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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Witch's House (February 6, 2013)

      by , 02-11-2013 at 08:49 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Witch's House

      It was raining and I was being chased down the road by a dog. I saw a house nearby that felt familiar to me. I was a little far from town and I figured the house could shelter me from the rain and protect me from the dog. As I ran towards it, I thought, "What if it's locked?" Immediately after that I had what felt like a memory. I'm not sure if these were just false memories or if they were from a long forgotten dream. What I remembered was that there was a bone in the doghouse that acted as a key to the door.

      I ran to the dog house and grabbed the bone inside. It looked like the remains of a human hand. When I turned around, the dog was right in front of me. It jumped onto me and knocked me to the muddy ground. It bit my arm as I tried to protect my face. I pushed him off and ran to the porch. There were odd holes on the surface of the door. I had another memory, a vision of me putting the fingers of the hand into those holes to unlock the door. So I did exactly what I saw in the memory. I heard a click and I opened the door and went inside. I slammed the door shut and the dog ran into it. He growled and scratched at the door for a minute before running off.

      I walked into the foyer and had another memory. The memory was of me walking in and greeting a woman. She seemed strange. "Why am I having these memories?" I asked myself. "Are these memories from a dream? Is this a dream?" I did my reality check where I feel the dream and it was a success.
      I could feel that I was dreaming. I probably should have just left the house and done one of the things on my to-do list. I didn't leave though because I was curious about these weird memories.

      The house was dark, but there was still enough light for me to look around. At the end of the foyer was a door and behind it I remembered that there was a storage room. There was also a staircase in the foyer, but something told me to avoid it. To the left was a living room and to the right was a dining room. The longer I was in the house, the more uneasy I felt. Everything around me felt sinister.

      Out of nowhere I had a memory that simply told me where I was. I was in what was known as the witch's house. "Oh shit, where's the witch at?" I said quietly. I remembered that the witch was evil and she had done something horrible to me. I then heard someone opening the door behind me. I transformed my hand into a dragon hand and turned around to attack the person who walked in. I pushed her against the door and I was about to slit her throat with my claws, but I stopped. Due to the circumstances, I thought it was the witch who came in, but it was actually River, my dream guide.

      "Sorry," I said as I let go of her, "I could have sworn you were someone else." She was soaking wet and trying to dry out her hair. "But I thought you could always sense who was nearby," She said. "Normally I can," I said, "but all I can sense in this place is evil." She walked into the living room and took a rest on the couch. Nothing seemed to be bothering her. "It does feel a little weird here, but I think you're over reacting," she said. "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked her. "I came in here to get out of the rain and because I saw you walk in here." She said. I think she was stalking me again, but that was the least of my worries. I decided it would better to get us somewhere safe instead of searching for my memories. "River, get up, we're going home," I said. "But we just got here," she said, "Let's take a look around." I tried to open the door, but it was stuck and I couldn't get out. So I figured I didn't really have a choice other than to look around.

      I went into the living room and sat on the couch with River. I was hoping that I would remember something if I sat in the room. I wasn't able to come up with any memories though. "Are you okay? You're dripping with blood," she said. After she said that, I realized that my left arm had been bleeding since I was bitten by the dog. I then had a memory of me lying on the floor in the living room. I was bleeding and the witch was standing over me with a bloody dagger. She apparently needed my blood for something. This memory disturbed me.

      River started to shake me because I wasn't paying attention. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine," I said. "Let me heal it," she said. She placed her hands over my wound and she tried to use her magic to heal me. There was only a spark of light however. "Aww, my magic isn't working here," She said. "The witch must have used an enchantment or something that prevents the use of magic," I said. River then wrapped bandages around my wound and it started to feel better.

      After that, we walked back into the foyer. I was planning to search the dining room and River started to walk up the stairs. This brought back another memory. In the memory, I was being dragged up the stairs by the witch and thrown into a room. I didn't seem to have much fight left in me. The room had blood pooling on the floor and gore splattered on the walls. There was some kind of tree growing in the center. The roots and branches of the tree started moving. They were violent and began to grab me and attack me. I think the tree was carnivorous and trying to eat me.

      The roots and branches grabbed my arms, legs, and head and lifted me into the air. They started pulling and were trying to tear my body apart. I didn't have enough strength to resist it. Then without thinking, I breathed fire at the tree and it started to burn. The tree dropped me back into the pool of blood. It then began to splash itself with blood in an attempt to put out the fire. I used this time to escape, though I'm not sure how.

      When I came out of the memory, I realized that the tree is most likely still alive and that River might open its door. I ran up the stairs to River and she opened the door I was worried about. She looked into the room and said, "I think I'm going to be sick." A bloody root then grabbed her foot right at the moment I grabbed her. She was screaming as it tried to pull her in. I was strong enough to pull River away from it and I slammed the door shut on the root. She was safe now, but I think she passed out. I carried her down into the living room and laid her on the couch.

      I figured the living room was safe enough for her to be alone, so I left to search the dining room. There wasn't really anything there worth noting except another memory it triggered. This memory was before all the violent stuff started happening. I was sitting at the table and she made me some tea. I didn't notice it at the time, but the memory showed me that she had put some sort of poison or drug in the tea. After taking a sip of the tea, I fell to the floor and nearly passed out. It explains why I didn't have much fight in me before.

      I don't think there were really anymore rooms with memories tied to them left for me to explore. I decided I would go into the kitchen to see if I could find a way out. Something didn't feel right about the kitchen though. I stepped on the tile floor and immediately jumped back as a spike came out of the tile I stepped on. A spike rises out of the floor when you step on a tile. Apparently there was something worth guarding beyond the kitchen. I figured I could avoid the spikes if I ran around and jumped a lot, so I did just that.

      There was a door on the other side of the kitchen and I assumed that the witch's secret was behind that door. I sensed that there was something dangerous about the door. I opened the door and I immediately rolled onto the counter to my right. The door was a trap that launched several rather large leeches at me, but I avoided them. I walked into the room and inside there was only a hole with a ladder to a basement or cellar. I didn't feel comfortable about wandering to far away from River or going down that hole alone.

      I went back to the living room to check on River. She was awake now and looked a bit better. "How are you feeling?" I asked her. She looked at me and got mad and said, "You left me!" "I saved you!" I said. She was about to yell something back at me, but I heard someone outside and whispered to her to be quiet. The person came onto the porch and I started thinking of places to hide. The storage room came to mind and I quickly snuck over to it with River. We hid inside the storage room just before they came into the house.

      I soon heard the voice of the witch say, "There's mud and blood on the floor. It seems we have visitors. Now where could they be hiding?" I thought River was about to panic, so I covered her mouth with my hand. The witch was inspecting the mud on the floor and muttering something about the mess we made. River was mad about me covering her mouth and she bit my hand. "Ouch, what was that for?" I asked. At that moment I thought we were pretty much caught because the witch surely would have heard that. Then River said, "I was trying to tell you that we can teleport away from here," she said. "Why did I never think of that?" I asked myself. "Hurry up and grab onto my necklace!" she said.

      I grabbed onto the necklace that River was wearing and we started to glow. The witch opened the door to the storage room, but she was too late. There was a flash of light and we were teleported to the Dragonborn city on the floating islands. We were now sitting under a tree in the park, taking a moment to relax. Things finally felt peaceful. "I can't believe we made it out of that house alive," I said. "What should we do now?" she asked. "I'm going to call the police and let them take care of the problem. I'm done with that place," I said.

      The dream then skipped ahead to me sitting in the back of a police van. Chris, Claire, and Kira were also sitting with me. A woman with pink hair was driving the van and a man with red hair was sitting in the passenger seat. I think the woman's name was Lola and the man's name was Rick. I assumed that they were Dragonborns. Behind the van were a few other police vehicles. We were heading back to the witch's house.

      "Why do I have to come? I'm sick of that house," I said. Lola said, "You're here because you know more about the witch and the house than anyone else does. We need you for this." Rick then said, "It was also your idea to raid the house, so it makes sense for you to come along." I turned towards the others and asked, "Why are you guys here then?" "We're here to assist you obviously," Claire said. "When was the last time we went on an adventure anyways?" Chris asked. "I'm pretty sure we went on one earlier this week." I said "Well one isn't enough! We should be having more adventures!" he said. "Why isn't Krystal here?" Kira asked. "I wanted her to stay home and make sure Lucia didn't try to come with us," I said.

      By the time we were done chatting, the van stopped and we were outside the house. We grabbed our weapons and exited the vehicle. We approached the house and the other police officers, who were likely also Dragonborns, followed behind us. The house appeared to be surrounding by sort of force field. The witch could be seen in the front window smiling at us. "Come out of the house with your hands up!" Rick shouted. "I don't think that's going to work," I said to him. "Well I have to say it," he said. The witch pulled out a wand and began shooting fireballs at us. We started shooting at her, but our bullets couldn't penetrate the force field. We then tried using our own elemental magic against the force field, but that was also ineffective.

