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    Lucid Tea

    by , 02-24-2011 at 07:55 PM (664 Views)
    I've been trying to WILD but unfortunatly it isn't going too well.. But hey-ho! Gotta be patient right This is from after my WILD attempt, which I passed out in.

    Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

    I'm in my room, randomly. I've started to recognise this now. I'm in a dream. I RC to make sure.

    Yup, definetly dreaming. I feel oddly hyper, and start to run out of my bedroom door. I catch myself, and remember to stabalise the dream. I quickly run my hands over my walls and take in the details, sniffing in the painty scent.

    My door doesn't lead to my hall, but outside. It's sunny, and I feel as though I'm in a different, hot country. Everything is brightly coloured. I see a van, with people serving food out of it, it's very busy. Just outside of the van is a chalkboard saying "Buy your Lucid Tea now!" I smile slightly, this must be because of my WILD attempts.

    I sit at a table outside of the van, my hyperness passed. I don't really feel like doing much, just sitting, soaking up the summer sun, smelling hotdogs and watching people pass buy. Maybe I should buy some "lucid tea".

    Getting up, I go up to the person serving. "Can I have some tea please? Does it really work?" I ask politely. They may be DCs, but I like manners. The man glares at me.

    "You better pay for it, because I have a family to feed and I can't do that when I only have 100 to get me by!" He holds out his hand, and I reach into my jeans pockets and pull out some notes. Not bothing to check them, I just hand them over. In return, he gives me a bowl of muti-coloured liquid.

    A passer-by turns to me. "That stuff doesn't really work y'know. They're ripping you off."

    I shrug, and take a sip. It tastes like orange and cinnimon tea. I put it down and decide to do something.

    I spin, willing a random location. When I stop, I'm in a narrow mainstreet of a town centre. Again, it is sunny and very busy. I walk along. My goals! I remember them. I look towards the sky. Should I fly up and fall? I decide not to. To be honest I'm a little scared. I've flown before, but shiver at the thought of hitting the ground. Go to Lake Hylia? How would I go about that?

    I pay little attention to what is around me, wrapped in my thoughts, which causes me to lose lucidity. I fly forwards over the crowds heads, and into a stone chamber. There are people sitting around a little rectangular blue pool, debating something.

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    1. pepsibluefan's Avatar
      Very organized dream, My dreams are always like a stew.
    2. Raspberry's Avatar
      It was a bit of a blur actually, my dreams don't usually have so many DCs in them. But yes my dreams tend to be pretty linear.