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    Night of April 22 2015

    by , 04-23-2015 at 11:25 PM (435 Views)
    I dropped from an average of 2 dreams per night to 1. And it's really irritating because I'm able to easily recall another one but by the time I started writing it in my dream journal I forget about it.

    The school and game system

    It started in my current school. I was going to go outside to take a bus ride home when there I found out there were no buses I could take. So I had to take an alternate bus route home. Though, the bus stop I was heading to was the on the street of my old school. I remember the giant field behind it. Also, the school changed to the structure and ground of my old school as well. There was a giant part of the school missing though. Along with this, there was a giant building in front of the school. A large fishing pole was cast from the top of it, and at the end of it was a gaming system of mine. I really wanted it back, but decided to give up on it. So I went to this other bus stop and there were some other students there as well. I waited for a couple of seconds when a bunch of doctor like people with face masks came out of the school. And along with this, a sudden crowd of students were spread out across the entrance. The surgeons, I'll call them, said they needed to bring everyone back to the school for some tests. When we went back inside, the area appeared to be a train station platform. I was walking around and may have been doing some other things but appeared on the screen of a computer. I was literally in the screen of the computer. I was reading some things about me, which I forget, while walking up. I finally reached the top of the browser. I asked the owner, who was one of the surgeons, if I could go to this tab which had this title which was school building or something like that. He accepted and I went in only to find myself in a hallway. It was all empty. I walked across and this is where my memory really becomes hazy. I was either becoming a pawn which had to overcome challenges from monsters that came from the game system I was talking about earlier, or I just had to do something. Either way, a monster spawned across the way. If anyone is familiar with the Monster Hunter series, it was the mixture of Rathian and Yian Kut-ku which had no skin, similar to the colossal titan from Attack on Titan, and was a sub species called Omega Rathian. Only it was very undersized, reaching to about my chest in comparison. I didn't have any weapons to fight it so I went around and ran away. Some DC's appeared and tried helping me escape. At the end of the hallway I made a turn left into a door and turned left again into the top of these stairs. But the monster made it through and was coming towards me to do a tail flip, similar to the ones Yian Kut-ku does in the games. It very easily missed me though and the scene changed back outside the school. I had the game system I wanted earlier. I was watching some DC friends go on a bus which was on the bus stop I didn't want to go to earlier. I then walked along the street to the bus stop I needed to head to. When I reached the other side of the street from it, a GUI popped up in my vision saying information about the bus that was coming. At the bottom of it, it said "the place to find shy girls!" Ah, so this is the nonsense that dreams can demonstrate. I knew nothing before this . The bus then came and I head on my way home.

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