      The witch threw a fireball straight at me and I rolled to the left. The fireball missed and blew up the van behind me. "This isn't working, I think we should send in the SWAT team!" I yelled. Lola yelled back at me, "We are the SWAT team!" "That's just not fair," I said. Rick was over behind the doghouse calling us. He appeared to be leading the "SWAT" team. Me, Chris, Claire, Lola, and Kira gathered behind the doghouse with Rick and waited for his instructions. "You," he said pointing at me, "break down the door. I'll cover you."

      I powered up and formed ball of elemental earth energy in my hands. I then charged towards the door and hit it with this ball of energy. As the door blasted apart, Rick breathed a large cloud of smoke over the area and the 6 of us rushed into the house. Me, Rick, and Lola activated our dragon sight ability so that we could see better through the smoke. I could see the witch's aura and a bunch of small gremlin-like creatures. The witch appeared to be gathering power for a spell, and the monsters were preparing to attack.

      Chris, Claire, and Kira remained hidden in the smoke while me, Lola, and Rick fought the gremlins. I did a partial dragon transformation so that I would have claws, horns, wings, and a tail to fight with. The gremlins were no match for us because they couldn't see us, but we could see them. All of their attacks were completely off and our attacks were perfect. After the gremlins were dealt with, the three of us attacked the witch. Rick fired his assault rifle at her and she created a magic shield around herself to block attacks. As Rick was distracting her, I came at her from above and destroyed her shield with a blast of fury energy. Lola then rushed in from behind pinned the witch down. By the time the smoke cleared, she was arrested and the battle seemed to be over.

      As Lola was handcuffing the witch, the witch seemed to have either died or fainted. Above her body appeared a sinister ethereal creature holding a scythe or sickle-like weapon. The only name that comes to mind when I think of it is reaper. We knew this reaper was going to put up a greater fight, so Rick ordered us to get into formation. I fully transformed into a dragon and Rick and Lola also performed partial transformations to grant them each claws, horns, wings, and a tail. Claire prepared bolts of lightning in her hands, Kira drew out her swords, and Chris readied his bow and arrow. Me, Rick, and Lola were in the front, Kira was in the middle, and Chris and Claire were in the back. The battle was ready to start back up again.

      We all attacked the reaper at once with different weapons and magical attacks, but everything phased through it. For some reason the reaper ignored everyone in the front and went straight to Claire. It tried to attack Claire, but Chris defended her. Kira attacked the reaper with her swords right at this moment and wounded it. We learned that it needed to become tangible when attacking, which is when it would be best to attack it. After being wounded though, the reaper fled down the hole in the room beyond the kitchen.

      Chris was wounded, so I told Rick, Lola, and Kira to chase after the reaper. I stayed behind to heal Chris and Claire stayed behind to yell at him. She was mad at him because he got hurt by trying to protect her. I looked at him closer and he had a large cut across his chest. I placed both hands over his wound healed him with my magic. I must be getting better at it because it only took me about a minute to heal him. I thought he would want to rest after that, but he actually wanted to keep going.

      The three of us went into the room on the other side of the kitchen and jumped down the hole. The hole dropped down into a large arena where the others were fighting the reaper. They were even getting some hits in. When the reaper saw us drop in, it stopped fighting and flew to the other side of the room. On the other side of the room was a pedestal with a bowl on top. The reaper began pouring blood out of a bottle into the bowl. "Hey! That's my blood!" I shouted. It was apparently the blood the witch took from me.

      The reaper lit the bowl on fire and escaped into a room beyond the arena. A great metal door then slammed shut behind it. Most likely due to the flaming blood ritual, a several dragons began rising out of the ground below us. "What did that thing just do?" Lola asked. "I think it used my blood to raise an army of undead dragons," I said. Considering that we were fighting undead dragons, the fight went pretty well.

      We killed a few of them, but they were beginning to overwhelm us. As we defended ourselves from the dragons, Chris noticed a scroll on the ledge above the door. I flew up there and grabbed the scroll. I read the scroll aloud, hoping that it would make something good happen. I can't remember what the scroll said, but the spell caused the dragons to become dead again and the door opened.

      There was then a sudden earthquake or explosion that knocked me off the ledge. Rick then said that me and him would be able to finish the rest of the mission. He told Lola to fly everyone out of there and to get some place safe. I wasn't sure how only the two of us would be able to handle the situation, but I trusted Rick's decision.

      We ran into the next room which was some kind of magma chamber. We had to fly over the magma to get to a chamber on the other side. "Judging by the structure of this place, there's likely an entire dragon burial ground in the next chamber," Rick said. "We have to stop that thing from resurrecting all of those dragons," I said. When we reached the burial ground, the reaper was only trying to resurrect one dragon. Because of us, it didn't have time to resurrect all the dragons. The particular dragon it was trying to resurrect though appeared to be a king.

      Using the same ritual as before, it brought the dragon to life. The reaper then possessed the dragon to gain full control of it. Rick fully transformed into a dragon and we prepared to fight. Rick charged towards it with flaming claws and got a few hits in, but the dragon knocked him back into the wall with its tail. The dragon then breathed fire at me. I countered it by throwing a blast of air at the flames. I summoned my crystal sword and ran through the scattered flames towards the dragon and tried to attack it. The dragon blocked my sword with its horns and knocked me back.

      "Keep it busy for me, I have a plan," Rick said. He flew back into the magma chamber to do something and I got back up to face the dragon. I began building up fury energy. It breathed another wave of fire at me and I generated a energy shield around me for protection. I charged at it and continued trying to slash at it with my sword.

      After a few minutes into the battle, there was huge explosion. Must have been Rick. Magma began flooding through the tunnels and into the room. When magma started flowing into the room, I unleashed a wave of fury energy at the dragon. The dragon was knocked back into the magma. It and the reaper were now gone. I knew that the whole place would be flooded soon, so I quickly started flying back out. I met up with Rick partway and he guided me towards the exit.

      I don't remember anything beyond this except that we all got out alive and lived happily ever after. I hardly write in my DJ anymore, but for some reason I felt like this one needed to be written.
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    2. Training Fury Mode; Taking Out the Trash (March 4, 2012)

      by , 04-13-2012 at 05:29 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Training Fury Mode

      The earliest thing I can remember is walking around an old tomb with Chris. I really don't know what it was. I was inside a man made tunnel with stone walls. I could tell it was made by an ancient civilization because there were hieroglyphics on pretty much everything. Judging by the different shapes and sizes of the stone ruins, I made an assumption that there used to be a city in the tunnel. I tripped over a large stone platform as I was walking through the rubble and hurt my leg.

      "What are we even doing here?" I asked Chris.
      "These are the Dreamer Base ruins. The tower should be somewhere nearby." He said.

      I then remembered that Chris had told me something similar before. We were looking for something that would be inside an ancient tower.
      I think I became lucid around this point from hearing "Dreamer Base". It must have triggered me to think about lucid dreaming. I got up off the ground and felt really excited about finding this mystery item. Then a giant green troll monster thing crashed through the wall. Chris pulled out his bow and started shooting at the troll. The arrows were about as effective as tooth picks. For some reason I felt like I was too weak to be able to fight this thing. I decided it would be best to run away from this thing.

      It picked up a large brick and threw it towards Chris. I grabbed Chris, opened up a a portal to the void, and jumped in before the brick could hit him. I quickly opened a portal to somewhere near the ruins below us before the troll get in. We both fell through the portal, and as usual I landed on my face. When I got up and looked around, I was in a forest now. Right next to me was Chris and a large stone tower. I knew that whatever I was looking for would be at the top of the tower.

      I ran through the entrance and started running up the spiral staircase. Chris followed right behind me. When I reached the top of the stairs, there was a little door on the ceiling. I pushed it open and we climbed onto the roof. The view from up there was pretty amazing. There was a pedestal resting on the center of the roof. I kind of just took a guess on what I needed to do. I pulled a red crystal out of my backpack and placed it on the pedestal. It glowed brightly for a moment and then stopped. Suddenly my energy sense activated and I felt more than just Chris's energy behind me.

      I turned around and jumped back, expecting to have to fight something. A large red dragon landed next to Chris and stared at me. I relaxed and dropped my fighting stance because he didn't feel dangerous. He spoke to me, but I can't remember what exactly we talked about at first. I do remember the last half of the conversation though.

      "I am here to train you." The dragon said.
      "Sorry, but I already know how to use my fire element." I said.
      "No, I'm going to teach you about the 'fury mode', as you like to call it."
      "Hey! I got an idea! Let's call it the Woosh! Because of the sound it makes when you release it?" Chris said.

      Chris left me no choice but to facepalm after hearing that statement. Even the dragon gave Chris a strange look.

      "Okay, never mind." Chris said.
      "I thought you could only breathe fire." I said to the dragon.
      "Yes, but I know how to gather fury energy to make it more powerful." He said.

      The dragon stepped back a few feet, preparing to demonstrate. He became very focused and a red energy started to form around him. He focused the energy to his foot and then stamped his foot down on the ground. Hundreds of large and powerful fireballs rose up out of the floor and flew into the sky. The exploded and lit the sky up with a bright red light. After seeing that, it was obvious that he knew a lot about this technique. I was so amazed and ready to learn from him at that point. I stepped back to the other side of the tower and prepared for my training.

      "Think of something that angers you while gathering fury energy." The dragon said.

