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    My First Possession

    by , 06-24-2012 at 10:47 AM (615 Views)
    I see a man and a woman jogging around the perimeter of a small house. I guess it's theirs. They both have jogging pants and t-shirts on, as well as sweatbands on their wrists and forehead. I notice that they just keep going around in circles. They don't even notice I'm here.

    I become lucid. I pinch my nose and rub my hands. Everything is a bit hazy but no matter how much I rub my hands, the visuals don't improve. This will do.

    Immediately, I think about doing the tasks of the month, but soon realize that I already have. Then I think about trying the task for last month, which was to possess someone. I am really curious how that one feels like.

    The woman stops near me and takes out her ringing cell phone from her pocket. She flips it open and talks into it, speaking in my native dialect. I slowly approach her, and she doesn't seem to see me. I hug her from behind, and she wriggles, yelling "Naunsa man ko?! (What's happening to me?!)"

    Then, carefully, I phase through her body, until she finally stops moving. I realize that I feel very uncomfortable, like some part of my body was itchy and I just can't pinpoint where exactly. I figure that it must be the woman, trying to control her own body, but she can't. I move my newly acquired arms around a bit, testing them out. I think about flying away, but quickly decide against it, since I usually lose lucidity when I do so. I then proceed to walk toward the house.

    My new meat-suit is still very uncomfortable to be in, it feels itchy all over. As I approach the door, the woman's husband stops and asks me to continue jogging with him. I say no, but suddenly my body starts to jog in place. I try to will myself to stop, but I can't seem to. I decide to leave the woman's body, but I can't seem to either.
    I lose lucidity thereafter.

    Soon enough, the man and I are jogging side by side, going in circles around their house. I stay there, trapped in the body of the woman I possessed.
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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      That is so cool! Nice job I caint wait for my dry spell to b over so I can do a totm.
    2. Aeolar's Avatar
      Evil Jogging Lady got revenge'd! xDD
    3. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Haahahaha totally.