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    I captured a soul! Lucid #81

    by , 10-04-2012 at 06:59 AM (1005 Views)

    I turn off my alarm and fall back asleep.

    I am in a classroom with my highschool friends. I instantly become lucid. I stand up, and for some reason I feel the need to ask my seatmate, "This is a dream, right? Right? Awwyea!"

    I stand up and try to think about my goals. The only thing I can remember is to capture a soul. I turn around and look at my friend Art. I hold out my right hand and do a squeezing motion. Art looks like he's about to gag. He opens his mouth slightly, and out comes... his soul.

    At least that's what I think.

    Art still has his mouth open, and he is sitting there, staring blankly into space.

    His soul is small, about the size of a volleyball. It kinda looks like a jellyfish. It has lumps on top, and some figures hanging at the bottom. It is similar to water. It is transparent, but interestingly has a bluish glow to it.

    While I am holding the soul mid-air, I look around the room for something to put it in. I see some jars and bottles at the back of the room, so I walk over there, dragging the soul with me. I grab one clean-looking glass jar the size of a pitcher and I make the soul move into it. When the soul is halfway in the jar, I smell it. It smells old and musty. It reminds me about that time I opened up an ancient box in the attic, where it makes me crinkle my nose with all the dust particles poofing out. The soul has some kind of dust emanating from it too, though I can't see it.

    Spoiler for a poorly drawn soul:

    I stick my tongue out and lick the soul. It tastes bland and a bit warm. It is very compact too, even though I taste it, it remains intact and none of it is transferred onto my tongue.

    I decide to put the soul all the way into the jar, after which I grab the lid and seal it. It's just floating in there, glowing slightly, and it isn't even touching the sides of the jar.*

    I put the jar down, and decide to try out the task of the month, which is to carve a pumpkin and replace my head with it using any means necessary. I walk out the door, which has been open all along. Outside, it is a garden my home economics garden in high school. Strangely, there are pumpkins all over the place, and some cobwebs too, like it is set up for halloween. I walk over to each pumpkin, but they're all small and mushy and moldy. I try to conjure up a decent pumpkin but nothing happens. I decide to keep looking around the garden, but I lose lucidity some time in between.

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    1. Batch's Avatar
      For the most part, cool. You accomplished a lot of what you wanted to, and worked at others, even if they didn't come together perfectly ....

      But now that you've captured his soul and looked at it and all ... give it back to him! Poor guy!
    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
    3. Chimpertainment's Avatar
      That is kinda freaky....and I like it! :)

      Your dream control is amazing as usual, im jealous :P
    4. Daredevilpwn's Avatar
      Wow that is some awesome dream control. Oh and you should return that soul to that guy. He is trapped in a jar...forever
    5. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Aww, that soul is so cute. I bet it'd be cool to do a mass extraction of them in a room full of crowded people and watch them swim around the room like jellyfish. =D

      Nice dream!
      Mirui987 likes this.
    6. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks! And that's a neat idea, Alyzarin!

      I might do it when I feel evil enough >:-)

      Catch ALL the souls! Haha
      Alyzarin likes this.