      He didn't speak to anymore, but it sort of felt like he was still guiding me through it passively. I thought of something that made me angry, but I can't remember what it was. The idea was to gather energy from my emotions to make myself more powerful. I focused on making my energy spike while trying to become a little angry. My body started glowing with a purple energy that felt warm. I then transformed into my stage 1 dragon form, which is the black dragon I usually transform into. I powered the energy up some more and it grew into a full aura around me. At this point I was trying reach a stage where my fury mode would become more powerful. When my energy spiked again I transformed into my stage 2 dragon form, which is a more powerful white dragon. The aura didn't grow any larger, but it definitely felt far more intense. Eventually I pushed on through to my final stage 3 dragon form, which is a purple dragon. Once again, the fury energy greatly increased in power and intensity.

      "Good job. Try to calm down without losing your energy now." He said.

      I put my arms down and allowed all of the muscles in my body to relax. I allowed my mind to calm down while at the same time focusing on the energy around me. When I did this, the fury energy hardly lost power and was still flowing through me. I was able to maintain this energy now without my mind filled with anger. It felt pretty amazing having so much power. I walked over to Chris to show him. He waved his hand through the aura and thought it was pretty cool. As we were playing with the aura, I sensed the energies of a group of below in the forest. The three of us walked over to the edge of the tower to take a look.

      When I looked down I saw a group of 10 or more men in red robes. From that it became obvious that they were Draflam soldiers. I wasn't sure why they were coming towards the tower though. I think it may have been because they don't like me and want me dead.

      "How would you like to use those Draflams as target practice?" The dragon said smiling.
      "Sounds like a good idea to me." I said
      "This is going to be fun to watch!" Chris said.

      I jumped over the tower wall and spread out my wings. I flew down towards the group of Draflams and prepared for a fight. I breathed out that purple energy on a couple of them like my fire breath. They were covered with a purple fire and were soon vaporized. Most of them quickly ran towards the tower, but one tried running away. I grabbed the fleeing Draflam and flew him right into the tower wall. I then flew right back towards the entrance and fired out a ball of fury energy in front of it. A few Draflams got inside the tower, but I blasted away the rest of them. I flew through a hole in the tower and landed on the staircase in front of them. They shot fireballs at me, but I created a shield around me out of fury energy. I then blasted out a wave of energy in front of me and killed the last of the soldiers.

      I flew back up to the top of the tower. I deactivated my fury mode and walked over to Chris and the dragon. The congratulated me for completing my training. I think I woke up after this point though.

      Taking Out the Trash

      This was a very short dream. My mother told me to take a bag of garbage out to the field to burn it. So I carried the bag out to the field. I pulled out a lighter to burn the trash, but it wasn't working. I became lucid at this point for some reason. Probably because being in a field is somewhat of a common dream sign for me. I decided the lighter was useless so I just tossed it over my shoulder. I held my hand out towards the garbage and lit in on fire. Magic makes everything so much easier. I think I was hit by a random car shortly after this. Why must my dreams end in stupid ways like that?

    3. Lucid Fragment, Tooth Ache, Rope Swinging, Improved Teleportation, In a Painting (February 16, 2012)

      by , 02-18-2012 at 09:28 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I used my daydream awareness technique again before bed. I didn't feel like daydreaming about anything in particular. I just wanted to focus on the idea of becoming lucid.

      Lucid Fragment

      I was in Loudonville standing behind my grandmother's house. I'm not sure but I think I was Claire or seeing things through her eyes in this dream. I was trying to hide from an army of little kids who wanted to eat me. They found me and they charged at me. I tried shooting them with an LMG I had been carrying, but it was out of ammo. So I picked up a gold sledge hammer leaning against the house. I swung it around in a circle hitting all of the kids around me. It was quite comical until I woke up.

      Tooth Ache

      This dream started out with me in my grandmother's house (Mansfield). It was a flase awakening and I was lying in the bedroom. I got up and put my clothes on for the day. I walked towards the kitchen to get some breakfast. I got a really strange feeling in my one tooth though as I walked to the kitchen. It then started hurting really bad. I poked it and felt it with my tounge. It hurt even more and tasted like bood, so I figured it was about to fall out. I started panicking because I don't think you're supposed to lose adult teeth. I poked at it with my finger and really knocked it lose. My mouth suddenly started to fill with blood. I ran into the bathroom and spit it out into the toilet. I started questioning why I had a bad tooth and how I could fix it. I became lucid after remembering that I had a similar dream a few days ago.

      I still wasn't sure how I was going to fix my tooth. After spitting more blood out I decided to call out to my sister for help.

      "Miki...Miki...Miki..." I moaned holding my head over the toilet.

      I didn't get any response from her. It seemed like she just decided to leave. So I decided to rely on a dream guide.

      "Claire!" I shouted to bring her to me.
      "What?" She said walking into the bathroom.
      I turned around to face her and said, "Look at this tooth ache!"
      "So?" She said thinking it was normal.
      I then spat out more blood onto the floor and yelled, "This isn't normal! Fix it!"
      "Alright, follow me." She said.

      I followed her outside of the house. Even though I had just woken up, it was oddly night time. We walked across the street into a field. We were walking towards a huge statue. I think it was the head of the Statue of Liberty half burried in the ground. I then stopped walking and thought about my real life tooth. I thought the tooth pain in my dream could be related to my real life tooth. If so then it would be a good idea to wake up and check on it. I grabbed the fabric of my dream with my hand (if that makes sense) and started pulling on it. I pulled and twisted it until it ripped open. I let myself fall into the void and woke up.

      When I woke up my tooth was completely fine. That made me a little upset that I woke up for no reason. I got up to get a class of water and then sat there for a while using my daydream technique.

      Rope Swinging

      Kind of forgot some of this dream because I put off writing it. I was standing on a platform built around the top of a very tall tree. I tried to see how far from the bottom I was, but there was only a thick fog below me. I was standing there with my cat. My cat looked as if he was about to jump off of the platform.

      "No kitty! No kitty! No kitty!" I yelled.

      He jumped off and I looked down to see had jumped to another platform. As high as it was, it looked like it should have killed him.
      I became lucid after thinking about how the fall should have killed him. I saw ropes hanging from the tree branches and decided to play with those. I ran foward, grabbed a rope, and swung towards another platform. To reach the next platform I had to curve around the tree with the rope. Oddly when I did this I had a quick gust of hot air blow at me for a few seconds. After I landed on the next platform there were no others to swing to. I ran and swung on the last rope anways. After I let go of the rope I fell far through the fog until I hit the ground. I did a roll when I landed so I wouldn't break my legs or anything. More happened after this, but I forgot it.

      Improved Teleportation

      I can't remember the moment I became lucid. I was standing in my grandmother's living room (Mansfield) in the middle of the night. Oddly everyone us up and walking around even though it was the middle of the night. I decided I would try teleporting somewhere. I don't like walking around the dream world at night or places that seem very normal to me. I had a little bit of a new idea on how I would teleport this time.

      I swiped my hand down to create a rift in the wall above the couch. I jumped off the couch and dived into the portal. I fell and crashed into the void like I was expecting. Now that I was in the void and the previous dream scene was erased, it would be easier for me to teleport to a new one. I swung my arms out in a tearing motion to rip a hole in the void while thinking of a place full of snow. A rift opened up and I could see a bunch of snow through it. I stepped through the portal and I was in the middle of a forest covered in snow and ice. I also saw Chris just standing there watching the snow. The place was amazing, but it felt too cold there and I wanted to leave. I waved goodbye to Chris and walked back through the portal into the void.

      I did the same thing as before when I was in the void, except I thought about the summer and the beach. I saw sand, water, and the sun materialize as I opened the portal. When the image was complete I walked through the portal. Unfortunately the exit portal was a little high up in the air and I fell out of it. I hit the ground pretty hard, but I at least landed on sand. After groaning in pain and complaining to myself I got up and looked at my surroundings. I was on a beautiful island with a bunch of trees and flowers behind me. I looked back to the beach and saw someone just lying there on the beach. As I walked towards her I realized she was Claire. I wanted to ask her a few questions, but she was sleeping. I poked her belly a few times to try to wake here up. I then decided that waking her up would be like waking an angry bear. I sat next to her and waited for her to wake up, but she never did. I looked around a little bit and admired this new world. One odd thing I saw though was the Statue of Liberty's head burried in the ground again. The dream faded away as I waited.

      In a Painting

      It was a false awakening and I was actually in my own room for once. I was packing my bags for yet another road trip. As I was packing I saw a picture on my wall. It was a picture of the Statue of Liberty. I walked over to it and stared at it for a moment. I don't have a picture of the Statue of Liberty on my wall. I became lucid after realizing that the statue was in the previous dreams. It meant that this one was likely a dream too.

      For some reason I felt like I should go into the painting. I pushed my hand through the picture. It looked and felt like I had stuck my hand into a bucket of water. After pushing my whole arm into it, I was sucked into the painting. Next thing I know, I'm falling high above the buildings of New York City. I then felt an energy above me and turned towards the sky. Two seperate portals had opened in the sky. Out of one fell Chris, and out of the other fell Claire.

      "What the hell are you guys doing?!" I asked them.
      "Trying to save you!" Chris said.
      "You're doing a pretty bad job at it!" I yelled at him.
      "There wasn't much time to plan!" he yelled back.
      "Shut up and morph into a dragon already!" Claire yelled.

