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    Zukin's Dream Journal! <3

    Random Little Adventures

    by , 11-21-2010 at 07:32 PM (742 Views)
    My friend and I had decided to race buses. I think she beat me, but her bus needed some heavy work if it was going to work again. We parked our buses in my driveway. She got out and went inside while I hung in my bus, cleaning up some stuff.

    I heard growling, and looked out the back window. Behind my bus, there was a wolf and a bear attacking each other. Wow! The wolf was winning. After the wolf finished off the bear, it stalked around the bus. It could see me and wanted something else to fight.

    I ducked onto the floor to try to avoid being seen. It clawed at the windows and wasn't giving up. Something made me think to wonder if I was dreaming. I don't remember if I did a reality check or not, but I was pretty sure that I was dreaming.

    I jumped out of the bus and the wolf and I engaged in combat. The wolf didn't stand a chance, he was finished within the minute.

    I wondered what I would do in this lucid. I needed to learn to teleport. Should I snap my fingers and will myself somewhere else or close my eyes and spin, or should I zoom into a picture? I thought about that for a minute, and decided to try each option.

    I can't snap my fingers IRL. So, maybe that attempt was already doomed for failure because it didn't transfer well into the dream. I realized that I really didn't have a specific place in mind that I wanted to go to. Could I just ask my subconscious to create a random place? I sort of liked the scenery here. Bright blue open skies, warm, and in my backyard. I wasn't sure where else I would chose to go.

    I was going to try the spinning technique when I remembered what happened last time, a few years back. I had been lucid and decided to do a spinning teleport. Once I arrived at my destination, I forgot to stop spinning and open my eyes and I ran into a pole. It was fail. At least it had worked though.

    The last technique that I was going to try was where you zoom into a picture. I felt the urge to pee. I willed myself not to, knowing that it would just be a waste of time and it was only sensation in RL transferring over. I found a dried up leaf on the ground and examined it carefully. It was a dark red color and had many striations on it. Looking deeper, I could even see the cells! The striations reminded me of mountains, which is where I decided that I would teleport to. I tried to focus my vision into engulfing the picture, but I was failing.

    "Hi Steff!" I heard Joe behind me. Oh no, not another ninja Joe to fight off ! I turned around, and saw that he was holding a dobak. He wasn't in karate, so I asked him why.

    "They are holding a scary movie marathon!" He exclaimed.

    "Oh, that's cool."

    "Yeah I'll just leave you to your flying and stuff," He responded.

    "Do you want a ride?" I asked him. I was getting a little bored, and fancied some exploration.

    "Sure!" He took my hand and we flew to the dojang. Once we got there we went inside and saw that they had set up a large couch in the hallway. To the side of the couch there was a horror flick on the TV screen. The movie was about some kind of intense gore. It looked like a giant caterpillar was being brutally murdered. I decided I probably shouldn't watch this while lucid as it might influence my dream negatively again lol.

    I went upstairs where it was dark. I decided it would look cool if I made my fingers look like bright neon glowsticks. The glow looked like a slowly spreading disease on my fingertips. It was hard to force the glow to encompass all of my fingers, but I got really close. Still sorta bored, I decided to try and walk through a wall. I had never been much good at it. I faced the wall and slowly walked through. At first it felt like passing a hard barrier, but it gave away as soon as I got past it. As I walked through the wall, I fell down 2 stories on to the ground. Oops, I forgot that I was upstairs.

    I was now sitting back on the grass in my backyard, and everything was sunny again. There was a gazebo in the middle of the yard. I wondered if it had any significance.

    I went inside the house and decided to summon Retribution. He appeared, but looked like the Chrysler Building. I willed him away and summoned a new version of him. We had epic sex but he disappeared shortly after. Ugh, guys these days.

    Bored and alone, I decided to play the piano. I wondered if I could subconsciously remember songs that I learned years and years ago. I put my hands on the keyboard and tried to play The Entertainer. I knew that my dream could easily reproduce the sounds and fool me into thinking that I had got it down, so I payed more attention to the motions that my hands were making. It didn't feel right, and thus the sound was strange.

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    1. TopazMyst's Avatar
      Haha! Cool lucid! I tried playing piano the night before last in a dream (non-lucid) and was trying to play an F octave. Every time I went to place my fingers on the natural/middle/whatever F and the higher F I'd play them and it would sound an octave low. I'd look down at my hands and they were an octave low. I did that several times and almost went lucid, but some crazy person came in and I got distracted... >_> I like piano dreams :3

      I'm sorry, but the bit where you walked through the second story wall has me in giggle fits! Thanks for the laugh <3