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    You called their names too soon, Annie.

    by , 06-28-2016 at 08:58 AM (288 Views)
    I was looking at a room, dark and shadowy. I just entered it. There is light coming from the two open windows to my left. The room is a kitchen, an old one. Everything is made of blocks/old cement. The color theme is faded yellow and smoky black. The rest of the room is under the cover of darkness so I couldn't see what else is inside, apart from a small part of a table at the center. The only thing I can see clearly was the stone floor lit by the sunlight from the window.

    There was a woman standing on a stool in front of the nearest window. She was wearing a long black dress. She was facing the window but her upper body and head was out of my range of vision. I think she was cleaning the upper area of the window. I was walking with a girl towards the door on the other end of the room, but she was a little bit in front of me. I was a young boy.

    The girl said "You called their names too soon, Annie."

    "Oh, dear. But it was already their time," the woman answered, in her apologetic, somber voice, as she continued her work.

    We walked past her, but as we approached the next window, there again on the stool is the woman in her long black dress. We walked on.

    Just as we were about to reach the door, the girl went ahead. I felt the woman's hand on my right shoulder, and she whispered: "Run."

    I smiled without looking at her. "Thanks, Annie. But I don't want to run anymore."
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