      I transformed into a full dragon real easy and spread out my wings. Claire grabbed onto my back and I grabbed Chris with my four legs. I was about to crash into a skyscraper, but Claire grabbed my horns and steered me to the right. I was about to hit another building, so she steered me to the left just barely missing two buildings. I nearly lost my grip of Chris and was barely holding onto him anymore.

      "You guys are too heavy" I yelled.

      Claire got mad at me and purposely steered me into the side of a building. That was a painful hit on the head.

      I growled at her and asked, "What the hell was that for?"
      "Watch what you say." Claire said.
      "This too much weight for me to carry!" I yelled back.
      "Maybe you just need to build some muscle" She said.
      "Look out!" Chris yelled.

      I looked back in front of me and saw the Statue of Liberty. I crashed into the crown thingy on it and gripped it with my claws. I grabbed Chris with my tail and and Claire held onto my shoulders. After some struggling I finally pulled all of us up. All of that craziness destabilized my dream and I woke up like 5 seconds later.

    4. Finding a Sword (January 24, 2012)

      by , 01-25-2012 at 12:58 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Finding a Sword

      I don't know when I became lucid, but I was lucid. I was walking down the stone path of a medieval city. I was helping a kid who was a couple years younger than me find a weapon. He wanted good sword so he could start his own adventures. I led him down the path to where the sword shop was. When we got to the shop it exploded and a giant bug flew out of the flames. The shop owner was standing outside, so we went over to talk to her.

      "Your shops on fire." I told her.
      "Yes, I see that!" She said in frustration.
      "Do you have any swords left?" The kid asked her.
      "No, but there is a powerful sword hidden inside the city. I'll let you keep that sword if you use it to kill those things." She told us.
      "Where's the sword?" The kid asked.
      "He knows." She said pointing to me.

      The funny thing is, I really did know where it was. I actually knew the city pretty well even though it was fictional. I pointed to a dark alley across the street from the shop. We descended the stairs in the alley and came to a maze of multiple paths. I was somehow able to guide him along the right path. We came to a dead end where there was a carving of a dragon on the wall. I placed my hand over the dragon picture and it started to glow blue. A piece of the floor beneath us then tore away from the ground and levitated up to the top of the wall. We stepped off the floating floor and onto the rooftop. We found a longsword sticking out of the roof. I took the sword and gave it to my friend. He then did one of those video game victory poses where he lifted it up in the air and smiled.

      "Wow! That sword boosted you up to lvl 23!" I said reading his stats.
      "Wait, don't we have another job to do?" He asked.
      "Yeah, we have to find those monsters." I said

      We walked back onto the floating floor and it descended back to the ground. We then walked out to an open area and stopped. I could feel the ground vibrating slightly below us. Then 3 flying monsters came out from under the ground. One of them was the giant flying bug from before. It had the body of a bee, the face of a beetle, and the wings of a moth. The second monster was just a floating skull with glowing red eyes. The third monster was a floating purple ghost with a skull mask.

      "Look out!' I said to alert my friend.

      I jumped back and transformed into a black dragon. The ghost and the bug decided to pick a fight with me while my friend fought with the the skull. The ghost shot a ball of shadow fire at me and I dodged to the right. I ran straight towards the ghost and stood on my back legs so I could start clawing at him. I made a few swipes and then tried to sink my claws into him. The bug flew in and tackled me before I could grab the ghost. The bug kept trying to stab me with its giant stinger. I would swipe at his stinger to block his attacks and he would do the same. It was a sword fight with claws and stingers. When he had a chance to land a direct hit on me, I did a backflip and striked his stomach with my tail's blade. At this moment I had instinctively learned how to use the dark element of poison. Not only did I cut his stomach, but I infected him with a lethal poison that killed him quickly.

      The ghost then came out of nowhere and knocked me to the ground. It then unleashed it's shadow fire on me, but I slowed down time and rolled out of the way. I tried to swipe it with my poison tail, but it turned into a shadow and appeared behind me. He then smacked me into a wall when I wasn't looking. I kept trying to slash him with my tail and claws, but he just kept turning into a shadow. When I was starting to tire out, he created a shield of shadow fire around him and charged towards me. So then I thought, "If he can use shadow powers, why can't I?". I stood up and charged towards him. Right before we were about to collide, I let a cloud of darkness rise from the ground and surround me. I phased right through him and caught him off guard. I stabbed him from behind with my claws to make sure I had a good grip for what I was about to do. I flew high up into the air with him and threw him back down to the ground. I then dived down towards him in a ball of shadow fire. When I crashed into him, he turned into a shadow mist that sort of evaporated.

      I looked back at my friend to see how his battle was coming along. The skull was shooting flames at him, but he was able to dodge them. He then held the sword out in front of him and charged it with a powerful red energy. He then leaped towards the skull at a super fast speed. Using this speed he was able to slice up the skull from all angles in just a few seconds. The skull fell to the ground and my friend delivered the final blow with a cut down the center. We had won the fight and I went back to my human form.

      I guided us back along to the main road. From there we walked to the castle. The king was supposed to give my friend a quest that would start his real adventure. Unfortunately I woke up by the time we reached the drawbridge.


      Yay! Shadow and poison magic!
    5. Dragon Morph (January 15, 2012)

      by , 01-16-2012 at 06:55 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I learned 5 new abilities during a great fight last night. I learned the fire element, ice element, lightning element, earth element, and how to morph into a dragon.

      Dragon Morph

      I was in the sky high above the clouds in the middle of the day. I was being carried through the sky by some sort of wind current. I stopped screaming when I noticed there were many animals flying through it peacefully. There were buffalo, horses, and rabbits just flying along with it. I then made an attempt to gain control of myself and fly along with it. I noticed a sharp turn in the current ahead and I flew out of it before I could turn with it.

      I started falling and screaming again. I noticed a small floating island below me in the direction I was falling. After falling for about 3 seconds I grabbed onto the edge of the floor.
      As I was starting to lose my grip I realized I was dreaming. I was about to activate super strength, but I fell before I could activate it. The funny thing is I'm great at flying but completely forgot about it in this dream. I decided to let instincts take over and save me. I did a roll as I was in the air and morphed into a dragon through it. I wasn't a very big dragon. If I were to stand on my hind legs I'd only be a little bigger than I am right now.

      I started flapping my wings and I was now hovering a few hundred feet or so below the island. I started laughing because of how cool it was to have morphed and how it felt to have a tail and wings. I used my wings to quickly fly back up onto the island floor. When I got up there I met a strange man wearing dark robes. I'm just gonna call him shadow man for now. I then started to hear a woman's voice in my head.

      "Be careful around him." She said.
      "Why?" I asked.
      "His magic isn't natural."

      I saw his eyes glow yellow as he started charging purple balls of lightning in each hand. I charged towards him to try to stop his spell. I was too late though and he blasted the hell out of me. The spell knocked me back and out of my morph. He then taunted me with a laugh at how powerless I now was. I knew I wouldn't be able to fight him as just a human so I tried to recreate the morph technique. I jumped towards the ground into a roll. Halfway through the roll I quickly started morphing into my dragon form. I came out of the roll on four paws again feeling confident. He tried throwing anothing lightning bolt at me, but I jumped out of the way and started running towards him.

      As I ran towards him I heard the voice say, "You're a dragon now, remember to use your elements. Try to breathe fire."

      Instinct kind of took over again and I gathered an intense heat in the back of my throat. I took a deep breath and breathed this heat out slowly into a large flame. It looked like I damaged him, but he considered it nothing compared to his abilities. He quickly teleported to the other edge of the island to stay at a safe distance from me. I didn't let the distance stop me though and I started to shoot fire balls towards him. Unfortunately he was too good at dodging to land a clean hit. He then stopped and waved his arms in a downward motion. He flew away as the island started shaking violently apart. When I relized that the island was about to collapse I flew up high above the danger zone.

      "You can't defeat me! I'm invincible!" I heard him yell with an evil laugh.
      "Quick, get over to the other island. He's summoning something." The voice told me.
      "I don't think I can beat him. I've never fought anyone so powerful." I said.
      "You're a lot more powerful than you ever were before. You can do it." She said reassurring me.

      I made a left turn in my flight and flew over the second island. There was shadowy village on the island that looked far from natural. I saw the shadow man fly into the village and hide in one of the houses. One thing I found strange about the village was the buildings were only about 4 times my size.

      "Did he summon that village?" I asked the voice.
      "Yes, you should destroy it quickly." She said.
      "Why would he summon a village of all things?" I asked.
      "It's best we don't find out." She replied.

      I swooped down towards the village and flew close to the buildings. I started breathing fire on a few buildings. I soon landed inside the village because flying close to the buildings was becoming too difficult. I breathed more fire and it blew apart the buildings. Suddenly a bunch of soldiers that looked like mini shadow men came out of the houses. They came at me with spears and swords and surrounded me. I started to fight them off with my claws and tail until I remembered that there is more than the fire element. As several of them surrounded me again and got closer I charged the energy inside my body. A sphere of electricity started to form around me until I released it in a wave of lightning in all directions. It effectively wiped out my enemies.

