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    1. Grilled Cheese and Annoying Folk

      by , 07-15-2010 at 12:33 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Rachel - My best friend since childhood
      O - Ex-friend
      Andrew - Long-lost friend
      Jack - friend
      Aime - bitch

      I'm walking through my school grounds, talking to Rachel. O walks up to me and begins to talk. I give her an annoyed look, then carry on talking. O's friends are all away for the day, and she thinks she can use me. I ignore her as she talks louder until she is shouting.

      The dream changes, I'm sitting on my bed, talking to Rachel. O is on my other side, but then I look again and suddenly she is Andrew. I haven't seen Andrew in over a year, so I hug him and talk.

      Dream change - We're in Rachel's kitchen, but I think it's mine. She's made a mess, trying to make "grilled cheese". It isn't cheese though, there's rice all over the place. I get annoyed and my dream changes again.

      I'm in school, rehearsing a play. But the stage i'm on is very high, and is actually a flight of steps that stretch across the room. I try to say my lines but the stair I'm on is so narrow that I'm scared of falling. I try to regain my balance and break the microphone. I get sent to a glass lift, It's completely see-through. Instead of traveling up and down though, It moves in circles to take you to the other side. I go back to the stage where I find a hollow stair, I step into it, sure that I will be able to say my lines now that I am safe. But the roof is suddenly close to my head and I can't stand up properly.
      Aime is getting annoyed. She shouts at me to stand up properly but I shout back saying that it's not my fault if I'm tall. I get off the stage and watch the rest of the show. I get invited to go to the "Rose" (no idea) but I go through the back of the school instead of the front.
      At the playing fields, the year below me are all in their pyjamas. All of the pyjamas are check print, which I wonder at. I go through the back door into the school.
      Jack appears behind me and asks why I think it's so wierd. I tell him that I want them to wear spiderman pyjamas. He laughs and rubs his wet hair with a towel. I realise he's in nothing but swimming trunks and can't help but think what a nice six-pack he has ( ). He smiles, then goes to get changed.
      My dream ends.

      I didn't write it down last night because I was drifting in and out of sleep when this dream occured. I didn't realise I had been dreaming until I remembered it this morning. I've probably forgotten quite alot of it
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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