Lead the way." I said.

      We walked outside into the snowy weather and the squire pulled out a map. I tried reading it, but I couldn't make sense out of it. He pointed down the road leading to the village and we followed him. Unfortunately the dream kind of skipped straight past the village and into the barracks.

      The squire pulled a golden tablet out from a desk drawer. He motioned me forward and handed me a quill. He started rambling a bunch of nonsense that I kind of ignored until he mentioned magic.

      "This golden tablet is the honor code. It is magical device that will decide if you're with or with out honor. Just sign right here." He instructed me.

      I took the quill and signed the tablet, but it was more like random scribbles. I then stepped aside so Chris could sign. Neither of us blew up or anything so I figured we passed. The squire then scribbled something on a scroll and said we passed.

      The next thing I know I'm at a fair with rides and stuff in chainmail armor. I knew my job was to watch for crime and keep peace at the event. Despite this, I walked up and down the street trying to find Chris.

      "Chris! Where are you?!" I shouted into the crowd of people.
      "Right here." He said as he walked up to me.
      "Where the hell did you go?" I asked.
      "Rollercoaster." He replied.
      "I see you also got cotton candy..." I said staring at the bag of pink fluff strapped to his side.
      "Want some?" He asked.
      "Yup!" I said happily.

      So we spent the rest of the dream just sitting on a bench and eating cotton candy. As with all cotton candy, it was tasty.


      It was a bright sunny day and I was riding a rubber raft in the ocean. My sister and a weasel were also in the raft with me. I saw Chris in the water working hard to push the raft.

      "Why did we bring a weasel?" I asked Chris.
      "New dream law." He said.
      "And it's a law because...?" I asked confused.
      "There's been a lot of dragon sightings around here lately. Everyone is now ordered to have a weasel at sea. It will protect us from the dragon." He explained to me.

      I then saw a large white dragon leap out of the water nearby. It wasn't aggressive and it swam away. I noticed that me and my sister were wearing colorful electronic knee and elbow pads. I read the screen on my elbow pad (impossible in real life) and it showed 1000 points. I figured this referred to power points and could be used for defensive abilities and magical attacks. I placed my elbow on my sister's knee and gave her half of my points to add to her defenses. Thanks to our training from the last dream, me and Chris knew much more about fighting dragons than her and I was worried that the dragon could still attack. It appeared a few times, but luckily we never got in a fight.

      We started to approach an island with slides and swing sets. It looked exactly like the playground I usually visit in dreams except it was surrounded by water and sandy. We got off the raft and stepped onto the beach. Unfortunately Chris said he had more rafts to deliver. The whole island was essentially the playing field of a game. There were many children there wearing colored knee and elbow pads like us. I noticed many of my family members sitting on the beach, but I didn't bother to greet them. I kid then ran by me at a super speed and smacked my elbow with his elbow.

      "Ha Ha!" he taunted.
      "Fricking pointjacker!" I yelled at him.

      He had taken 35 points or so from me. I couldn't ask my sister for any of my points back because I felt that would be dishonorable. I also knew she would need them more because these guys were hardcore. I wasn't interested in taking power points from other kids either as that was like stealing money to me. I just wanted to play around like I usually do on the playground.

      I saw a wooden toy intended for climbing on past the swing sets. As I walked over there I stayed close to the swing sets where these gamers were too busy swinging. I got too close though and took a foot to the face and fell to the ground. I turned onto my back and saw a fat kid get off the swing in front of me. I stood up to face him eye to eye (sadly I was a foot shorter in this dream). It was the kid that accidentally kicked me in the face.

      "You tryin' to steal my points?" He said in an attempt to intimidate me.
      "No." I said firmly.
      "I thinks you are." He said smugly.
      "Just passing by." I said.

      I had already started walking towards the wooden toy again before he could get out another word. I wasn't in the mood for dealing people like him. So I started climbing multiple platforms and layers inside the structure. I stopped when I heard footsteps coming from the ground below me. I snuck to a position where I could remain hidden and observe. I saw the same kid from before wandering around below trying to find me. I jumped down and tackled him to the ground. I held him down until I had absorbed all of his power points.

      "Please go away now." I said irritated.
      "Mommy!!!" He cried and ran off.
      "Finally." I said to myself.

      I walked over to my family sitting on the beach and just looked out into the ocean. The dream faded away after this.