      I now knew why the village needed to be destroyed. It was creating little shadow minions that would do the shadow man's evil work. I decided fire was too slow and I needed to try the earth element. I released green waves of seismic energy from my mouth at the houses. They blew apart and shattered quickly. I held this new breath for a while as I mowed down several houses. I stopped when about 20 more of those little guys showed up. I quickly flew up into the air to avoid them and surrounded myself with a green sphere of energy. When I came crashing down towards the ground it had the effect of a meteor strike. The wave of earth magic destroyed many more houses and killed nearly all of the minions. By this point I had destroyed most of the village and the shadow man gave up on hiding in it.

      The shadow man then flew up to a third island above us and I flew after him. When I met him at the top he sneak attacked me with a spell that blasted me back into the wind current. I was thrown all over the place inside it but quickly regained control. I started flying against the current with all my strength to get back to the fight. With enough determination I soon flew back out of the wind current and back towards the island. On my way I decided to plan my next moves with ice magic. I knew he wasn't going to expect me to be back so soon and I would be able to use a sneak attack.

      I landed on top of the island and he looked very surprised. I quickly focused the cold energy in the back of my throat. I took aim and fired 3 quick short bursts of ice magic at him. All 3 ice sickles hit him and froze his body in a couple places. I then charged in and released my ice breath in front of him. It knocked him back onto the edge of the cliff. He was hanging there by his hands unable to pull himself up. He was unable to fly because the ice on his body limited his movements.

      "I can't be defeated... I'm invincible..." The shadow man said shivering.
      "That shield on his side! That's what has been protecting him this whole time." The voice said.
      "Okay, I'll get rid of the shield." I said.

      I swooped down towards his side and swiped the shield off his side with my claws. I watched it fall down through the clouds. The shadow man managed to climb back onto the island when I wasn't looking. I landed in front of him to fight him once more. He tried to charge a spell, but I raimed him, swiped him with my claw, and then smacked him with my tail to combo. That's the last thing I remember. I know a little more happened, but I think I won.


    6. Dragon Taming (January 2, 2012)

      by , 01-03-2012 at 07:18 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      More dragon stuff and I'm happy with that. Some interesting things happened in this dream that made it the best lucid I've had to date. Not all was perfect though.

      Dragon Taming

      I don't remember anything from before I became lucid (if there was anything). It was a bright day and I was in a small river valley. I water was shallow and you could see beautiful colored rocks below the water. There were small trees growing in the water along the rivers path. I was lucid and taking joy in the ability to perform nearly impossible parkour techniques.

      I was jumping from tree to tree and trying to avoid the water as much as possible. There isn't much to say about it other than there was a lot of flipping and precision jumping. The freedom felt amazing. The last few jumps were the best. I jumped from one tree to the one in front of me and I spun around to the other side of it. I then jumped over to a large rock and jumped off of that onto a very high tree. I leaped off of this tree before I realized that there's nothing to jump to. Although I fell from a great hight, I was okay because I did a roll.

      Now my goal was to get to the top of the cliff in front of me and out of the valley. I saw a crevice that I could wall jump on next to the waterfall. I ran straight towards it, but then I stopped when I saw a spiked wall to the left of it. The wall shot out and just barely missed me. I ran past the wall and into the crevice as the trap slowly reset itself. I then wall jumped all the way to the top. I even slid all the way back down right after just to do it again.

      At the top was a great mansion that the river flowed around. I entered the mansion through the back door which led to my bedroom. I opened my bedroom door and everything looked like a mansion again. It was mostly empty though as if it had just been bought. I thought my family was in there somewhere and I had to ask my mother something. I searched a few nearby rooms, but I found no one. I then returned to the main hall where I saw my aunt looking outside through the wide open doors.

      "Is mom here?" I asked her.
      "Your parents left." She said.
      "Where are they?" I asked.
      "Just head north and you'll find them." She said.
      "Okay, which way is north?" I asked while looking for a compas.
      She pointed outside and said, "That way. Just past the mountains."

      Before I went outside, I felt like exploring one more room. It was a living room that actually had furniture and stuff in it. This is when I realized I never stabilized. I started rubbing my hands together and noticed I had a glove on my right hand. It felt pretty real and the dream started to become more vivid than it already was. Suddenly I remembered hearing something about stabilizing by licking things. I licked my glove and it tasted like any other glove. I saw a glass table in front of me and then decided to try licking it. After I licked it there was a disgusting taste in my mouth. I looked at the table and saw that there was a yellow slime on it. I then spent the next 30 seconds scraping off my tounge and spitting the taste out. The dream became almost as vivid as real life, but I still wish I hadn't licked the table.

      I then went outside to start my journey. The path looked like it would require me to go a long way east to go around the mountains. There were also mountains to the east though, so I figured it wouldn't be a favorable road. I thought about flying over the mountains, but I really just don't like standard flying in dreams. I kind of got distracted from my goal here and remembered my draconic roar. I figured that since I was still knew to it, I should practice it and try to make it stronger. I did at least five roars and each one was much louder than the ones from previous dreams. It was like the Lion King with the volume at 100. Most of my roars were just aimed into the sky where they wouldn't have an effect on anything. My last roar though, I looked at a tree, took a deep breath, and made an amazing sounding roar. It also instantly blasted the tree in two, which I thought was just great.

      I then remembered that I needed to get over the mountains, and at the same time remembered that I'm Dragonborn. So I figured I could just fly a dragon. I looked towards the mountains to the east and held my hands out. "Summon dragons!" I commanded. I then saw a baby ice dragon and a baby earth dragon fly out from behind the mountains. I also saw the image of a giant (mountain size) earth dragon in the distance, but it didn't move. The two baby dragons started playing together in the air for a little bit before they finally landed in front of me. I reached out my hand and moved slowly towards the white one.

      "Hey buddy!" I said as I moved towards it. The two dragons started to back away from me.
      "Don't be scared, it's okay." I said trying to calm them. As I moved closer into their space, they started to become aggressive.
      "No, no, I'm friendly! See?" I said holding my hand out to it.
      "Oh shit!" I yelled as tried to bite me.

      The ice dragon nearly bit my arm and the two of them were starting to growl at me. If I were to make one more attempt they would tear me to shreds in seconds. I guess baby dragons are just more timid and aggressive. It's not like I could fight against them though. You don't hurt the creature you're trying to befriend. Then an idea hit me. Summon a teacher!

      For some reason I'm just no good at summoning people, but I'm really good at summoning dragons. So what if I summoned a dragon with a person riding it? I held my hand out and looked towards the mountains again. "Summon dragon tamer!" I commanded. I waited a few seconds before seeing a figure come out from behind the mountain. A fire dragon with a man on it then appeared next to me. The man was dressed in a funny outfit that reminded me a lot of the squire from many dreams ago.

      "How do I tame one of these dragons?" I asked him.
      "With a ball." He said.
      "A ball...?" I said confused.
      "You can use it to distract them long enough to get close and make friends with them." He explained to me.

      He then pulled out a yellow ball that got the green dragon's attention. He tossed it and the dragon caught it and started to happily play with it. He then moved in close to it and started petting the dragon. It worked, and he had made the dragon his pet. The dragon tamer handed me the yellow ball and told me to try. I looked towards the white dragon, but it got scared and started running down the road. Naturally, I chased after it. When the dragon realized I was chasing it, it started to fly low to the ground. Then there were fences and walls in my way, but I managed to jump and flip over them. The dragon was starting to tire as chase went on, but my dad woke me up before the end.


      If the dragons weren't so timid I think this would have been the perfect lucid dream. I feel like I did learn something from all this though. Only problem is I don't care enough at the moment to figure that out.
    7. Dragonborn Magic (December 29, 2011)

      by , 01-03-2012 at 01:13 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Haven't wrote in my journal lately because I was busy with holiday stuff and generally unmotivated. This dream is important to me because I learned two very useful abilities.

      Dragonborn Magic

      I can't remember much of anything from before I became lucid. It was night time and I was in a field. There were also grey clouds in the sky and it was starting to snow. I was by myself and surrounded by a low fence that was generating a force field. Chris and some other guy were in another one not too far away. They were fighting with a woman, who was an elf, and casting spells at each other. So now my current goal was to figure out how to get out of the force field and help them.

      At this point I became lucid. I put my hands up in the air and kept making a throwing motion. I was attempting to cast a magic missle spell, but I just couldn't get it to work. I don't think I was really focusing on the spell enough. After trying at least 10 times I gave up and something interesting happened.

      "Why isn't it working?!" I asked myself. It frustrated me because I was doing the exact same thing the other three were doing. Instinct suddenly started to take over like it did when I first used time control. I jumped into the air and roared loudly. A powerful wave of blue energy came out of the roar and blasted through the force field like it was nothing. I noticed that the others were now fighting in the center of the field and regained complete control of my actions again.

      I jumped over the fence and then noticed my dog standing in front of me. She started to push me as I rubbed my hands together. After I had won the fight with her over stabilization, returned my focus to the fight. Instinct kind of took over again and I held my hands out flat while looking into the distance. I shouted, "Summon Ice Dragon!" A few seconds later I saw a shadowed figure flying out of the fog. The dragon flew very fast and was able to reach me in only about 10 seconds. It was full grown and looked very tame. I made a few steps forwards in an attempt to mount it. My dog tackled me before I could even touch the dragon and I woke up.


