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    My paranoid adventure into the mind.

    Night of April 19 2015

    by , 04-20-2015 at 10:51 PM (337 Views)
    Tonight was great! Remembered two nice dreams and also had a very strange way of getting lucid.

    Let's shared dream!

    The dream started at my house. I wasn't located far from the kitchen, which had my mother and sister in there. My mother was talking about some show she really wanted to watch, and was making some kind of oatmeal for herself. My sister was also there but I forget what she was doing. She was talking about how she really wanted to lucid dream, though she doesn't actively try to induce LD's in waking life. Then I suggested, "why don't we both dream together in a shared dream?" She really enjoyed the idea. So we both went to sleep in our own rooms, but for some reason both our rooms seemed to be merged into one. We went to sleep and I was in another dream scene where it was this city. It had large skyscrapers and other buildings, and it was night time. There was no one else around me. I was instantly lucid in this "dream in a dream," which at the time I thought to be just a dream. I was looking for my sister but I couldn't find her. I then exited the dream to ask my sister where she was. While she was sleeping? She told me where she was so I went back in the dream. To clarify, I wasn't really going to sleep at that time. It was more like hopping to another scene and thinking it was my dream. I found her near a town center. I said that instead of staying this city we should go do something cool. So I transported us to this small area where titans from the anime Attack on Titan were attacking. By this time I was half lucid (should probably add that to my colour code.), and the titans were attacking this small group of people in a living room. I forgot, but I was probably using the gear from the anime as well to kill them. Then a titan in clothes who looked a lot like a teacher of mine appeared. He started talking about various intelligent topics. Haha, that's a lot like him in waking life. But the gas in my gear ran out, and I thought that humanity was a goner. Then suddenly, all the titans ceased being hostile. Then a female titan who acted but not that much looked like my aunt came, and I grew to the titans' size and she let me piggy-back ride on her.

    That's when I woke up. I recalled this dream and went back into another.

    Joker to Anger

    I started in class and the teacher was checking homework. I didn't finish it (That's very out of character of me(no lies)), so I tried to hide it with my textbook and pretend it's not there. The teacher said someone else needed a textbook, so she ripped half of the back page of the textbook, took the textbook then gave me a different one. Wow, I feel sorry for the kid having that half ripped up textbook . The scene then changed to a different classroom. Everything was the same, only that I was sitting at the far back of the class room at this long rectangular table. Also, I had my laptop there with me as well, and I was using it. Teacher came towards me, not with any mad expression. She then started fooling around with the PC, with everyone else surrounding us. I was angry but she retained her joke-like expression. I clearly remember how her smiling face looked like. Anyway, I tried to shut down, but I accidentally hit switch user, and for some reason it just went back to my user. I then remember her pressing the MapleStory icon, which I don't have downloaded, but I quickly closed it. Second attempt, and I hit restart. That's when she finally left and went back to teaching the class. During the time I was thinking she should be teaching instead fooling around here. Someone else in the class took my laptop and started it up again. He was trying to search for something on the internet. My teacher was mad and told everyone that she was mad at someone. When asked who, she wrote his name on the board. Then she drew arrows to these Google Chrome icons, and my view zoomed in to these icons that were leading to the same icon at different locations on the board. I assumed she was angry about his internet surfing. Fast forward and now people (I felt?) were leaving the class room. I looked at the board again and at the bottom right corner I saw, "[My name], happy birthday!" and it said April 28 2015. I just chuckled and left. It's not actually my birthday then (and actually another one of my family members'), but honestly, in waking life, I really would have just chuckled and left if I saw that. I'm just that kind of guy .

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