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    I Am A Tumbleweed

    by , 06-23-2012 at 02:52 PM (1020 Views)
    I am sitting on a very high dirt mound. I'm looking at a deserted town below me. The place looks arid and dead.

    Out of nowhere, someone pushes me down. I put my arms out in front of me to break my fall, but they suddenly turn into roots. Yes, roots. They look like dry roots of a plant. They start from my fingertips, quickly creeping up and turning my arms into roots.

    I think, "How..? This is a dream! AWW YES!!". I become lucid. At the same moment, I start rolling down the dirt mound. I imagine myself stopping, but nothing happens. I am still rolling. A few seconds after, I notice that I have completely gone off the dirt mound, but I am still rolling on the ground. I try to fly away, morph, change the dream scene, but nothing works. I remember thinking to myself how crappy my dream control is.

    I'm still rolling on the ground, feeling sick. I try to turn to my left, success! At least I can control the direction I'm rolling towards.

    It isn't long before I start to lose lucidity, what with all the rolling and crappy control.

    And that's it. That was the day I became a tumbleweed.

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    1. Cloudscape's Avatar
      "How..? This is a dream! AWW YES!!"
      LMAO, let me try that saying that to myself in my next dream!!