      I learned the draconic roar and how to summon dragons. I feel like this is related to the dream I had where the old man told me I was Dragonborn. I wonder if I'll gain other abilities from it...
    8. 1 Lucid, 3 Dreams (December 18, 2011)

      by , 12-20-2011 at 03:48 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I had a dream character appear as a buddy in all my dreams. I don't think he ever said his name, but I named him Chris and he responded to it.

      Nightmare Tunnel

      I was running through some place we called a "nightmare tunnel" with a dream buddy. The walls of the tunnel were odd swirling shades of yellow. We were running along a bridge/platform from zombies. A trap door then opened in our path and I fell in. I was in a dark room now and I walked down the hall towards the light.

      Now I was in an arena like room with high walls that prevented me from getting back to Chris. Suddenly vents opened and thousands of spiders poured out of them.
      As they surrounded me I suddenly realized that if it was a "nightmare tunnel" then that means I'm in a dream. I slowed down time and did a high jump before they could start crawling on me. While I was in the air a few of them tried jumping at me from the walls. I teleported out of the way to a wall with out spiders and then leaped over the arena to get out.

      I found myself alongside Chris again and now running from zombies, ghosts, swordsmen, and spiders. The bridge suddenly ended and below was just a bottomless pit. Chris turned around to face the monsters and prepared to fight them. I decided to take the easy way out and push him off the bridge. I then jumped down into the pit myself.

      I saw a bright flash of light and I found myself laying in a field. I got up off the ground and found Chris. I explained to him that it was a dream and we could do anything. So we both got the idea to play around with the low gravity. We did a few jumps and flips before quickly becoming bored with that.

      "There's nothing to do in this field." Chris said.
      "Sure there is!" I said as I summoned a slinky.
      "What are you going to do with that?" He asked.
      "You'll see."

      I placed it between my hands and then magically expanded it to the size of a house. We then jumped on top of the slinky and I made it fly high in the air. I then added some spins and spirals to the flight to make it fun. Once we got past the clouds I decided to let the slinky fall and jump off. I was now happily free falling through the sky. I completely forgot about the landing part though and I hit the ground hard. I immediately got right back up full of energy.

      "Ouch, that hurt a little." I said with my hand over my side.
      "You just fell 1000 feet and you're okay with that?" Chris asked me surprised.
      "Ha ha, if this was real life that would be a broken rib." I said laughing.

      Sadly the dream started to fade away at this point. More things may have happened, but I can't remember.

      A Grim Future

      I was inside an old rundown building. It was abandoned and looked like no one had lived there in years. Chris from the last dream was by my side again and was exploring with me. As we moved around the house I started to notice that it looked a lot like my home. We were on the second floor but didn't find anything interesting. I fallowed Chris down the stairs and into one of the larger rooms. I recognized it as my living room and realized that it was my home. I then shined my flash light near the couch. In the light I saw the two dead bodies of my parents.

      "What the hell is happening here?" I thought out loud.
      "You time traveled, remember?" Chris answered.
      "How far did I go?" I asked him.
      "About a few years I think." He said.

      Through out the house I found more dead bodies of family members. I also found several animal bodies of pets I've had through my life. I woke up shortly after.

      The Honor Code

      I was in the living room of a very nice house. That's all I can really it say, it was fancified. I found Chris sleeping on the floor.

      "Chris, get off the floor." I said.
      "I was sleeping" He said annoyed.
      "Look outside." I said while pointing to the window.

      We walked to the window and looked outside. The ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and there were gray clouds covering the sky. We looked to see a caravan sinking into a pond and a many people drowning. Medieval soldiers soon arrived and worked hard to get them out of the water.

      "Shouldn't we go help them?" I asked.
      "Not unless we're in the army." He said.
      "Seriously? We can't help people unless we're soldiers?" I asked in disappointment.
      "I heard they're offering a 3 day trial period. That should be long enough for us." He said.
      "Well then let's go!" I said excitedly.

      I turned away from the window and saw a man of about my age in the living room. Looking at his clothes I could tell he was associated with the military but only a squire. He was messing with a few statues and antiques in the room.

      "Can I help you?" I asked him.

      I startled him and he dropped the small vase he was holding. We both looked at it as it fell to the ground and shattered. He looked up and smiled sheepishly.

      "It's not mine but you're paying for it." I told the squire.
      "I was sent to help you find the barracks." He said.
      "Okay..." I said expecting him to explain more.
      "We must go there for you to sign the honor code." Chris explained.
      "Lead the way." I said.

      We walked outside into the snowy weather and the squire pulled out a map. I tried reading it, but I couldn't make sense out of it. He pointed down the road leading to the village and we followed him. Unfortunately the dream kind of skipped straight past the village and into the barracks.

      The squire pulled a golden tablet out from a desk drawer. He motioned me forward and handed me a quill. He started rambling a bunch of nonsense that I kind of ignored until he mentioned magic.

      "This golden tablet is the honor code. It is magical device that will decide if you're with or with out honor. Just sign right here." He instructed me.

      I took the quill and signed the tablet, but it was more like random scribbles. I then stepped aside so Chris could sign. Neither of us blew up or anything so I figured we passed. The squire then scribbled something on a scroll and said we passed.

      The next thing I know I'm at a fair with rides and stuff in chainmail armor. I knew my job was to watch for crime and keep peace at the event. Despite this, I walked up and down the street trying to find Chris.

      "Chris! Where are you?!" I shouted into the crowd of people.
      "Right here." He said as he walked up to me.
      "Where the hell did you go?" I asked.
      "Rollercoaster." He replied.
      "I see you also got cotton candy..." I said staring at the bag of pink fluff strapped to his side.
      "Want some?" He asked.
      "Yup!" I said happily.

      So we spent the rest of the dream just sitting on a bench and eating cotton candy. As with all cotton candy, it was tasty.


      It was a bright sunny day and I was riding a rubber raft in the ocean. My sister and a weasel were also in the raft with me. I saw Chris in the water working hard to push the raft.

      "Why did we bring a weasel?" I asked Chris.
      "New dream law." He said.
      "And it's a law because...?" I asked confused.
      "There's been a lot of dragon sightings around here lately. Everyone is now ordered to have a weasel at sea. It will protect us from the dragon." He explained to me.

      I then saw a large white dragon leap out of the water nearby. It wasn't aggressive and it swam away. I noticed that me and my sister were wearing colorful electronic knee and elbow pads. I read the screen on my elbow pad (impossible in real life) and it showed 1000 points. I figured this referred to power points and could be used for defensive abilities and magical attacks. I placed my elbow on my sister's knee and gave her half of my points to add to her defenses. Thanks to our training from the last dream, me and Chris knew much more about fighting dragons than her and I was worried that the dragon could still attack. It appeared a few times, but luckily we never got in a fight.

      We started to approach an island with slides and swing sets. It looked exactly like the playground I usually visit in dreams except it was surrounded by water and sandy. We got off the raft and stepped onto the beach. Unfortunately Chris said he had more rafts to deliver. The whole island was essentially the playing field of a game. There were many children there wearing colored knee and elbow pads like us. I noticed many of my family members sitting on the beach, but I didn't bother to greet them. I kid then ran by me at a super speed and smacked my elbow with his elbow.

      "Ha Ha!" he taunted.
      "Fricking pointjacker!" I yelled at him.

      He had taken 35 points or so from me. I couldn't ask my sister for any of my points back because I felt that would be dishonorable. I also knew she would need them more because these guys were hardcore. I wasn't interested in taking power points from other kids either as that was like stealing money to me. I just wanted to play around like I usually do on the playground.

      I saw a wooden toy intended for climbing on past the swing sets. As I walked over there I stayed close to the swing sets where these gamers were too busy swinging. I got too close though and took a foot to the face and fell to the ground. I turned onto my back and saw a fat kid get off the swing in front of me. I stood up to face him eye to eye (sadly I was a foot shorter in this dream). It was the kid that accidentally kicked me in the face.

      "You tryin' to steal my points?" He said in an attempt to intimidate me.
      "No." I said firmly.
      "I thinks you are." He said smugly.
      "Just passing by." I said.

      I had already started walking towards the wooden toy again before he could get out another word. I wasn't in the mood for dealing people like him. So I started climbing multiple platforms and layers inside the structure. I stopped when I heard footsteps coming from the ground below me. I snuck to a position where I could remain hidden and observe. I saw the same kid from before wandering around below trying to find me. I jumped down and tackled him to the ground. I held him down until I had absorbed all of his power points.

      "Please go away now." I said irritated.
      "Mommy!!!" He cried and ran off.
      "Finally." I said to myself.

      I walked over to my family sitting on the beach and just looked out into the ocean. The dream faded away after this.


      Chris seems to be a much better dream character than most. He just makes things more fun. Unfortunately I didn't take his hints that I was dreaming. I hope to see him in more of my dreams.
    9. 3 Lucids and Tetris Effect (December 17, 2011)

      by , 12-18-2011 at 06:52 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      My Neighborhood

      I was in my old room from when I used to live in Loudonville. It was the middle of the night and I was preparing for bed. Nothing too interesting happened except for how real it felt and I thought I was being watched. I would slowly walk to my bedroom door a couple times and peer out. It almost felt like there was someone just standing at the door watching. I just ignored it and went to sleep.