      Chris seems to be a much better dream character than most. He just makes things more fun. Unfortunately I didn't take his hints that I was dreaming. I hope to see him in more of my dreams.
    8. 4 Dreams (December 16, 2011)

      by , 12-18-2011 at 02:45 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Arrow to the Knee

      It was the middle of the night and there was a full moon surrounded with a yellow haze. The first thing I can remember was being an ant and I was being chased. I was being chased by another larger ant who was pissed about something I did. I ran through the jungle like environment of the grass field. I felt compelled to follow the direction of the yellow moon. I eventually came across an ant size house and recognized it as home. I ran inside and locked the door to keep the other ant away.

      Suddenly I was human again, but didn't take any notice to the change. I looked up and saw my mother and another man standing next to her.
      "Who the hell are you?" I asked the man confused.
      "I'm your step father. Don't you remember?" He explained.
      "I don't have a step father." I said.

      We continued to argue it for a little while. Somewhere along the way we got mad at each other and both pulled out bows and arrows. We then ran around the house shooting each other, but mostly missing. I used to be a dreamer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. In other words, he shot me in the knee and I woke up.


      I was in my grandma's living room with my sister and we were just standing around doing nothing. Then I felt the urge to look towards the hallway. On the ceiling I noticed a large black scorpion slowly lowering itself from a string of web. I jumped back shocked because there aren't supposed to be scorpions in Ohio and I don't like them. I sprinted through the hallway to find my grandmother. When I found her she was in the kitchen standing at the sink and making a salad.
      "There's a really freaking huge scorpion over there!" I yelled to her.
      "Scorpion?" She said confused.
      "Waaaaiiit! I forgot my sister!"

      I ran back down the hallway and had to duck real low because the scorpion was half way down to the floor already. When I got to the living room, I didn't have to say anything to get her to follow me. As I ran back to the kitchen I saw my grandma with a huge bucket of water. She placed it in the hallway and then grabbed a hose connected to the sink. It seemed that she was prepared.

      The scorpion had lowered itself to the ground and multiple baby scorpions came from behind it. The larger scorpion charged first and tried to leap over the bucket of water. My grandma shot it with the hose and knocked the scorpion into the bucket. She then continued to spray it and kick the bucket over like a boss.

      Many baby scorpions then swarmed around the bucket as they were sprayed with water. A small red scorpion managed to sneak by onto a shelf to my right. It jumped onto me and stung my arm. I grabbed it and smashed it against the counter. I started to feel a severe burning where I was stung, but I could only ignore it. I then took a glass full of water and started splashing the scorpions with it. It was surprisingly effective.

      When all the scorpions were dead we all sat down at the table to rest. "Anyone get stung?" I asked. I looked at them and noticed they had stingers straight through their hands. I then brought my hand to my face and saw at least 7 long green stingers piercing through my right hand. I rested my hand on the table and made a plan to pull the stingers out. My hand was starting to shake and burn from the poison and it felt horrible. I managed to pull one of the two needles out of my index finger. It was too painful for me to continue and I woke up.

      You Drive

      It was the middle of the day and I was driving an awesome looking yellow car. My dad was sitting in the passenger seat and instructing me. Suddenly the car started picking up speed beyond my control. We were roaring through the city at impossible speeds and I struggled to avoid running into everything. It was at this moment that I suddenly remembered I hate driving and told my dad to drive. So we somehow managed to switch seats while moving at 300mph. Then my dad decided that I should be the one driving and we switched seats again. We kept switching back and forth a few more times until it was actually funny. As I was driving, a giant wave of water came pouring through the city. I motioned to try to steer away from it, but it was too late. The wave smashed through the windshield and the force of it snapped my neck. Needless to say, I died and woke up.

      Booster Shots

      So I was just riding along on a school bus and everything was fairly normal. Then a man in the front got out of his seat and announced that it was booster shot day. So everyone including me got in a line. I'm not afraid of needles so I had nothing to worry about. Then I saw the man give the kid in front of me a shot through the anal wall. He then motioned me to come forward, but I slowly stepped back.
      "Now don't make this any harder than it needs to be." he said as he move closer.
      "That's not how you give a booster shot!" I yelled at him as I moved further away.
      "Kid, I don't have time for this." He said losing his patience.

      I took the shot away from him and ran to the back of the bus. I started swinging it through the air like a knife or sword. "Stay back! Don't come any closer!" I said defensively. I then saw the bus driver turn his head and look at me. Shockingly it was an alien head. The aliens head then stretched all the way in front of me as he was still driving.
      "What seems to be the problem here?" he asked me.
      "He wants to stick a needle up my ass!" I shouted, as I pointed to the man.
      "Well then let him." He said calmly.
      "Hell no!" I exclaimed.

      I then stood behind the stone column in the back of the bus. I started swinging my needle around defensively as they moved in closer. Luckily I woke up before anything bad happened.


      Sometimes I wonder why I insist on living when I'm in the dream world.

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    9. 1 Lucid, 4 dreams, 1 fragment (December 14, 2011)

      by , 12-15-2011 at 07:26 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Clicker and Flicker

      I don't remember much of this dream. I was in a jungle in the middle of the day. There were two giant bugs the size of elephants coming towards me. One of them was a blue beatle named Clicker and the other was a cockroach named Flicker. We got to talking about something, but I can't remember what it was. Shortly after the conversation they held me down to the ground and I'm assuming they ate me.

      Village Mob

      Another vague dream. This time I was in a small mountain village. I remember being a chased by a few villagers down the street. I stopped by several houses and shops trying to seek help. Unfortunately all these people were also angry and ended up joining the mob. Eventually I ran to the town square. There was a very large chest their sitting next to the fountain. I pretty much locked myself inside the chest and hid in there for the rest of the dream.

      Animal & Lucid Dream Study

      It was the middle of the night and I was in a room of a very tall apartment building. I was with a veterinarian, my sister, a tiger, and a very large dog. I was assisting her in examining the tiger's sleeping state. We were trying to figure out if it lucid dreams or not. We gave it a shot of some kind and it fell asleep. Strangely it was asleep but standing in a trance like state.

      My sister was looking out the window and said that a man was at the front door of the building. I looked down and noticed he had a shopping cart full of random junk (including a laser cannon). I started to panic and run around the room because we had asked him earlier to bring us supplies. We didn't tell him that we were examining tigers, which are not allowed in apartment buildings.

      When the man came into the room I froze in place and stare at him for a moment. I looked around the room and noticed that the veterinarian and the tiger had disappeared. So I walked over to him, took the shopping cart, thanked him, and closed the door. I turned back around and the veterinarian and tiger were standing there again.

      We started to examine the tiger again. She lifted the tiger's eye lids and I looked at its eyes with a flash light. It's eyes were moving rapidly and I said it was a REM period. She then attached some wires to its head so we could read its brain activity. Once again my sister motioned me towards the window. I looked down to see the man again with a shopping cart full of books. I panicked again because I knew that the veterinarian wouldn't be able to hide the tiger when it's attached to a machine.

      The man knocked on the door and I looked to see that the tiger and woman had somehow disappeard again. I opened the door, took the shopping cart full of books, and told the man he is no longer needed. The books weren't even relevant as they were childrens books. So I put the pile of books in a corner somewhere to keep them out of the way. I turned around again knowing that she would somehow reappear with the tiger again. She was sitting in the middle of the room watching the tiger as if nothing happened.

      The results from the machine came in and we somehow came to the conclusion that the tiger was lucid dreaming. Because the experiment on the tiger was a success, we decided to move on to the dog. We fallowed a very similar procedure as before. About half way through it though I felt the urge to go outside.

      The next thing I remember is pulling out a handgun and walking up to a green car. A few men came out of the car with their hands in the air. The looked like they were gang members or something and major assholes. I guess I was trying to hijack their car or something. I got into the car and as I was about to drive away one of them tried pulling out a gun. So I pretty much filled them with bullet holes, but thankfully in this dream world people don't die easily. They did back off though and the dream ended.

      Cloud Dragon Fragment

      It was a fragment of me standing on an old dirt path. I was looking up at the bright blue sky and took notice to the clouds. One cloud in particular was very large and looked very much like a dragon in the sky. If they were white and fluffy that is.

      Breakfast Buffet

      I woke up to my parents yelling at me about my algebra homework. I ignored most of the conversation until it got to the point about a breakfast buffet. The next thing I know I'm in a park with a bunch of people, tables, and freezers we stole from walmart.

      So I got in line next to the freezers behind these two girls. As they were picking out their breakfast items I somehow ended up holding open the freezer door for them. I just stood there holding open a door out of helpfulness for what felt like 10 minutes. It resulted in severe boredom and hunger that I think I tolerated fairly well. As a reward for my troubles, the girls gave me a grilled cheese sandwich. That made me really happy because I was starving. It was also the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

      I then looked in the freezer and all they had was little pouches of chocolate coins. I guess I was okay with this though and a took a couple. At the end of line was a money dispenser to pay for the food. I reached into my pocket and struggled to pull out a few gold coins and a dead mouse. I somehow managed to fit my coins and mouse into the coin slot and walked on towards a table. I woke up as I was making my way towards my family.

      The Dragonborn

      I remember it was the middle of the night and I was in some house in the middle of nowhere. There were a few other guys there including an old man. He said that I was "dragonborn" and I'm not sure what he meant by that. I assumed it meant something like I am a dragon in human form. We got to talking for a little bit and he gave me a "quest" to fix his satellite dish. So me and this other guy who was like a martial artist accepted.

      So we both jumped off the porch and did a pk roll for no reason at all. We then walked around to the side of the house and climbed onto the roof. I started to adjust the satellite dish. I nearly lost my balance a few times, but managed keep myself from falling. While I was up there, I kept getting images in my mind of a large gate and some sort of battle. After I finished my adjustments I jumped down and pk rolled because I could and went back inside.

      I was told the satellite still needed more adjustments, so we all went outside. I climbed back onto the roof and had about 5 people on the ground watching me. As I adjusted the dish it started to rain a little. It was a tedious task. At one point there was a flash of lightning that came with another image with a dragon. This caught me by surprise and I slipped and fell off of the roof. As I fell head first I motioned myself into a roll and actually put it to practical use.

      I was still lying on my back though after falling. As I picked myself up off the ground my vision was suddenly blinded.
      As with blindness came lucidity to my amazement. I stayed calm and started rubbing my hands together and feeling the tree next to me. This wasn't enough to bring my vision back though, so my solution was to switch to a third person view. This brought my vision back and even changed night to day.

      As I was finishing with my stabilization I suddenly heard my dog barking in the real world. I struggled to keep my dream stable. I managed to hold the dream together for about a minute before it turned into nothing but fragmented images. I had no more hope at this point and woke up.

      When I got out of bed I looked around to see what my dog would have been barking at. I then saw her on the floor moving her legs and growling in her sleep. Ironically my dream had ended due to a dream of hers.


      I feel this night was memorable for three reasons.
      1. It's the funnest night of dreams I've had in a while.
      2. It's the first time I've been able to break out of blindness in a dream.
      3. Dragonborn sounds like an awesome dream title and I'm keeping it.

      EDIT: I just realized in the Dragonborn dream Chris was one of the guys there.

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    10. 2 Lucids and 4 Dreams (December 12, 2011)

      by , 12-13-2011 at 06:45 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Drawing Practice

      It was a false awakening and I had emerged from my parents' bedroom in the afternoon. I was planning on going downstairs into the living room to draw pictures. On my way a woman in an assassin's clothing kicked open the bathroom door and ran down stairs. Although it was never mentioned, I can only refer to her as a goddess. I continued to walk down the stairs and went into the living room. In there the goddess from before was throwing daggers at another goddess wearing white robes. Despite the daggers and light magic flying all over the room, I made my way to the couch where my notebook was. As I was about to start drawing, the white goddess threw the dark one onto my table and it exploded. I then decided to move to the kitchen where I could draw in peace. I drew multiple small objects and then a sketch of a picture of a war general. The picture didn't look like anything fancy or describable. I think the battle managed to find its way into the kitchen and woke me up.

      Slap Me Awake

      This dream was a short false awakening and a nightmare. It was the middle of the night/early morning and I had awakened to a man jumping into my bed. He got on top of me and held me down. He started slapping me and punching me while speaking insane gibberish. I woke up after about 20 hits or so.

      Slap Me Awake II

      Same deal as the last dream. A man in dark clothing jumped on top of me as I was sleeping and beat the crap out of me. After just a few hits I suddenly remembered it happening before and became lucid. At this point I took a little more control over the situation and tried pushing the man away. I managed to keep him far way enough so he couldn't attack me. I tried to handle it subtlety by trying to make him dissapear. When I attempted this he gave me a wide eyed stare that seemed to pierce through me. His eyes seemed to be saying "I'm not going anywhere." Between his horrifying stare and the shock of my dream control not working I woke up.

      For a few seconds I was in a state of fear after waking. Fear quickly turned into anger because I had allowed it to succeed twice. As I was falling asleep again, I wanted it to try scaring me again.

      Slap Me Awake III: The Revenge

      It was the same as the last time. Creepy man jumped in my bed and started to attack me. He only got in a couple hits this time before I became lucid once more. This time I decided to do it the old way. I pushed him away from me and kicked him off of my bed and onto the floor. I knelt down, gripped him by the chest, and threw him straight through my bedroom wall. I then opened my bedroom door and walked over towards his body. As he tried to get up, I jumped on top of him and started punching him as he did to me. I then dragged his nearly unconscious body back into my room. Thanks to dream physics, I was able to cram his whole body into my dresser drawer. I woke up shortly after. I had woken up happy and almost laughing at my triumph. Nightmare conquered.

      Horse Racing Peter Griffon

      It was a pretty short and blurry dream. In the dream I was a black pony on top of a brown horse (big difference). To the left of me was Peter Griffon on top of a similar looking horse. That funny race music started to play and a gun shot went off. I don't really remember much of the race except that I barely won. I tried to a give a thumbs up but then I realized pony's don't have thumbs. Sadly they only have hooves.

      Horrible Shoes

      Yet another false awakening. I came out of my grandma's bedroom in the middle of the day this time. I sat down with my family to watch some show on tv. In the show there were 3 detectives or police officers and they were discussing a crime. All of the sudden Man 1 took a notice to Man 2's shoes. He said they looked horrible even though they weren't that bad. Then Man 3 pulled out his revolver and shot Man 2 in the foot. Crime against fashion? I was then asked if I wanted to go to Walmart. I didn't have anything better to do, so I agreed. I woke up before I even got out the door though.


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    11. 6 Dreams and Fragment (December 7, 2011)

      by , 12-08-2011 at 07:21 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Document Fragment

      I'm not really sure what was happening. I would fall asleep, dream that I was reading some sort of document and then wake up not long after. This repeated about 5 times and was very boring.

      Slow Down

      It was the middle of the night and I was standing by the street near one Loudonville's parks. I was standing next to a parked car waiting for someone. It wasn't long before some man and some woman appeared right behind me. We all get in the car and the lady is driving, the man is in the passenger seat, and I'm sitting in the back. As we're driving, the lady starts speeding faster and faster. I asked her to slow down, but she ignored me. Then we come across a steep hill with a sharp turn at the bottom. Asking her to slow down soon turns into yelling, but all they could say is "we're fine." As we aproached the corner I closed my eyes and braced myself for a crash.

      After I opened my eyes, the car was parked in a driveway and I fell out of the vehicle. As we went inside the house I couldn't stop repeating "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." To finish the dream, we all sat on the couch and watched Looney Tunes.

      Trailer Park Walkabout

      It was the middle of the day (yay) and I met a teenager named Kevin. I was then with a grouop of 5 other teenagers and we all went to a trailer park to get ice cream. For some reason the ice cream guy kept running from us, so I had to chase him for a while. After looting the ice cream cart, we walked around for a while talking and telling jokes. We came to a creepy part where everyone just stared at us with grim faces. The road finally led us to a cliff with lake at the bottom. I threw a pipe bomb into the lake for no real reason at all other than to see it explode. Not much else happened.

      Let Me Swing

      I was on a playground at sunset, playing on a swing set. As I was swinging, there was a kid behind me that kept bugging me to play with him. I told him know several times because I knew it wouldn't end well. He repeatedly began to call me a toad. I ignored him and just kept swinging. This made him mad and he somehow pushed me off the swing when I was high up. I landed on the ground and did a pk roll to break my fall. He then called me a lotus and I woke up.

      Zombie Princess

      It was morning and I was inside a castle courtyard. I met a princess who was overly ambitious about finding an ancient shrine. She then runs off into the wilderness to go look for it. It confused me too much to care until the king told me to go save her. So my opinion didn't really matterh here and I was forced to fallow her. Tracking her eventually led me to a cave that descended deep into the ground. When I caught up with her, she had already found the shrine. Its power had transformed her into an evil soulless zombie. As she started to grow bigger and more powerful, I ran off to find a relic she had mentioned before. I came across a treasure chest and dug through it until I found some sort of cross made of blue crystal. I pressed it against her and she kind of vaporized in a bright light...

      Forgot to Pay

      It was the middle of the day and I was at a restaurant in Loudonville. I had ordered waffles and pancakes. I happily ate them and they tasted more delicous than I could have imagined. I then left the restaurant and waved goodbye. As I walked down the sidewalk I stopped for a moment. "Waaaaiiit! I forgot to pay for my pancakes." I ran back to the restaurant, but when I got there the waitress pushed me over to a table with my family. I reluctantly sat down to join them. Most of my family was there plus Ginny from Harry Potter. I don't remember much of the rest of the dream because I felt like ignoring them.

      Gameboy Kid

      I think I was 10 years old in this dream or something. I was in a car with a woman and her kid who was of similar age. Maybe I was recently adopted. The kid had like 20 gameboys in his backpack and kept talking about his games all the way to walmart. Not much happened at walmart except the kid bought 10 more gameboys and a Latin language game. We then drove back home and the kid kept talking about his 10 identical gameboys the whole way.

      The next thing I remember is sitting in a room with the 2 of them and I'm suddenly 5 years old now. There was also a baby there who I played with toy blocks and car with me. Then the woman suddenly wanted to throw up, so I ran and got her a bucket. As she was busy with that, I sat down in front of the tv to watch Loony Tunes.

    12. 7 Dreams (December 6, 2011)

      by , 12-07-2011 at 04:31 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      Dream Lucid Awake

      I'm going to try to keep a dream journal again. Hopefully this time it will be more organized and worth keeping. I don't want to put a lot of detail into most of my entries anymore. My fingers might fall off.


      I was in a lab of some sort and wearing a lab coat. Obviously that makes me a scientist. In front of me was a large metal cage. Inside the cage was a creature that looked like it was part tiger and part bear. I studied it for a while before the door slammed open. A magical flying note flew in front of me and it read, "Sorry, you're fired." After that the dream quickly faded away.

      A Bathroom Mess

      I was at my grandma's house. It was a younger version of myself playing with toys on the rug. (Yay for childhood memories.) I asked to use the bathroom and when I went in there, the floor was covered in pee. I still used the toilet anyways and then cleaned up the mess.

      Angry Birds

      I was in some sort of arena at the top of a large temple. These giant birds swooped down into the arena and started shooting lightning out of their heads. Everything started getting darked and the sunset was soon replaced by storm clouds. Then the birds decided to start shooting lightning and stuff at me. I responded to their attacks by shooting rays of magic ice out of my hands. After I froze and shattered the last bird, the temple started to crack and rumble. It was showing signs of collapse, so I ran to the edge and jumped off. I woke up before I even got the chance to start falling.


      I remember falling out of a portal really fast and landing hard on my back. When I got up, there were a lot of people, cake, balloons, and other party stuff. Someone said to me, "Congratulations! You prevented the 1000 year curse!" At first I had no idea what she was talking about, but I think it refers to the last dream. Not much happened at the party. I did get to eat some very delicious cake though and I met Pinkie Pie.

      Dogfight Over London

      I was flying a plane over London in third-person view. I heard a man over the radio say something about a fleet of enemy fighters heading towards the city. I think they were most likely terrorists. Me and a bunch of other planes moved over to intercept them. Many of the planes attacked us, but some others managed to get past. They were trying to destroy the clock tower. After a lot of fighting, the tower finally collapsed, and I woke up.

      Jak's Island

      I was on a large sunshiny tropical island with no backstory at all. On this island I met a man named Jak and he talked A LOT. He said the island belonged to him. I also met a talking cat named Opal, a giant talking crab, and Jak's pet weasel that could not talk. I spent the rest of the dream climbing palm trees and exploring the jungles with them.

      Zombie Wannabe

      It was the middle of the night and I was at a school playground. A kid asked me if I wanted to play "humans vs zombies" with his friends. I decided to go along with it until another kid bit my leg. I tried to move my leg away but he wouldn't let go. After about a minute of this he actually thought he was a zombie.
      "Dude, you're not a zombie." I said.
      He only growled at me.
      "Let go of my foot."
      I eventually woke up after continuous arguing.


      I hate typing.
    13. Dark Magic in the Park and Fragment (May 1, 2011, Dream 1)

      by , 05-03-2011 at 03:33 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General Text Dream Lucid Awake

      I could remember 3 dreams and 1 fragment this night. My dreams also didn't skip around scenes that much. Sadly the the first one is kind of a nightmare. I can at least laugh at it a little now though.

      Dark Magic in the Park

      The first dream of the night started with me standing on the sidewalk. In front of me was a large metal gate to the park. The dream started out pretty peaceful and normal (if you can call it that). I walked through the gate and I noticed a rhino and a lion standing at the side of the gate. "Hi Bull. Hi Tigger." I said to them casually. "Have fun at the park!" Bull told me.

      The park was mostly just a large open area of grass. There were also some trees, a few benches, some people, and a lot of squirrels running around. As I walked into the center of the park, I noticed a small hill with stone steps leading up to the top. When I reached the top of the hill, I saw quite a few people in red ceremonial robes, making a circle around a large rock. I think there were about 8-10 of them. As I approached them, they sensed my presence, and one man shouted, "Quick! Cast the spell now!"

      The sky dimmed a little, the rock started to glow, and I can only describe the feeling of it as evil. I ran back and ducked down behind the hill. There was a Japanese lady hiding behind the hill too. She was trying to protect a little girl. I realized that there were other people at the park in danger other than myself. I climbed back over the hill and yelled, "Stop the ritual!" As soon as I said this, one of the women in the group stared at me blankly. She reached out her hand towards me. She whispered, "Die..." A lightning bolt crashed down right in front of me. The blast sent me flying back to the bottom of the hill.

      The wind started to pick up, I could hear thunder, and there was lightning flashing in the sky. I heard one of the women in the group scream, "It's too powerful!" Another woman shouted, "We lost control of the spell!" I got back up and looked back over the hill again. "Uh oh..." Said one of the men in the group. I think I even heard one say, "lol wut?" I saw another flash in the sky and I made time slow down. A lightning bolt was slowly coming down right at the stone. I dived back down over the hill. I then heard an explosion fallowed by screams. So now the cultists were dead and they left us with storm of chaos. I looked back at the lady and little girl from earlier, but a orange lightning bolt hit the lady. She was able to protect the little girl, but she was erased from existance. I then decided to grab the girl and get away from the park.

      I started to run to the other side of the park, but orange lightning bolts were landing behind me and creating mini nuclear explosions. "Faster! Faster!" I started to say to myself to boost speed. The squirrels from earlier had red eyes now, and they started to bite at my legs. "Ow! Ow! Damn it! Ouch!" I continued to run though and then they were all killed by lightning bolt. This made me pick up speed and scream like a girl... "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" I approached the gate, but Bull and Tigger had red eyes and blocked my exit. "BULL!" (lol dream pun?) Even though there was a rhino and an oversized lion blocking the way I ran towards them anyways. I don't remember what happened from that point on.


      I was standing on the street with another Japanese woman. She was a news reporter, and I was told she was deaf. Although I was told she was deaf, in the dream I couldn't hear anything. She started to interview me. I was somehow able to guess what she was saying even though I was deaf. Sadly she was speaking Japanese and it was too fast for me to translate.

      I remember waking up after the fragment. I rolled over and wrote down a few notes about the dream in my journal. Thinking about the dream and the fragment started to confuse me so I just went back to sleep.

      My Thoughts on this Dream

      Ok so the rhino's name was Bull and the lion's name was Tigger? I guess those can be linked somehow...

      What can we learn from this? Lightning and explosions hurt, little furry creatures can never be trusted, and evil cultists are stupid.

      A question also just came to mind. How did the cultists get away with dark magic, in a public park, and in the middle of the day?

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    14. Ripto's Lab (April 30, 2011, Dream 2)

      by , 05-03-2011 at 01:54 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid awake lucid

      This was the second dream of the night I could remember. It was kind of funny. It was also a little creepy because the cake fallowed me...

      Ripto's Lab

      This dream started with me standing at the bottom of a grassy hill. I wasn't really thinking much about anything until a man called for me. I looked at the top of a hill and I saw a man that looked a lot like Ripto. He was short, orange, and had a horn on his head. Close enough. He was also wearing a lab coat, which was a little too big for him. "Would you mind coming to my lab and running some tests with me?" he asked. "Sure." I answered without thinking.

      I ran up the hill, and as I reached the top, I saw apiece of cake on the ground. It was just like the cake from the last dream. I ran past it at first, but then I ran back for it and took it with me. I ate it as I fallowed Ripto to a group of metalic blue buildings. They felt kind of sci-fi. He led me to a very tall building to the right. There were 3 doors to the building. There was also graffiti on the wall next to one door. It read, "Attention workers! This door is now uncool from over use. Use the one to the left now." I looked at the one to the left. There was a sign on the door that read, "Out of order." I started to laugh at how retarded both of these signs were, but I used the 3rd door anyways. This door led to a large elevator that took a very long ride to the 3rd floor.

      To break the silence, Ripto started to talk about the meaning of life. "You know, the concept of life is quite a remarkable thing. I remember when it all started! The meaning of life..." Once we were on the 3rd floor and walked out the elevator, we were suddenly seperated. I then heard Ripto's voice say, "Solve the maze to find the giant tv screen." I looked in front of me and the giant screen was just down the hallway. I walked up to it and Ripto appeared right next to me. "Very good. Now onto phase 2..."

      Out of nowhere I started to play pokemon. I was in a double battle against a spearow and diglet. My pokemon were turtwig and sphinx. Diglet used earthquake and nearly killed spearow, but not my pokemon. "Haha! Stupid diglet!" Spearow then used some move callled "feather" after that. Feathers flew by, turtwig and sphinx were paralyzed, and spearow got all his HP back. "No! No! No!" I said as I watched sphinx's hp drop. Sphinx lost all his hp and died. "BULL!"

      I woke up after that. The main thing on my mind now was why cake? I rolled over and saw a plate covered with cake crumbs on the floor. "Oh yeah... I ate cake before bed..."

      My Thoughts on this Dream

      Never expected Ripto to be a life loving scientist. He's usually a little more, "Grr I'ma kill you with mah sceptor!" I also hate pokemon now. -.-

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    15. Piece of Cake (April 30, 2011, Dream 1)

      by , 05-01-2011 at 05:18 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid awake lucid

      Once again, my dream was very inconsistant, weird, and hard to fallow. I can't be sure of the exact order of events, so I'll just go one scene at a time and assume they're in the right order. One thing is for sure though... There was chocolate cake involved!

      Piece of Cake

      Part 1

      The dream started with be sitting on the couch with my sister in my grandpa's basement. Because it was a dream though, only about half of the stuff in there was based on the real world. My grandpa walked down the stairs and handed us each a stack of papers. He mentioned something about it being an IQ test and then he walked back upstairs. I don't remember anything that was written on the papers, but I just scribbled a couple things and felt like I had finished. I looked over at my sister to see if she finished her test. She just left it on the coffee table in front of us and watched tv. I had the strange urge to fill out her IQ test as well, so I did pretty much the same thing. I started to feel guilty because I thought it would be cheating to fill out her test.

      My grandpa came down right as I finished. He took both tests, graded them, and handed both of them to me as if he knew I did her test. "Good job. You got a 27." He said to me. I read both papers, and it said my score on my first IQ test was something like 27/9 points. The second was 27/44. I still felt guilt for some reason and everyone knew what I did. Despite this, a slice of chocolate cake appeared on the coffee table out of nowhere. I looked at it and knew it was an award for getting an IQ of 27/?? I was going to eat it, but I paused for a few seconds, thinking about the bad thing I did. After 5 seconds of thought, I took a bite out of the cake anyways. I didn't get to pay much attention to how it tasted though.

      As I took a bite out of it, the wall to the left slid open. The cake was somehow a trigger to open a secret passage way. Rather than questioning why, I felt like it had to be explored. "Hey Miki! Look at the secret door!" This managed to get her attention, but she only glanced at it for a few seconds before returning to the tv. I walked into the hidden room. Contrary to the modern style of the house, this room was ancient and made out of stone bricks. The most unusual thing about the room though, was the underwater tunnel in the middle of the floor. I decided to dive into the water and find the other side of the tunnel. As I dove in though, everything quickly faded to black...

      Part 2

      The next thing I remember is sitting in the bedroom of my old home. It was also in a basement. My sister was also there and I was mad at her about something. She walked into my room and I gave her a dirty look. She threw a letter at me and said, "You got a letter from your school." I remember DV being printed on the back of the letter. I opened it and a magic voice started to play. "Congratulations! You won! Please enjoy your reward!"

      I put the letter down and looked over at the floor like this . Once again there was a slice of chocolate cake in front of me. I think I did some other stuff in my room, but I can't remember very well. I do remember taking bite out of the cake again though. After I ate the cake, everything started to fade to black again...

      Part 3

      This time, I was standing in video game section of Walmart. My sister was still there and I was also with my aunt. I picked up one of the games to look at the back. It was some Mickey Mouse adventure game. "Oh that's kinda cool." I said as I looked at it. Mickey was in some wizard outfit. I was going to buy the game, but then I noticed Mickey was holding a plate of chocolate cake... I put the game back and started to walk away. My aunt asked, "You're not going to buy anything?" I just responded with, "Nah, I'll save my money for something else."

      Once again the dream faded, but this time I was awake. I wanted to write about it in my dream journal. Was too tired though, so I didn't care that much about it and went back to sleep.

      My Thoughts on this Dream

      Ok new rule: No more cake before bed. I think this was one of the weirdest dreams I've had that was based off of reality. I also feel like drawing maps of my dreams now...

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