      When I woke up I was in a dimly lit room similar to the last one. The difference was I had a wood floor (real splintery wood), everything was a mess, and a few things were broken. I had to sneeze and I reached over to grab a tissue. I held it to my nose and sneeze, then tried breathing in with it pressed to my nose.
      I could breathe clearly and I realized I could only do that if I was dreaming. I felt the air around me to make sure I was dreaming.

      I was very calm in this dream and I didn't feel the urge to blast everything to pieces. I remembered I wanted to go to Korthos and tried using the dream spin technique. I'm not sure why I did that when I know how to create portals. It failed at making me teleport, but it made my dream more vivid and lucid. I decided to just walk out the door and see where it would take me. It brought me to a dark cold room made of stone. There were a couple small windows, a half broken door to the left, and another bedroom door to the front. I decided to keep going straight. I came to a similar room except the walls were cracked, a window was broken, and the door to the left wasn't even on its hinges anymore. I tried going straight a couple more times, and each time I saw the same room with a little more damage.

      Then I finally stopped and thought about it. "Screw it. This is just going to go on forever." I thought. So I decided to try the left this time. I moved the broken door out of the way and could see the bright daylight. I smiled as I saw multiple houses lined down the street and many people outside enjoying themselves. This was a little new to me because I'm used to living in the middle of nowhere.

      I walked out into my front yard to find a man casually chainsawing the hell out of my tree. I decided to try talking to him to see what he had to say. "Hi." I said. He stopped chainsawing my tree for a moment and looked at me strange. "Ok, bye." I said backing away from him. I decided I didn't want to say anything that might make that DC mad since he had a chainsaw. So I just let him go back to randomly chainsawing parts of my tree even though I liked that tree.

      A mail man then walked up my drive way and I thought I could talk to him. I tried saying hi again, but he just stared at me with surprised look on his face. Maybe he was afraid that I was going to blow him up. I figured it would be hopeless, so I just walked by him. I then started walking down the road to find something interesting.

      For some reason there is a large memory gap here, but I remember being on a highway full of parked vehicles. I was just running around and jumping on vehicles like it was an obstacle course. I eventually came across an ice cream truck. I couldn't resist driving it around in circles with the music playing. It made my day, but I woke up not long after.

      Tribal Warfare; Pinkie Surprise

      This dream started with me in the same room that I became lucid in the last dream. I instantly recognized that and did a nose reality check to confirm that I was dreaming. I also did the spin technique just to make my dream more vivid. I walked through the bedroom door like before. This time I decided to take a left from the start so I wouldn't waste time going straight. When I moved the door out of the way I was in the middle of a field near a mansion.

      I then heard battle cries from behind me and I slowly turned around. There were a hundred little tribal people with green hair, masks, and spears. I talked to them and heard that they were about to lay seige to the mansion. I also befriended one named Mike, but I can't remember many details. I did tell them which side they should attack from and what formation they should use. I was just trying to be helpful.

      They all got in formation and moved to position. The warriors then charged towards the mansion from the left at full speeds. People who were having a party at the mansion started to panic and scatter in all directions. As they got close to the mansion's door, a huge wall of flames surrounded the building. All the tribal people were lit on fire and killed except for a few survivors. I casually walked over towards the mansion as the flames died out and the people calmed themselves. I was enjoying it all because I knew it was just a dream and nothing serious.

      I was still curious as to what happened to Mike. I tried digging through some of the loose dirt on the ground from the battle. Instead of Mike, I found a very large stone floor beneath me. The floor was made of huge Mayan hieroglyphics. I didn't care, and I still wanted to know if Mike was alive or not.
      "Have you seen Mike?" I asked a girl sitting on stone steps in front of me.
      "What are those symbols on the ground?" She asked while ignoring my question.
      "Something Mayan related. Is Mike still alive?" I asked her again.
      "What does that picture on the ground mean?" She said pointing to a spot on the ground. I looked to where she was pointing and noticed it looked like a man with a mustache. "It means the Mayans invented Pringles." I said jokingly. "Now tell me where the survivors are." I demanded.
      "What survivors?" she said laughing.
      I started to pretend to cry and said, "No! My one and only dream friend dead!"
      "Oh your friend Mike is over there standing by the other 3 survivors." She finally stated.

      My memory is kind of weak for the rest of the dream. I walked over to a group of tribesmen who were just sitting around relaxing. We talked about how the invasion failed what went wrong. We also walked around finding some Mayan statues and other stuff. I think we went into the forest and saw some "spicy trolls" attack an elf. They turned into hot sauce and melted the elf like lava.

      The next thing I remember is driving around Ponyville with Mike in a whacky looking car that was most likely invented by Dr. Seuss. I also remember that I was no longer human but a black pony again. By this point things have suddenly become less vivid and obviously more cartoony. My cell phone started to vibrate and I answered it. The left half of my vision was then covered by a pannel of Pinkie Pie. She was in a bird costume and making angry buzzing noises into the phone. "Okay..." I said and ended the call. This repeated again.
      "Hello?" I answered into the phone.
      "Bzzzzzz!" Was all I got.
      "Bye." I said and ended the call again.

      I sat there confused for a moment and tried to figure out what was happening. The phone vibrated again.
      "Hi Pinkie Pie." I answered."
      "Bzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzz Bzzz!" She responded angerly.

      I hung up the phone and proceeded to bang my head repeatedly against the side of the car. I now have a reason for killing dream characters all the time. The vibrated once more.
      "Hello again Pinkie."
      "I know you're mad about the tribes people dying, but it wasn't my fault!" I tried to explain to her.
      "Bzzz!" Was her response.
      "Once I find you you're gonna-" I stopped and looked up to see a bunch of balloons, cake, and confetti.

      A bunch of ponies jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" and cheered. "Okay, 'surprise' for what?" I asked as I closed the cell phone.
      "It's a party for your lucid dream, silly!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.
      "Sure, why not." I said half talking to my dream itself.

      So the pony party commenced and we had a lot of fun. Once again, I ate dream cake and it was the best ever as usual. Sadly the dream faded away as the party went on.

      Let's Fly to Puppet Land

      I really can't remember the beginning of this dream. The last thing I remember is I was in my grandmother's hallway. I suddenly started puking a sand/dirt substance which is unfortunately one of my dream signs. I didn't even need to do a reality check because the second I start puking sand in real life I might as well be dead. I walked into a bedroom and used the spin technique to stabilize the dream. I then sat on the bed and questioned what I could do with this dream.

      I looked out the bedroom window and saw my sister's car pull into the drive way. I then looked at the bed and bounced on it a little. I also noticed a large pile of random junk sitting in the corner of the room. Suddenly I had an idea. I would recruit my sister and her friends to build a magic flying bed!

      I ran outside to meet my sister. She got out of the car with her boyfriend and some random naked dream character. "Okay, you three are going to help me build a flying bed. We don't have time to argue about it so lets just go!" I explained to them excitedly. I then ran back inside to the bedroom to get started.

      First we pulled out a large pile of old rusted metal springs. I used telekinesis to mend them together. My sister's boyfriend then placed a matress on top of the springs and the naked dream character placed a gym mat on top. Well all then climbed up there, held hands, and sang a song as I enchanted the bed. Really messed up stuff.

      So then the bed starts to levitate and crash through the ceiling. I pointed towards a mountain range off in the distance and the bed took us there like a flying carpet. As we flew through the snowy mountains, we came across giant dancing puppets. They were almost as big as the mountains and I have no idea who was controlling them. The dream started to fade after this, but it was some pretty fun stuff.

      Tetris Effect

      As a result of playing stronghold crusader for a few house in the afternoon, all my dreams except the lucids were about crusader. The tetris effect is where you do so much of an activity during the day that you dream about it. So sadly I spent most of my time watching little virtual archers shoot flaming arrows at little virtual spearmen. That's really all that happened. I was only viewing gameplay.


      I suddenly love the dream world again. Not all dreams are out to kill me after all.
    10. 1 Lucid, 4 dreams, 1 fragment (December 14, 2011)

      by , 12-15-2011 at 07:26 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Clicker and Flicker

      I don't remember much of this dream. I was in a jungle in the middle of the day. There were two giant bugs the size of elephants coming towards me. One of them was a blue beatle named Clicker and the other was a cockroach named Flicker. We got to talking about something, but I can't remember what it was. Shortly after the conversation they held me down to the ground and I'm assuming they ate me.

      Village Mob

      Another vague dream. This time I was in a small mountain village. I remember being a chased by a few villagers down the street. I stopped by several houses and shops trying to seek help. Unfortunately all these people were also angry and ended up joining the mob. Eventually I ran to the town square. There was a very large chest their sitting next to the fountain. I pretty much locked myself inside the chest and hid in there for the rest of the dream.

      Animal & Lucid Dream Study

      It was the middle of the night and I was in a room of a very tall apartment building. I was with a veterinarian, my sister, a tiger, and a very large dog. I was assisting her in examining the tiger's sleeping state. We were trying to figure out if it lucid dreams or not. We gave it a shot of some kind and it fell asleep. Strangely it was asleep but standing in a trance like state.

      My sister was looking out the window and said that a man was at the front door of the building. I looked down and noticed he had a shopping cart full of random junk (including a laser cannon). I started to panic and run around the room because we had asked him earlier to bring us supplies. We didn't tell him that we were examining tigers, which are not allowed in apartment buildings.

      When the man came into the room I froze in place and stare at him for a moment. I looked around the room and noticed that the veterinarian and the tiger had disappeared. So I walked over to him, took the shopping cart, thanked him, and closed the door. I turned back around and the veterinarian and tiger were standing there again.

      We started to examine the tiger again. She lifted the tiger's eye lids and I looked at its eyes with a flash light. It's eyes were moving rapidly and I said it was a REM period. She then attached some wires to its head so we could read its brain activity. Once again my sister motioned me towards the window. I looked down to see the man again with a shopping cart full of books. I panicked again because I knew that the veterinarian wouldn't be able to hide the tiger when it's attached to a machine.

      The man knocked on the door and I looked to see that the tiger and woman had somehow disappeard again. I opened the door, took the shopping cart full of books, and told the man he is no longer needed. The books weren't even relevant as they were childrens books. So I put the pile of books in a corner somewhere to keep them out of the way. I turned around again knowing that she would somehow reappear with the tiger again. She was sitting in the middle of the room watching the tiger as if nothing happened.

      The results from the machine came in and we somehow came to the conclusion that the tiger was lucid dreaming. Because the experiment on the tiger was a success, we decided to move on to the dog. We fallowed a very similar procedure as before. About half way through it though I felt the urge to go outside.

      The next thing I remember is pulling out a handgun and walking up to a green car. A few men came out of the car with their hands in the air. The looked like they were gang members or something and major assholes. I guess I was trying to hijack their car or something. I got into the car and as I was about to drive away one of them tried pulling out a gun. So I pretty much filled them with bullet holes, but thankfully in this dream world people don't die easily. They did back off though and the dream ended.

      Cloud Dragon Fragment

      It was a fragment of me standing on an old dirt path. I was looking up at the bright blue sky and took notice to the clouds. One cloud in particular was very large and looked very much like a dragon in the sky. If they were white and fluffy that is.

      Breakfast Buffet

      I woke up to my parents yelling at me about my algebra homework. I ignored most of the conversation until it got to the point about a breakfast buffet. The next thing I know I'm in a park with a bunch of people, tables, and freezers we stole from walmart.

      So I got in line next to the freezers behind these two girls. As they were picking out their breakfast items I somehow ended up holding open the freezer door for them. I just stood there holding open a door out of helpfulness for what felt like 10 minutes. It resulted in severe boredom and hunger that I think I tolerated fairly well. As a reward for my troubles, the girls gave me a grilled cheese sandwich. That made me really happy because I was starving. It was also the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

      I then looked in the freezer and all they had was little pouches of chocolate coins. I guess I was okay with this though and a took a couple. At the end of line was a money dispenser to pay for the food. I reached into my pocket and struggled to pull out a few gold coins and a dead mouse. I somehow managed to fit my coins and mouse into the coin slot and walked on towards a table. I woke up as I was making my way towards my family.

      The Dragonborn

      I remember it was the middle of the night and I was in some house in the middle of nowhere. There were a few other guys there including an old man. He said that I was "dragonborn" and I'm not sure what he meant by that. I assumed it meant something like I am a dragon in human form. We got to talking for a little bit and he gave me a "quest" to fix his satellite dish. So me and this other guy who was like a martial artist accepted.

      So we both jumped off the porch and did a pk roll for no reason at all. We then walked around to the side of the house and climbed onto the roof. I started to adjust the satellite dish. I nearly lost my balance a few times, but managed keep myself from falling. While I was up there, I kept getting images in my mind of a large gate and some sort of battle. After I finished my adjustments I jumped down and pk rolled because I could and went back inside.

      I was told the satellite still needed more adjustments, so we all went outside. I climbed back onto the roof and had about 5 people on the ground watching me. As I adjusted the dish it started to rain a little. It was a tedious task. At one point there was a flash of lightning that came with another image with a dragon. This caught me by surprise and I slipped and fell off of the roof. As I fell head first I motioned myself into a roll and actually put it to practical use.

      I was still lying on my back though after falling. As I picked myself up off the ground my vision was suddenly blinded.
      As with blindness came lucidity to my amazement. I stayed calm and started rubbing my hands together and feeling the tree next to me. This wasn't enough to bring my vision back though, so my solution was to switch to a third person view. This brought my vision back and even changed night to day.

      As I was finishing with my stabilization I suddenly heard my dog barking in the real world. I struggled to keep my dream stable. I managed to hold the dream together for about a minute before it turned into nothing but fragmented images. I had no more hope at this point and woke up.

      When I got out of bed I looked around to see what my dog would have been barking at. I then saw her on the floor moving her legs and growling in her sleep. Ironically my dream had ended due to a dream of hers.


      I feel this night was memorable for three reasons.
      1. It's the funnest night of dreams I've had in a while.
      2. It's the first time I've been able to break out of blindness in a dream.
      3. Dragonborn sounds like an awesome dream title and I'm keeping it.

      EDIT: I just realized in the Dragonborn dream Chris was one of the guys there.

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    11. First Lucid (7 Years Old, Dream Chain)

      by , 04-30-2011 at 02:20 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid awake lucid

      I decided to go ahead and put my first lucid dream into my dream journal. I also added the dreams that led up to this lucid. These dreams happened over 3 days when I was 7 years old.

      In the first dream I had, I was standing out on my school's playground. The sky started to turn red. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at the sky. I remember there being a large cloud over us, and I think it was skull shaped. There was a sense dread and impending doom. Everyone was looking up at the sky horrified. (They looked kind of funny staring at the sky with their jaws dropped actually. ) I went back inside the school and I walked up to the library on the 3rd floor. There was another kid there staring out the window with a book. I asked, "Why is the sky red?" He responded dramatically, "The world coming to an end!"

      I woke up shortly after that. I thought this dream was kind of weird and creepy, but I didn't pay much attention to it until the next day.

      In the second dream, it was a continuation from the last dream, but it took place on the day after the sky turned red. The sky was still red this day with the large cloud in the sky. I started my dream in front of my school. I didn't see anyone around the school or on the playground, so I went inside thinking that I was late. I entered a hallway, but it was dark, empty, and a mess inside. There was still no one in sight, no noise, and no sign of life. Desks and chairs were knocked over in the hallway, there was rubble on the floor, the wall was half destroyed, and the floor was cracked. At this point I was really starting to feal fear because I felt like the last guy in the world, I was scared of whatever destroyed everything, and I remembered the kid from the last dream saying that the world was coming to an end. Despite my fear, I continued down the hallway to find my classroom.

      My dream ended and I woke up right before I would have entered my classroom. This dream felt more realistic than the last one and it was scarier for me. I even watched the sky half of the day wondering if it would turn red.

      The third and final dream continued right about where the last one left off. It started with me sitting in the dark room at my desk. There was still no living thing in sight. I again started to wonder where everyone was for a few seconds. As I was thinking about this, the lights flashed on and all my classmates and my teacher seemed to flash into view with the light. They just walked around the room and worked on a project as if they had been there the whole time. I got up from my desk and asked my teacher, "Where did everyone go?" Everyone just turned and glared at me with angry expressions on there face. As they focused on me, their eyes started to glow red. In my mind all I could think was they wanted to chase me and kill me. And of course, they started to chase me out the door.

      I ran back out into the hallway and then out to the playground. As I ran up the hill on the playground, I stared up at the sky and noticed it was still red and had the large cloud. I remembered this from the past 2 dreams and said to myself, "Wait! I'm dreaming!" I stopped at the top of the hill and turned to face the mob. I wanted to wake myself up before the mob could get to the top of the hill. Without giving it much thought, I started screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" As I said this, pictured my real body hidden behind the red sky until I could feel it. I then tried to kick my legs and lift my arms. This required a lot of effort though. As I tried to lift my arms and legs, it felt like someone was pulling them back down. When the mob was about half way up the hill, the dream faded away.

      My eyes opened and I was punching and kicking the air with ease. I was sweating and my heart was racing, but I knew I was now sitting safely in bed. I soon got really excited after that because I never had a dream where I knew I was dreaming before. As I started to get more dreams like this, I called them "super dreams" because it felt like a different side of me took over and played as a super hero. They were mostly triggered by nightmares, and this new part of me was like a self defense mechanism against nightmares. It wasn't until I was 13 that I learned there was a name for these dreams and they didn't have to be related to nightmares.

      My Thoughts on these Dreams

      Aside from the apocalypse aspect of it, that was awesome! A couple "super dreams" later, and I learned that I didn't have to run from nightmares. I could fight them! Always felt awesome. This is one of my favorite dream chains even though it was a continuous nightmare.

      I think the reason why whenever I try to wake myself up and something pulls me down is because of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis isn't my best friend when trying to get away from a mob.

      Induction Type: DILD/NILD (Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream)